Dog Songs at Talking Dogs

Dog Song Saturdays have become a tradition here at Talking Dogs blog.  Why?  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It was a sizzling hot summer day.  We -humans, canines, felines, equine - were all drooping from a genuine heat wave gripping our area of the country.  Those of us that could, hung around in the air conditioning and boredom began to reign.

In the interest of full disclosure...  We like to sing.  We like to sing about dogs.  We like to sing to our dogs.  In fact, each of our dogs has its own song that we've created.  Most of them are pretty silly, but we sing them anyway and remember old friends who've long since crossed the rainbow bridge, as well as our current canine companions.  Sometimes they even join in and sing along.   Actually, we all like to howl together, too.  But that's another story for another time. 

Looking for some good news about dogs (as opposed to what we usually tend to find), we began trying to track down some songs about dogs.  The sillier the better. We hit the motherlode of great doggie entertainment.  It just seemed sharing was the right thing to do.

Dog Song Saturday began on a Monday with Nellie McKay's Dog Song, which remains one of our favorites.

At any rate, a number of people have asked for a comprehensive list so they can hear them all, so here they are.  The links will take you to the original blog post with audio and video.

To listen to the songs and see the videos, 
click on the links (the title / name of the song.)

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Dog Song, written and sung by Nellie McKay
The Dog Song, written and sung by Emily Westman, accompanies dog art by Nancy Schutt.  If anyone can tell us how/where to purchase this for our ipod we'd be eternally grateful.

I Need a D. O. G. is a really catchy tune accompanying photos of beautiful golden and labrador retriever dogs.  The chorus gets stuck in our heads like a determined ear worm.

Everything Reminds Me of My Dog, written and performed by Jane Siberry.  I love this song.  Upbeat and just plain fun.  Heard here accompanying a tribute video for a dog named Zeus.

A Doggy Summer is not a dog song, but you simply should not miss this video of dogs at the beach.   

I Think I Might Be a Dog is a great dog song for kids, complete with puppets.

I Love My Dog, written and performed by Cat Stevens"I love my dog as much as I love you..."

[My] First Dog written and performed by Sam Wyeth.  Very cute dog song and video. 

Me and My Dog by Parachute Express.

Pit Bull Blues, written and performed by John Shipe.  We posted this in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day.  After you've watched the great dog video, scroll down to get all the lyrics.

Dog Beach Boogie.  This dog song will get your blood pumping, your toe tapping and you might even feel the need to do some dancing (with your dog, of course.)

Dog Breed Theme Songs.  Not songs about dogs, but rather theme song suggestions for several breeds of dogs, including:  Whippets and Greyhounds, Papillon, Labrador Retriever, Maremma Shepherds, German Shepherds, Chihuahua, and Husky.  Silly in a good way.

It's a Dog's Life.  Adorable dog song and video.

Dog, written and performed by You Scream I ScreamDo not miss this dog song and video.  You may not know it, but you definitely want to see dogs driving cars, adopting humans and otherwise turning the tables.

A Doggy Christmas Surprise - Again, not a dog song.  However, you do not want to miss dogs decorating the Christmas tree.  Brought to us by the same folks who did the dogs at the beach video.

Ok Go White Knuckles official video is absolutely amazing (and another of those ear worms.)

It's a Dog's Life, written and performed by John McCutcheon

Black Dog, a dog story told in pictures and verse by Jon Shelton

GoD and DoG, written, animated and performed by Wendy Francis.  Have your tissues ready for this very creative, touching piece.

Bob the Kelpie Dog herding sheep with Don Spencer - a wonderfully catchy children's dog song.  Our dogs loved this! 

Life's A Game from the CD "Dog Tracks - Songs by Dogs".  Sway to the music and sing along while you watch dogs learning basic commands.

You Think Your Dog is the Best - a humorous hip-hop dog music video.

Wiener Dog Song, written and performed by Yet Another String Band.  Very, very silly.  (We love this one!)

Scottish Deerhound is a song for children by Nancy Simmonds from her 7th Litter collection of dog related sing-a-longs.

The Dachshund Song by petemcgreet is a pretty goofy song and video, but if you love a doxie you shouldn't miss it.

The Bernese Mountain Dog Song by Nancy Simmon from her Musical Tails cd.  Yodel alone.  Come on, we know you want to.

There's Dog Hair in Everything I Do, written and performed by Randi Breese.  This song made me feel better about my four dogs;  I do not have the degree of dog hair problem that she does!  

How Much is that Doggie in the Window, sung by Patti Page along with vintage video.

Singing Animals Jeep Commercial is not really a dog song, but it is hilarious video of singing animals and you'll find yourself singing along.  Really! 

My Best Friend, written and performed by Heidi Winzinger is a touching tribute to dogs.  Have a tissue handy because this one will touch your heart.

I Miss You, written and performed by Justine Bennett, accompanies a Tribute to Lost Pets.  Photos come from many folks around the country and are of their beloved dogs that have gone the way of the rainbow bridge.  You will definitely need tissues for this one.

Back to the Lab, written and performed by MC Esoteric.  This hip hop song is dedicated to Labrador Retrievers and all other dogs by this group.  Never thought I'd find myself purchasing a hip hop music download...  Read the lyrics, listen to the song, you'll find it's an ear worm!  Wonderful dog photos, too.

It's the Doorbell   Watch this video clip of "Shelly" from the TV show Raising Hope sing the doorbell song.  We loved it.  All of us - humans and canines, too. 

The Pound Song by Puppet Rescue  The Pound Song urges pet adoption from shelters and rescues with this catchy tune and sweet video footage.

I Had a Little Dog by Key Wilde and Mr Clarke   Be warned.  This song is an earworm!  Incredibly charming animated video accompanies this toe tapping dog lover song.  Don't miss it!

Its All Right If My Dog Sleeps on the Bed All Night With Me  Here at For Love of a Dog dogs do sleep on the bed with us.  Jeffie has his own pillow and a remarkable talent for spooning.  Great photo video accompanies this great song. 

Good Friends    This mellow song is sung by Livingston Taylor and accompanied by excellent photos of dogs with their best human friends.  Not to be missed.

Choose Me by The Song Trust is a dog song that may require tissues.  The video that accompanies it definitely will.  Sad though they may be, you shouldn't miss them.  This is a dog rescue song and one that's on my iPod. 

20 Dogs is a very lively kid's song and video.  It's funny and your toe will be tapping. 

Golden Retrievers Always Look on the Brighter Side of Life   Since all of us at For Love of a Dog adore Golden Retrievers (afterall, two us had Golden Retriever mothers), we are pretty crazy about this dog song.  It is definitely one of our faves and it certainly doesn't hurt that the song Always Look on the Brighter Side of Life is performed by Monty Python!  Don't miss this one! 

You Had Me from Hello   Technically, this is not a Talking Dogs Dog Song Saturday feature, however we just had to include it here.  Kenny Chesney sings this perfect accompaniment to photos of rescued, adopted pets and their new forever families adopted from Wayside Waifs animal shelter.

Jack the Bitterroot Beagle is a delightful dog music video from the dog DVD movie In Search of the Golden Bone.  Gary's wanted to move to Montana for years and the gorgeous Montana scenery here is pretty persuasive.  Jack is an adorable Beagle and you're sure to enjoy this one.

Shannon was written by Henry Gross (of the Sha Na Na) as a tribute to Beach Boy Carl Wilson's Irish Setter dog.  It was big hit in 1976, but I wonder how many listeners knew it was about a dog.  This post includes the lyrics and great photos of Shannon, the Irish Setter. 

Hey Little Doggie with Corgi Gaga is a great dog song!  It was recorded by Noelle LeBlanc and the San Francisco Cathedral Boys choirs.  Accompanied by video of a Corgi dog on the way to the dog park.  Really fun;  don't miss this one.  We're talking a really swishy dog butt here!

Hangin Out the Window by Esoteric stars Logan, a yellow Labrador Retriever dog   Get your groove on with this hip hop song all about dogs!

The Puppy Song by Harry Nilsson accompanies a video montage of adorable puppies.  A mellow golden oldie that sounds as if Nilsson might be singing it to his dog.  Nilsson sings:  If only I could have a puppy... 

A Little More of You by Ashley Chambliss is technically not a dog song.  However, it is the perfect song to go with A Letter to My Dog video.  This is a letter written by a veterinarian, Jessica Braun, to her black rescue dog, Stoupie.  Get those tissues handy.  Do not miss this one!

Tennessee Hound Dog by the Osborne Brothers.  If you like hound dogs and/or bluegrass, you will enjoy this toe-tapping rendition of Tennessee Hound Dog.  Fun montage of hound dog photos, including some very appealing puppies.

Goodbye by MC Esoteric is a tribute to a couple of family dogs owned by hip hop artist MC Esoteric.  This is the original version of the song and it is set to video footage of his current dog, Logan.  This guy is a dog lover, big time.  And though I'm not usually a fan of hip hop music, this song in on my playlist.

Old Shep by Red Foley is a mellow old country tune and accompanies a slide show of vintage photos of shepherd dogs.  You'll find the lyrics here, too.

Feeling Like a Big Dog by Akon is an upbeat dog song with wonderful dog and puppy photos.

Pit Bull Rescue Woman by John Shipe and John Grimshaw is an affectionate tribute to "a special kind of gal" who rescues Pit Bull dogs.  Click the link to see the great video and the lyrics, too.

Bluehound Greyhound Gone is an original song by Cheaniss.  Like all great country songs, it tells a story:  a dog who packed his bags and left because he didn't get walked enough.  Listen closely to the lyrics;  you'll love them!

Norman Rides His Scooter is an original song by Jonathan Mann.  Accompanied by video of Norman, the dog, riding his scooter (yes, really).  In fact, you may recognize Norman from his appearance on the David Letterman show.

A State of Misery - The Puppy Mill Song is from the Dog Dreams CD by Steve Wood for the Dog Dreams Project.  The lyrics are brilliant.  The accompanying video won't just break your heart;  it will shatter it.

Hard Road is an original song written by Steve Azar to tell the story of a man who rescued a dog, and by doing that, rescued himself.  The video features Spirit, that rescue dog, traveling via motorcycle sidecar.  You can follow more of Spirit's journey at the 

 The Plight of Big Black Dogs is a video created for the Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence group to bring attention to Black Dog Syndrome.  It features the song Colorblind by the Counting Crows.  It's an important message!

In the Arms of the Angels by Sarah McLachlan accompanies this creative video about the loss of a dog and the Rainbow Bridge.  Though not technically a dog song, we chose to share it in honor of Tucker, the original Talking Dog, who passed away October 7, 2011.

According to this music video created for Save the World by the Swedish House Mafia, dogs will save the world.  Since dogs do, indeed, save people in many ways, how can we argue with this professional dog video with its gorgeous footage of several breeds of dogs.

Pit Bull is a dog song written and performed by Nancy Simmonds.  Pit Bull is from her Musical Tails 8th Litter music compilation and is a ballad telling the story of the bond between the singer and her pit bull dog.  We featured it in honor of Pit Bull Awareness Day 2011.

A Dog's Life by Nina Nastasia comes with no dog video, but this is a song that's a personal favorite at Talking Dogs. 

Ruby McNugget is a lovely ballad about the singer's sweet song. 

Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone is a catchy tune from Caspar Babypants and answers the question:  What does my dog do when he's gone?   The full blog post includes the lyrics.

A Tribute to Norwegian Elkhounds is an absolutely fascinating video slideshow of this gorgeous dog breed accompanied by the Elkhound song written and performed by Nancy Simmonds.  Even if you've never been drawn to the Norwegian Elkhound dog breed, you definitely do not want to miss this one. 

Bad Dog Christmas is an original song from Wiccaweys Border Collie and Sheepdog rescue.  

It features an animated dog video with Bamley, the Border Collie.  Bamley has a special message for Santa Claus in the song and, like he says, there really are no bad dogs.

A Christmas Tail about Dog Rescue is a bit different.  Perry Como sings It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas, but you'll see very different lyrics on the screen.  This is a Colliewood Films video for Border Collie Rescue - and it is dedicated to all dogs, everywhere, in need of rescue.  Don't miss this one. 

Christmas Morning is an original song by Sweetapple, and introduces a dog named Rockford who stars in the accompanying animated video.  Believe it or not, this is part of Rockford's Rock Opera!  This song was originally released as a fundraiser for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Okay, this is - technically - not a dog song.  However, you should not miss these dogs barking the Christmas carol, Jingle Bells.  There's no animation.  These dogs really are "singing." 

Again, not really a dog song, but a beautiful video of all kinds and breeds of dogs playing in the snow, set to the tune of O Little Town of Bethlehem You're gonna love this!

Christmas Puppy Dog Song is an original song written about a rescue dog named Monty.  Monty the rescue dog is a beautiful black dog and these are barking good song lyrics.

Let It Be Christmas is the music for this dog video featuring many, many dogs of all breeds all dressed festively for the holidays.  A truly beautiful dog video:  Christmas Gone to the Dogs.

Bad Dog Song is one of our favorite original songs about dogs.  Be sure to pay attention to the lyrics while you enjoy this very charming dog video. 

The Brussels Griffon dog song by Nancy Simmonds is a wonderful original dog song that tells the story of this fascinating dog breed.  Great video of Brussels Griffon dogs. 

Remember When Pit Bull dog video is technically not a dog song, but we couldn't resist it.  Featured are two of America's favorite dogs:  Petey from Our Gang and Luke from the Fatty Arbuckle and Minta Durfee silent films.  You definitely do not want to miss this!

Make Me the Man My Dog Thinks I Am is an original dog song composed and performed by Jimmy Scott.  This sweet ballad accompanies some barking good dog photos.

A Dog is a Friend by Jimmy Scott  An original song composed and performed by Jimmy Scott which is a barking good tribute to dogs. 

Coon Dog Song by Karren Pell  An original song about the Key Underwood Memorial Coon Dog Cemetery.  Very cool!

More Than a Feeling by Boston  Technically not a song about dogs, but beautiful soundtrack to a video tribute to dog lovers.  Wonderful dog video!

Just a Dog is a beautiful music video presentation about loving dogs created by Trent BoswickDo not miss this!

My heart dog, Lucy

 I Miss You by Justine Bennett is a music video dedicated pets we have lost.  We featured this selection in honor of our own golden retriever/labrador retriever, Lucy, who crossed the rainbow bridge on Feb 21, 2012

Michael Franks and Flora

Time Together is the title track from Michael Franks Time Together CD and was written as a special tribute to his late, beloved, Dachshund, Flora.  He's dedicated the song and accompanying video to all those who have lost a special canine companion.  Do not miss this song!   

If you like it even half as much as I do, you'll want to also see his Flora slide show and listen to his song, How I Remember You.

Even if you're not a country music fan, you should give Like My Dog by Billy Currington a listen.  Your toe will be tapping while you enjoy the puppy video!

In honor of St Patrick's Day we featured a Border Collie dog version of Riverdance to Little Pack of Tailors performed by Irish musician Michael Black.

Love a Chihuahua dog?  Then you better fetch Cha Cha Chihuahua and this adorable Chihuahua dog video!

A golden oldie goody!  Old Blue by the Byrds was performed in 1969 and is the soundtrack for this very artfully done dog video.  One of our favorites at Talking Dogs and For Love of a Dog

You'll fall in love with Basset Hound dogs when you have a listen to A Basset is an Asset, written and performed by Bronwyn Edwards Cryer.  WARNING: this adorable dog music video is likely to give you an overwhelming urge to add a new puppy to your family. 

You do not want to miss Big Black Dog with Emmylou Harris.  Harris composed this song for her own rescue dog, Bella.  This dog music video features Harris singing Big Black Dog and talking about Bonaparte's Retreat, her Nashville dog rescue organization.

Song writer David Kesler rescued Moses from the Berkeley Humane Society in 2000.  His sweet song A Dog Named Mo celebrates his big, black dog. 

Get ready to laugh!  Songs of the Dog Walker is a dog music video lover's delight.  Comedians Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie suggest song titles and Wayne Brady composes and sings on the spot in this bit from Drew Carey's Whose Line Is It television show.

At our house when the dog mama leaves, Jeffie takes up his post at the front door to watch for her return.  In honor of Mother's Day 2012 and dog moms everywhere, we featured Where's Your Mom.  This song is a cute, homemade song accompanied by a dog video of Libby, the dog, who actually sings along! 

Ya Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Around is a fabulous oldie.  Recorded by Gid Tanner and the Skillet-Lickers in 1926 and accompanied by a 1924 Walt Disney Alice and the Dog Catcher animation.  VERY COOL!

Snuggle Puppy by Eric Stolz, and the puppy dog video that accompanies it, is pretty dog-gone adorable!  Not only will it make you wish you had a puppy, you'll also wish more shelters used this as their theme song.  There could be an epidemic of puppy dog adoptions!

Gonna Buy Me a Dog by The Monkees is for all the baby boomers!  Enjoy video footage of The Monkees television episode in which this song debuted.

Another one for the baby boomers:  Me and You and a Dog Named Boo.  LOBO's first big hit.  Enjoy singing along because the lyrics are in this dog music video.

Love Me Love My Dog by UK recording artist Peter Shelley.  You've gonna love the lyrics!  Border Collie dog music video is great, too!

Heartbeat by Ben Goddard and The Heartbeats is, technically, not a dog song.  However, you'll see why we've included it here when you see this dog music video with two beautiful rescued mastiff dogs.  Don't miss this one!

My Flea Has Dogs by Caspar Babypants should probably come with an earworm warning.  You're going to have trouble getting this out of your head... but that is not a bad thing.  Honest.  The accompanying dog video is a fabulous 1920's style black and white video interpretation of the life of a flea with its own dog circus.  Really!

The Pistol Song by Jamie Glaser is an original dog song that tells the story of a Rottweiler / Labrador Retriever dog who was shot by police, then rescued by Glaser.  The music video tells her story with photos.

Pit Bull Ban by Nancy Simmonds is from her 9th Litter Musical Tails release and tells the story of her move from Ontario to California in order to save her own pit bull dog.  We posted it on July 14, 2012 in tribute to Lennox, the Lab/Bull Dog cross who was labeled a pit bull type dog and euthanized by Belfast officials.

Miami by Nancy Simmonds tells the story of a retired racing Greyhound dog who was rescued.  The video is lovely action of dogs playing and urges advocacy to end Greyhound racing in the US.

Pom Pom Get A Pom by Nancy Simmonds will get your toes tapping!  

Adorable slide show dog music video of many Pomeranian dogs will bring a smile to your face for sure.

I'm Just a Dog and I'm Doing Dog Stuff starring Barry the rapping dog and Mylo the singing cat.

The German Shepherd Dog Song with gorgeous video put together by the My Dog Club Facebook page folks.

Don't Roof Rack Me Bro by Devo honors Seamus Romey (Mitt's dog) was released just in time for National Dog Day.

Celebrate summer with A Doggy Beach Party.  A do-not-miss dog music video.  One of the best! 

Groove along with singing Golden Retriever dogs Henley and Bobby.  Original song and video by Phil Corso.  Lyrics are in German, but don't worry, you'll catch on quickly. 

Pearl's Song by the Bressler Brothers is accompanied by a beautiful tribute to Tixer, a black Labrador Retriever.

Dog Doogity by Blackstreet was created to help raise awareness about cleaning up your dog's poop.  Trust me, you'll love it!

Beatrice a Poodle Dog Song is an original dog song.  Written, recorded, and performed here by Gary and Melinda.  Adorable!

Adopt a Dog Today is an original dog song written by Skip Haynes and Steve Dale for use in pet adoption events.  Performed by their Laurel Canyon Animal Company with a video that will bring a smile to your face.

Staying Alive is Every Shelter Dogs Song accompanies a dog music video put together by Homestretch Hounds, an animal rescue and shelter located in Ohio.

Most Loyal Friend - A Dog Rescue Song is an original song composed and performed by Judy Calem and Jim Beggs.  Tissue alert!

Pit Bulls Don't Cry - in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2012 

Olive's Song - A Dachshund Cart Dog Song is an original dog song by Eric Watson and is about Doxie dog, Olive who found herself unable to get around without a cart. 

Old Grey Dog is an original dog song, written and performed here by Jimmy Scott.  The video is an artistic black and white visual story starring senior dogs.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Goes to the Dogs  - The Pet Collective has some fun with Barking Dawg Paw.  Hilarious!  Don't miss this video!

We celebrated national Adopt a Senior Dog Month with the beautiful music video featuring a sweet country ballad:  Old Dogs, composed by Bill Staines.


 Before you know it, you'll be singing along to Bring an Animal Home for the Holidays.

Written and performed by Skip Haynes and the Laurel Canyon Animal Company.

Just one of the songs on the same named album which contains 10 original, animal inspired holiday songs.

My Christmas Dream was composed for the ABC Family Channel movie The Dog Who Saved Christmas.  Beautiful video footage from the movie about a yellow Labrador Retriever named Zeus. 

Dogs With Blogs - Do They Know It's Christmas?  a parody dog video to the song performed by Band Aid 10. 

I'm Telling Santa is an interspecies, holiday love song performed by Deborah Poppink.  The video tells the story of a cute dog writing a letter to Santa and all she wants for Christmas is a cat!

Jingle Bells sung by the pet of YouTube is a very creative video that we're sure you'll love! 

The Pug That Couldn't Run is an original dog song about an Irish Pug, Loca, who suffers from a brain disorder.  As you can see from this video, Loca has a loving family and plenty of fun. 

We featured The Puppy Song in honor of adopting our new puppy, Rosie, in January 2013.  This video should come with a warning.  After you've seen all these adorable puppies, you'll want one!

We love the message of this song by Edie Brickell, Adopt a Dog.  This dog music video was made as an ad spot for the SPCA.  We know you'll love it. 

We featured Three Leg Dog by the Cove Store Pickers in honor of my belated tripawd dog, Benji.  Great original dog song with a video of the dog, Joe, the "Three Legges Dog of Awesomeness from Washington State" telling the story of how Joe lost his leg.

Lets Go For A Walk is an original dog song by singer songwriter Randi Breese.  You may remember her There's Dog Hair in Everything I do dog song video from March 2011.  The video that accompanies Let's Go For A Walk features Randi and her two Border Collie dogs, Riley and Parker. 

The Rainbow Bridge music video was created by the Humanity Healing Network.  The song Perhaps Love is performed here by John Denver and Placido Domingo.  We featured The Rainbow Bridge to celebrate the passing of my mom, who had a throng of dogs waiting for that reunion at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!  Before the Iditarod and the Yukon Quests, there was the All Alaska Sweepstakes.  This is the music video from the movie Running with Spirits - the 2008 All Alaska Sweepstakes (©2009 Husky Productions)  The song Dogs, Dogs, Dogs! is performed by Kyf Brewer and Jim Parkinson and the girls of Raining Hearts.

Help! A Cat Music Video was our featured song in honor of World Spay Day, February 26, 2013.  Great video with a spay/neuter message, to the great Beatles tune.

The Collie Song is another original dog song my singer songwriter Nancy Simmonds, is from her Musical Tails collections and available on Amazon and iTunes.  The music video features Collie, Brussels Griffon, Greyhound, Australian Shepherd and Pit Bull dogs.

I Wanna Go Home by Derek Luttrell is one of our favorites here at Talking dogs.  I Wanna Go Home and the video it accompanies, tells the story of Socrates, a dog rescued by Hope For Paws.  Available for download - all the money goes to Hope For Paws.

Siberian Husky is another original dog song by singer songwriter Nancy Simmonds.  Beautiful video of Siberian Husky dogs at work and play. 

In honor of National Puppy Day 2013, we celebrated with Harry Nilsson's Puppy Song, sung by Astrud Gilberto.  Super fun music video with lots of all kinds of puppies!

Puppy Easter.  The day before Easter Sunday, we couldn't resist this adorable music video featuring puppies, chicks, and bunnies.

Shelter Dog is an original dog song composed by Sandy Anderson and performed here by Eric Coslop.  The song was inspired by the dogs at the Cumberland County SPCA. 

The Animal Rescue Song - I've Got a Feeling was written by Jayne Olderman and Dwayna Litz.   Jayne also created the video which tells a happy story of dog rescue and adoption.

In honor of Jeffie's birthday, we did an encore of My Best Friend - The Dog Song composed and performed here by Heidi Winzinger.  Beautiful montage video of all kinds of dogs.


Billy-G, an original dog song by Derek Luttrell, tells the story of a rescued puppy.  Great blues tune!

You, Your Dog and I is an original song composed and performed by Danny Blackwell.  Lovely love song accompanied by an artistic music video.

Husky Song is another original dog song from one of our favorite composers, Nancy Simmonds.  The music video is, of course, Husky dogs!

It's All Right If My Dog Sleeps On the Bed All Night With Me from Skip Haynes and the Laurel Canyon Animal Co is now accompanied by a new music video.

Wiener Dog Song is an original dog song celebrating the Dachshund dog.  Written and performed by Yet Another String Band with some great video footage of doxies.

Dogs Dogs Dogs (Just Want to Pet You) is a fun original dog song by The Brunswick Project.  Very fun music video featuring all kinds of dogs.

We Are The Wiener Dogs is from Curious George - great cartoon footage!

You're My Best Friend by Queen is not really a dog song, but we were celebrating Father's Day with this amazing music video of dogs greeting their owners coming home from military deployment.  Grab a tissue and don't miss this one!

Ugly Dogs Need More Love by Skip Haynes at Pet CDS is an original dog song music video that actually thumbs it's nose at the notion that there are any ugly dogs!  This barking good dog song celebrates shelter dogs.  All of the dogs in this video were shelter dogs who were rescued and adopted into forever homes!

Cowboys and Rodeos by Colleen Peterson accompanies a wonderful video of mares and their foals, filmed by singer/songwriter Nancy Simmonds (dog song composer extraordinaire.)  You don't have to be a cowgirl to enjoy this one!

Martha My Dear by Paul McCartney and performed by The Beatles.  Who knew this song was written for Paul's beloved Old English Sheepdog!

My heart horse, Lady

Girls and Horses by Templeton Thompson celebrates horse lovers and speaks to the soul of every woman who loved horses as a little girl.  I dedicated this music video to my first horse, Miss Vicky and to my heart horse, Lady, as well as all the girls who've know the magic and joy of sharing their lives with horses.

When I Found You (The Adoption Song) by Jayne Olderman celebrates rescue dog adoption.  Gorgeous music video of before and after adoption photos.  The lyrics are in the original post.

Better With You There is an upbeat country song that tells the story of dog love and loss.  Written and performed by father son team, Daniel James Reising and Richard Patrick Reising, the song is a perfect accompaniment to the dog lover paintings of artist Nancy Schutt.

Cracker Jack by Dolly Parton tells the story of Dolly's childhood dog.  Lyrics are included in the original post.  The music video is from The Dolly Show in the 1970's and is a hoot!

Our Lab Tribute is an original song that is part of a memorial video created by David Grey for his black Labrador Retriever.  Absolutely beautiful!

Old Dogs by Larry Garrett is an original dog song written about his family's dogs and dedicated to several who appear in the music video, but are in heaven now.

I've Got a Dog is sung here by Dwight Yoakam in this official music video for Sandra Boynton's album Frog Trouble.  The video was created by Boynton using 97 photos of dogs chosen from those submitted to Boynton by their owners. 

Cow Dog Song was written by Fred Wardenburg and the video - a classic 1974 film segment fro Sesame Street - was directed and produced by him, too.  Great song!

Pick Me is a new dog rescue song by the Stray Dogs.  The accompanying video by Dog House Adoptions was voted Best Video Finalist in the National Petties Awards.  Don't miss this one!

My Name is Lucy is a sweet original dog song by Erik Hendin. 

Make Me The Man My Dog Thinks I Am is an original dog song ballad by singer songwriter Jimmy Scott.  Beautiful video slide show!

Best Dog Ever by "Pup Direction" is a parody of the One Direction song, Best Song Ever.  Produced by the Pet Collective it is barking good!

Okay, Rootie Kazootie is not a dog song.  However, since our yellow Lab, Rudy, was named for the hero in these children's book, we couldn't resist this adorable vintage video.  We featured The Rootie Kazootie Club theme song in honor of our pups third birthday.

The Feral Cat Song is absolutely hilarious!  We featured this video to celebrate National Feral Cat Day.  What can I tell you... our cat, Skeeter, a former feral feline insisted.

Not dog songs at all, but don't miss our favorite adopt a dog videos.  We featured some great upbeat videos in honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.  No tissues needed.

We celebrated National Pit Bull Awareness Day with a collection of our favorite original dog songs about pitbulls including:  Pit Bull Ban Song by Nancy Simmonds, Pit Bull Rescue Woman by John Shipe, Remember When with Alan Jackson, and Pit Bulls Don't Cry.

We love our mules and celebrated National Mule Day with Mule Train by Frankie Lane.  There's a heehawing good video with this one!

The Black Cat Song by Tony Lee was dedicated to National Black Cat Day!

Jeffie joined the ranks of senior dogs in 2013, so we believe senior dogs rock!  Fetch the Grey Muzzle Version of Dogs by Dog Ratner and The Watchmen.

Even though this isn't a dog song, don't miss A Christmas Tail by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

My Dog Saves Christmas is an adorable dog video by our pet blogger pal My Favorite Pup Jasmine.

There's Nothing Like Christmas by the Jimmy Stewart Orchestra, featuring Don Drago is a jazzy big band song with a fabulous slide show of dogs and puppies all read for Santa Paws.

The 2013 Holiday Edition of Dog Song Saturday featured Twas Night at the Shelter by Stephan Craig Johnson.  No tissues needed for this barking good video set in an animal shelter.

Forever Home by FreddieB is an original dog song that tells the story of a man who rescues an abused dog, but discovers that the dog really rescued him.

Requiem Song For Shelter Animals by Rich Russom and Paul Killington is an instrumental musical composition 

My Old Dog celebrates senior dogs and is a mellow country ballad.

Elvis Presley was a dog lover and we featured his song A Dog's Life with some video footage from his movie Paradise, Hawaiian Style made in 1966.

You probably know about the Scoop That Poop campaign, but have you seen Pick Up After Your Dog by GloZell Green?  Well, you should!

Here's a toe tapper!  Talking to the Dog is the music for a video celebrating Baltimore, Maryland dogs.

My Dog by Kurt Swinghammer is another toe tapping original dog song with a great dog video.

When I Found You - The Adoption Song is a beautiful original dog song by Jayne Olderman.  It tells the story of adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue.  Great video tribute to dogs, cats and horses who've found homes.

Say It Twice by Don Sparks is not an original song about dogs.  However, it fits beautifully with this video tribute: A Love Song to My Dog Daisy.

Dog and Butterfly by HEART is a mellow tune inspired by Ann Wilson's sheepdog.

Ernie and Me is an original song about a dog by singer songwriter Randy Barr.  

This one is a personal favorite here at Talking Dogs.  Visit the link and you'll find out how you can have this song personalized for your dog by contributing to Canine Cancer Awareness.

Pick Me - Dog Rescue Song by the Stray Dogs is another of our personal favorite original dog songs.  Plus, this music video was voted Best Video Finalist in the national Petties Awards hosted by Dog Time Media.  It features the work at Dog House Adoptions.

Happy - the Puppy and Dog Version proves that Pharrell Williams' hit song is even more fun with dogs!  Check out the lyrics!

Clowies Corner by Cat Forsley celebrates a beautiful Pyrenean Mountain Dog named Clowie.  Gorgeous original instrumental accompanies a video about Clowie's adventures in Spain.

Golden Retriever Song by Super Furry Animals  We featured this one as part of our own Jeffie's 8th birthday party celebration.  

Believe it or not, finding an original dog song about Golden Retriever dogs is not easy!

Guilty Dogs Song is an original song about dogs by The Brunswick Project and accompanies a video compilation of dog shaming.  What can we say... great song and hilarious video!

Blues for a Basset by Nancy Simmonds accompanies video footage of the singer songwriter's own Basset Hound dog, Annie.  We've come to count on Simmonds for great original songs devoted to specific dog breeds.

Back to the Lab is an original hip hop song about Labrador Retrievers by MC Esoteric.   

Check out the lyrics and you just might need this song on your playlist - if you're a Lab lover like we are.  

Our Rudy loves this song.

Lucy and Me by Randy Barr is a personalized dog song I received from the musician in exchange for a donation to one of his favorite organizations, Canine Cancer Awareness.   

Fetch the song and learn how you can receive a dog song for your own special pup.

In honor of Mother's Day 2014 -  Oh, Mama I Need a Dog by Justin Roberts.  A classic!

The Pointer Song by Nancy Simmonds is another of this artist's original dog breed songs and is her 110th purebred dog songs!

Song My Dog Wrote is an original song by Brendan Biondi.  Written from the dog's point of view, I know you'll love this celebration of the bond between dog and human.  

Great video, too, of Biondi with yellow Labrador Retriever, Calvin, who's training to be a service dog.

DOG by Nat Johnson is a folk / country ballad inspired by dog walkers accompanied by a pawsome animated video.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Song is another of Nancy Simmonds fantastic dog breed songs.
All proceeds from the sale of the original song, Stand Up - Animal Rights Song, goes to animal charities. 

The Bichon Frise is another original tribute dog song by Nancy Simmonds.

There's Dog Hair in Everything I Do is an original dog song by Randi Breese.  If you've got a dog, you've got dog hair and you'll laugh out loud as you enjoy this music video.

Let's Go For a Walk is another fun dog song from Randi Breese.  Get off that couch and go for a walk!  (After watching this music video, of course.)

The Dog Song by Will Loomis is dedicated to the composer's dog, Skipper, and is accompanied by a really lovely dog video.

Our cat, Skeeter, insists that we include cat songs every once in awhile and here's a great one:  My Cat Can't Flush the Toilet Song by Yet Another String Band.  It's dog-gone funny!

I Love My Beagle is accompanied by a sweet Beagle dog video.  Who can resist a Beagle?! .

Until Tuesday is an original song inspired by the bestselling book Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him.   A beautiful story about the love between a man and his dog and how they healed each others' souls.

We celebrated Sugar the Golden Retriever's 13th birthday with a special dog song video - dogs singing happy birthday, of course!

Best Day of My Life by American Authors might not be an original dog song, but we think it is perfect to tell the story of dog adoption.  The video features an beautiful dog from the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue.

Sometimes we can't resist a pet parody of a popular song, like Fancy Parody by Iggy Azalea.  A barking good dog and puppy parody of Royals by Lorde from The Pet Collective.

Don't miss the puppy dog version of This Is How We Do by Katy Perry.  Yes, another woof out loud parody from The Pet Collective.

Dog On A 10 Foot Chain by Donna Hughes is an original dog song all about advocacy for dogs living their lives outdoors on a chain.

In The Dog Song Billy Charne laments the life and death of his dog.

My Dog by Cedar Breaks is an original dog song written by Keith Behunin and was inspired by his own dogs.

Sometimes, while looking for new dog songs, we come across a video we just can't resist sharing.  To Everyone Who Loves Dogs is a music video created by Dog Work to encourage shelter pet adoption.

One of our favorites, Pitbull Doogie I Love You, will put a smile on your face.  White his owner sings this love song, Pitbull dog, Doogie, leaves no doubt about who he loves.

We featured It's My Dog's Birthday by KAY-9 in honor of our Labrador Retriever, Rudy's 4th birthday.  Great music video!

In honor of Pit Bull Awareness Month, we featured this beautiful video tribute: Responsible Pit Bull Owners... This is Your Song.   Wonderful video clips and photos of Pittie set to Your Song by Sir Elton John.

Happy PitBulls Pharrel Williams Style was created with Milwaukee Wisconsin Pitbull dogs and their families.  Terrific video and adaptation of this hit song.

I Love Dogs by Pancake Manor is a song for kids written by Billy Reid and Reb Stevenson.  The lyrics are here, too for your enjoyment.

The Poodle Dog Song sung by Layne Brooks from the collection Doggone Country Favorite Songs About Dogs.

Don't Kick My Dog Lab Song is an original dog song by Leo Bluesy who dedicates it to all dogs, especially Labrador Retrievers.  No video, but there's a great photo of his black Lab, Maxwell.

I'm Dog by Jester Jacobs is an original rap song accompanied by a video filmed by a dog.  Charmingly told from the dog's perspective.

All About That Pit by the Streetdog Foundation is dedicated to Pitbull dogs and the people who love them!  Adorable music video created by a Tennessee rescue organization.

Santa Dog Song comes with an adorable video and barking good lyrics!

Rev Me Up Husky Song is an original Nancy Simmonds tribute to Siberian Husky dogs.  The video is from The Five Sibes.

Happy Birthday to Me features adorable Corgi dogs singing the famous song.  Fit for a queen! Plus there's a second birthday music video with other dogs singing, too.  Perfect to share with somebody special on their special day.

Belgian Tervuren Song is another original dog song by Nancy Simmonds.  We've featured many of Nancy's dog breed songs and this one is terrific!

A Friend Like You features Golden Retrievers as Guide Dogs and is an original dog song.  If you love a Golden, you'll love this music video.

Wiggle featuring Snoop Dogg - the Cute Dog Version of Jason Derulo's hit song.  Another barking good parody from The Pet Colletive. 

Because of You by Randy Barr.  Randy is one of our favorite composers of original dog songs and most are dedicated to his own dog Ernie and dog lovers everywhere.  You're going to love this new one!

I Found My Best Friend in the Dog Pound is an oldie, but goodie.  Originally a hit for Burl Ives in the 1960's, this is a cover by Tom Willett.

Get Along Stray Dog with Steve Martin and Edie Brickell is such a snappy bluegrass tune it will get your toes tapping!  And the lyrics are included so you can sing along.

Dog Park Song is a pretty silly original dog song and we love it!

All Day I Get Bacon Baby Dog Rap is an advertisement, but it is also a silly dog rap song and music video.  Trust us.  You'll love it!

Got My Self A Dog by the Dog Park Derelicts is a an original dog song that tells the story about a guy's coffee drinking Golden Retriever.  

Raising Humans by Michael White is an original dog song that is a tribute to the songwriter's dog who was lost to cancer.  Definitely worth a tissue alert, but dog lovers do not want to miss it.

Flossy Dog Song by Greaves Taylor Gillon is another original dog song which is a tribute to a dog angel.

Tribute to a Dog by Walter Brennan is a golden oldie with a Border Collie as the star of the music video.

Sleep Dog Lullaby by The Be Good Tanyas is beautiful folk music ballad and an original dog song.  If you visit the link to hear the song you'll see that my Rosie found it perfect dog napping music.

Please Don't Bark at Jesus is an original dog song written by a fellow who calls himself Bunk Man as a tribute for his dog.  He wrote the song to express his thanks to his dog for protection, loyalty and friendship.

Bebe's Riding Shotgun by Mandy York and Brandon Maddox is one of our favorites.  It's an original country song about Bebe, York's dog who really does go everywhere with her.

For Pete's Sake by Jason Matthews is an original dog song that tells the story of a "throw away pup" that Matthews rescued.  Another one of our favorites and the lyrics are with the music video in our blog post.  You can sing along if you're not distracted by the crying you'll probably do.  Yep, a tissue alert, but it's worth it!

Oaktown Pup is a parody of Uptown Funk put together by the East Bay SPCA in Oakland, California and I am crazy about it!  Earworm warning - this dog song may stay with you for a long time - not that you'll mind!  In fact, we included the lyrics so you can sing along.

Throw This Poor Dog A Bone by Memphis Slim is a great blues ballad that really isn't a dog song, but the lyrics are pretty clever for dog lovers.

Some Gave All by Billy Ray Cyrus is the song that accompanies this beautiful tribute honoring military dogs.  The music video was put together by From the Heart Rescue and we featured in honor of Memorial Day.

The Dog Song with Xavier Cugat and Betty Reilly is from the 1948 movie On An Island With You.  We think it really should be called the Chihuahua Dog song!

The Gay Dog Song by Dalton Roberts is a great original dog song that tells a story with a lot of folksy humor.  Politically correct?  You should listen and then decide.

Carolina Dog by Grey Monroe is an original dog song. In the music video Monroe is singing to his own dog, Sydney and the lyrics are there waiting for you to sing along.

Dog Song by The Doug McFarland One is an original dog song about dogs and their people.  McFarland will even compose an original song for you dog!

A Man's Best Friend by Luke Paul Jackson celebrates the loving relationship between men and their dogs.  Jackson used a lot of photos from Pets of the Homeless for the compelling music video.   One of our new favorite dog songs.

We celebrated the 4th of July with a barking good music video about Pet Party Tips!

Old Dog Song by Seventh Wave (1974) is a futuristic golden oldie. Sing along!

Feed Jake by Pirates of the Mississippi tells the story of a dog named Jake and was named to the Rolling Stone magazine's 40 saddest country songs of all time list.

Old King by Neil Young wrote this song for his dog... who happened to actually be named Elvis! You can sing along since the lyrics appear in this post.

My Dog and Me by John Hiatt is performed here by The Graveyard Shifters. The video is from Theme Music's Cats and Dogs week.

Dog Lovers Anthem by Jordan Sax is originally titled I'll Always Be Loyal to You and is truly lovely.

We happen to like dog songs written for children, including Lucky Dog Song by Brad Stubbs.

We featured Goodby Love Song for a Dog just before Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day (2015) and you might want to grab some tissues before you click through to this one.

Stray Dogs Prayer by Heino "Bottleneck" Obenhause is another original dog song that comes with a tissue alert.

We celebrated Labor Day (2015) with a music video tribute to working dogs.  The soundtrack is an original dog song  Little Dog's Day by Glenn Jones.

The Dog Song by Brian Caudill was written from a dog's point of view and is a nice country ballad.

Get your rockabilly groove on with The Puppy Dog Song by The Blues Cats.  You may need to catch your breath after this one!

Yet another The Dog Song.  This one is by Brett Beardslee and it tells the story of a boy and his dog.

The Dog Song by Dave Boshard is a mellow ballad about growing older. 

We celebrated Rudy's 5th birthday with some amazing dogs singing happy birthday!  Very cool dog music video!

In honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month 2015 we featured Choose Me a heart touching original dog song that is a part the theme of the Songs to Save Animals Campaign.  Truly wonderful!

We lost our Jeffie in October 2015 and in addition to several blog posts, we dedicated I Miss You by Justine Bennett to our sweet angel.  It is a really lovely song for all dog lovers.  You can even sing along with the lyrics.

You can also sing along with The Dog Song by Buck Pryor.!

Yet another Dog Song, but this one is by Pat Owens.  It's a mystery to me why so many songwriters are imagination challenged when it comes to naming their dog song.

The True Prince of Wales by Nancy Simmonds celebrates the Corgi dog. We're crazy about Nancy Simmonds original dog breed songs and this is one of our favorites.  The lyrics are in the blog post so you can sing along.

Siberian Husky Jingle Bells by Gone to the Snow Dogs is fantastic!  If you're looking for a dog themed Christmas carol, here you go!  Even if you don't have sled dogs and you're not a musher, you're going to love this song and video. We included the lyrics so you can sing along.

All I Want for Christmas is Food is another great parody from the Pet Collective.  A doggy take on All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey. We included the lyrics so you can sing along.

Happy Yee Halidays by Templeton Thompson is a horse Christmas carol.  We're not just about dogs, we love horse, too.  If you do, you'll love this original song and music video featuring Thompson's horses.

When You Come Home by Brendan Biondi is another of his original dog songs from his A Song Your Dog Wrote series.  We love Biondi and his yellow Lab, Calvin and we think you will, too.

Happy by Dogs is another Pet Collective parody - this one of the Pharrell Williams song.  The video is pawesome and filled with puppies!  In a bad mood?  Have a listen to this one.  We included the lyrics (which are pretty darn cute) so you can sing along.

The Dog Song by Myles Hunter and Ken Greer is "an innocent animal's take on the vicious and bigoted state of the human race with a sad but accurate ending."  

Ode to a Dog by Nicolette Aubourg is an original dog song she wrote to celebrate some of the dogs she's known. This is a sweet song about all we can learn from our best furry friends.

I'm a French Bulldog by Taylor Brown is a sweet tune with some great lyrics!  No coincidence that Brown has a whole album of music for dogs. We included the lyrics so you can sing along.

Crazy Dog Lady by Kelsey Beth Carpenter is one of our new favorite dog songs!  Great humor and some dog loving song lyrics here!  Don't miss this one.

Sometimes we can't resist a really good dog video, even if it is a commercial.  I've Loved You All Over the World by Willie Nelson is the song behind a fantastic Subaru ad.   Celebrating a 14 yr old dog's birthday and fulfilling his bucket list?  Count us in!

Old Dogs by Larry Garrett is about the songwriter's dogs and is sweet tribute to canines.

Blue by Peter, Paul and Mary is a classic folk song and in this video Peter explains that it really was written as a children's song.  Then the trio has some fun with singing it a couple of ways.

I Am Here For You is a lovely original dog song by Laurel Canyon Animal Company in collaboration with amazing therapy dog, Surf Dog Ricochet.  Don't miss this one!   


Heart of a Dog by Laurie Anderson is an original film about Anderson's late dog Lolabelle, as well as about life and death.  Click through to see the original Heart of a Dog movie trailer video, as well as a music video featuring Laure Anderson's original dog song for dogs performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  

Dog Train is an original song composed by Sandra Boynton and performed in this music video by Blues Traveler.  You probably know her from her amazing greeting cards and children's books!

I Think My Dog's a Democrat by Bryan Lewis was our first political dog song offering in April 2016.  A sense of humor is required if you're liberal like we are.

One More Day by Diamond Rio really isn't a song about dogs, however it has been used so many times for tribute videos for dogs that have crossed the bridge that we couldn't not feature it here.  Listen to the lyrics and we're pretty sure you'll agree with us that it certainly could be about a beloved dog.

I've Got A Dog is another original dog song composed by Sandra Boynton.  This one is performed by Dwight Yoakam.  The video includes over 90 dogs!

See You Again by Wiz Khalifa is an original song performed here by singer Charlie Puth.  It is a hip hop and pop-rap ballad that has become one of our favorites.

We celebrated Mother's Day 2016 with a barking good dog song!  Happy Mother's Day Song from Paws and Snout.  Written by Boris Berlin aka Dude with a Dog this song comes with a super charming video perfect for dog and cat moms everywhere.

We love Elsa's Lullaby by folk pop artist NEeMA for it's simplicity.  Great video of the singer and her dog, too!

We've all done it. Checked symptoms on the web.  Vet Tech and musician Kelsey Beth Carpenter wrote a song about it.  Dr. Google is hilarious, but comes with a reminder from the artist that you really should see a vet.

Will I See My Dog in Heaven by Jan Hughes is a beautiful song and music video dedicated to all dog lovers who have lost a special friend.

He Wasn't Just a Dog is a really nice country ballad by Robert Storment and a barking good canine tribute.

I Like My Dog Better Than You by the Hollingsworth Band is a rousing good country song that just might be our anthem here are Talking Dogs! We know you'll enjoy this music video featuring canine, Jesse, and his tricks.

Love blues?  My Dog Loves Me by La La Craig will get your paws tapping.

We really love She Loves My Dog More Than Me by Freebo.  Pretty sure the Dog Daddy at our house believes this, too. 

Love hound dogs?  Then you're gonna love If I Could Ramble Like a Hound by Michael Hurley.  You can even sing along with the lyrics. 

I Only Say I Love You To My Dog by Bobby Bones and The Raging Idiots will put a smile on your face and give your a chuckle.

I Love My Old Bird Dog (and I Love You) by Crossin Dixon includes the lyrics so you can sing along.  Don't know about you, but we find it hard to resist a love song that includes dogs.

Like My Dog by Scotty Emerick explains how nobody loves us like our dogs do.  Sing along with the lyrics!

The Heart Knows Animal Shelter Song by Nancy Simmonds is one of our new favorites. Grab a tissue and sing along to this music video.

In My Dreams I Have A Dog by Dean Jones and the Dogs on Fleas Band was suggested by a Talking Dogs blog reader.  It's an upbeat catchy children's song and we love it!

Ol' Red by Blake Shelton tells the story of a Bloodhound dog and a prison break.  Good stuff!

More Like My Dog by JB and the Moonshine Band is technically not a dog song, but sometimes we can't resist sharing a good song that includes dogs!  Have a listen and see what you think.

We saluted the end of summer 2016 with Dog Beach Boogie by Kirk Olsen. Filmed at Del Mar Dog Beach in sunny California, this music video is full of all kinds of dogs enjoying the beach.  

Mamma Loves You Animal Rescue Song by Arica Dorff is a sweet tribute song for all those pups rescued from animal shelters.  We happen to love her ukulele, too! 
I Love My Dogs by Matt Slay is something a little different.  This song was created by Slay from lyric suggestions from his Vlog fans!  Sing along with the lyrics.  It's all in good fun.

Can't Be Replaced by Dierks Bentley is a tribute song Bentley wrote in honor of his dog Jake.  It's beautiful and comes with a tissue alert. 

He's Fine - A song for Irresponsible Dog Owners was created by Chicken on the Mic.  Okay, we admit we don't even get the whole chicken thing, but this is one mighty fine song talking about those dog owners we've all run into and wished we hadn't! 





  1. This is such an awesome collection of songs!! You are all very creative people.

  2. I have tried for hours to figure out how to hear these songs. One in particular, Every thing reminds me of my dog. I even wrote you an extensive story of Jacks life with me and his death. It was only a short time ago and I'm not sure I'll survive this, I loved him so much. My 2 Shitx zhus ( never could spell that ) had to be put to sleep last year. They were litter sister's and died the same day. They were 17. They walked into my heart, but Jack walked right into my soul and he stayed, for only 7 short years now I'm alone. How do l hear this song. Please reply

    1. Sally, to hear the songs you'll need to click on the links in this list (the title/name of the song). When you click you'll go to the original posting and be able to listen to the song and hear the video. However, here's the link to Everything Reminds Me of My Dog

      I'm very sorry for your loss and also sorry that I never saw or received Jacks life story.


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