Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Pictures

Lucy in August 1998

Tucker in January 1998.  We'll celebrate his 14th birthday in November.
Jeffie's first photo in April 2006.  He's just come home from the shelter.

Rudy's first photo Nov 2010

A little walk down memory lane at For Love of a Dog.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Strutt With Your Mutt in Kansas City Sept 24

21st Annual Strutt With Your Mutt
September 24, 2011
Brookside Neighborhood, 63rd & Brookside, Kansas City, MO

Fetch your friends and form your own dog pack to raise funds for Wayside Waifs, the largest no kill animal shelter in Kansas City.  You'll enjoy food, entertainment, games, prizes, contest and barking good vendors.  Fun for the whole family!  Register today for the Strutt or for the official 5K Race.

Check out the fun at the 2010 Strutt as 1000 people and their dogs helped the homeless pets at Wayside Waifs.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pedigree Foundation: Write a Post, Help a Dog #dogsrule

More than 4 million dogs become homeless each year.  At PEDIGREE Brand, they believe every dog deserves a loving home.  That's why they're committed to the cause of adoption.  For each blog post mentioning the PEDIGREE Foundation throughout the BlogPaws conference, they'll donate 20 pounds of their new dry PEDIGREE recipe food for dogs to a shelter.  You can learn more about the PEDIGREE Foundation at

Write a Post, Help a Dog runs until midnight ET on Saturday, September 3.  Your animal shelter can apply for grants at that same web address, plus you can shop Dogs Rule Gear and use the promo code BlogPaws10 to receive a 10% discount now through September 30.  All proceeds go toward the PEDIGREE Foundation to help shelter dogs find loving homes. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dog Song Saturday: Pit Bull Rescue Woman by John Shipe

It's Saturday and by now you know what that means:  time for a dog song!  Today's song is Pit Bull Rescue Woman with John Shipe.  Very cool song which is accompanied by really wonderful photographs that were sent to Shipe by real life Pit Bull rescue women from around the world.

The lyrics and music for Pit Bull Rescue Woman were composed by Shipe and John Grimshaw.  Shipe offers one caveat regarding the lyrics.  He notes that he expects an outcry regarding the line:  "She's good with a tranquilizer dart."  He gave consideration to replacing it, but confesses that since he is first and foremost a songwriter, he couldn't resist a clever payoff rhyme.  Plus, the line is intended to refer to using a tranquilizer dart on the bad boyfriend, rather than a naughty canine.

My favorite line of the song?  "Saving the world one dog at a time, yes that's her art.  She's a Pit Bull Rescue woman, she aint' for the faint of heart."

So, you know the drill.  Grab a dog.  A pittie if you've got one, though any dog will do.  Sit.  Stay.  Enjoy Pit Bull Rescue Woman and celebrate Pit Bull rescue with all of us here at For Love of a Dog.  Note:  the lyrics are available on our Dog Songs page.  You might want to have a listen to Pit Bull Blues, another barking good song about Pit Bull dogs by John Shipe.

And then... visit some of the great dog blogs that are listed below the video because today is a Pet Blogger Hop!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Missouri Puppy Mills: Dog Kennels Closing

According to the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation, more than 500 commercial dog breeding kennels have closed up shop since January 2009.  Surely it's not a coincidence that is when animal welfare groups first launched a statewide ballot campaign (MO Prop B) to clean up the dog breeding industry in Missouri.  It is expected that such a decrease in the number of licensed facilities will mean increased inspections for the breeders who have stayed in business.

103 Dogs Rescued from Ripley County MO Animal Hoarder

Photo credit:  HSMO 
Yesterday we reported the case of the Ripley County, Missouri hoarding situation.  We stand corrected on the numbers.  103 dogs and 6 cats were rescued by the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force.  

Watch as Mike Perkins, Assistant Director of that Task Force explains what they saw and what comes next for these rescued animals.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dog Rescue: Hoarding in Ripley County Missouri

Photo credit: HSMO 
The Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force is working in cooperation with the Ripley County, MO, Sheriff's Department to rescue 90 dogs from a hoarding situation near Doniphan.  Most of the dogs are medium size, mixed breeds ranging in age from elderly to a litter of one week old puppies.  Because of the severity of mange and hair loss, rescuers could not immediately identify the exact breeds of the dogs.

Yesterday, August 24, the Ripley County Sheriff obtained a warrant for possible removal of the animals and, subsequently, an independent veterinarian determined that all of them should be removed.  Once removed, the animals will be taken to the Humane Society of Missouri's Headquarters in St Louis.  A disposition hearing to determine permanent custody of the dogs will be held September 7 in Doniphan.  If custody is awarded to the Humane Society of Missouri the dogs will be made available for adoption as soon as they are healthy.

Rescuers found these dogs in outside pens, a barn, and an abandoned house trailer.  Many are extremely thin, with severe hair loss and are suffering from skin infections, eye injuries, and internal and external parasites.  It is believed that the dogs have had little or no veterinary care.  Several decomposing dog carcasses and scattered dog remains also were found on the property.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Possom Dog Gang Update

It's back...
It's another not so wordless Wednesday here at the For Love of a Dog farm.

Authorities have withdrawn arrest warrants for the three known members of the Possom Dog Gang.  As you will no doubt remember, the Possom Dog Gang was wanted for suspected murder.  The public was urged to approach these individuals with care, since they were fanged and could be dangerous.

A short while ago authorities admitted that the murder victim was not actually dead.  When asked to comment, the local Medical Examiner, Mr. Gary said:  "Beats me."

The public is urged to beware.  The Possom Dog Gang is now wanted for questioning regarding the incident.  It is possible that they may be charged with assault, though authorities admit that evidence is circumstantial at best.

In addition, Possom Dog Gang members are unusually quiet about the incident.  When asked for a public comment, Tucker suggested we speak with Foley Monster, Attorney at Paws.  It's not clear if Mr. Monster is representing the Possom Dog Gang at this time.

We'll keep you updated as more information is available to us.

New Dog Bone Bracelets at For Love of a Dog

I've been busy out in the studio having a whole lot of fun creating new dog lover jewelry.  Lately I've been regularly adding new pieces to our online shop and yesterday added a few dog bone bracelets.  

These sweet little three dimensional lampwork dog bones are a lot of fun combined with little hearts and dog house charms.  Silver, gold, black, white and more.  They make barking good gifts, too.  Shown here is a silver bracelet with white dog bones.

Of course, we have specific dog breed jewelry, too, but our just plain dogs items are so much fun!  Fetch For Love of a Dog now!

Monday, August 22, 2011

German Shepherd Dogs in a Pub

A friend sent us a link to this video and, frankly, we cracked up.  It's a 1986 video clip from That's Life, a BBC television show.   Here at the For Love of a Dog farm, young dogs Jeffie and Rudy like to help with the watering chores.  They like to help drag the hose and look forward to playing in the water.  I have a feeling they'd love to visit this English pub and try some soda water!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adopt Sitka a Siberian Husky Dog

If you're thinking about adding a canine companion to your family, especially if you find Huskies appealing, take a look at this beauty.  Sitka is a Siberian Husky dog with gorgeous blue eyes.  She's about 2 and a half years old and a spayed female.

Sitka was surrendered to the Humane Society of Missouri because her family could no longer keep her.  She sits on command, is housebroken, and walks nicely on a leash.  

For more information about Sitka, contact the Humane Society of Missouri Chesterfield Valley animal shelter at 636-530-0805.  Sitka's animal id number is A504719

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dog Song Saturday: Feeling Like a Big Dog by Akon

It's Saturday, so that means it's time for another dog song from all of us here at For Love of a Dog.  Take a listen to Feeling Like a Big Dog by Akon.  It's accompanied by great photos of all kinds of dogs and puppies.  By the time we got to the first chorus we knew this was a dog song that simply had to go on our playlist.

Grab a dog; any dog will do!  Sit.  Stay.  Relax and get your groove on to Feeling Like a Big Dog.  Then, while you're feeling all nice and mellow, scroll down below the dog song video to fetch some barking good dog blogs.  Today is the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Missouri Puppy Mills: First Canine Cruelty Rescue Under New Law Video

Video of the first puppy mill rescue made as a result of the new Missouri Canine Cruelty Prevention Act.

The Office of the Missouri Attorney General and the Missouri Department of Agriculture partnered with the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force to rescue 73 adult dogs and puppies from a breeding facility in Monett, Lawrence County, Missouri.

On June 28 a temporary restraining order was issued against the owner, Linda Brisco, for violations of the Animal Care Facilities Act and the newly enacted Canine Cruelty Prevention Act.

According to inspections by the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Brisco's facility:
  • failed to provide adequate veterinary care to animals in obvious medical distress
  • failed to clean and sanitize the facility, allowing excrement in food receptacles and dirty, muddy drinking water
  • failed to keep sick, aged, or young animals in indoor or sheltered housing facilities
  • failed to equip housing facilities with disposal and drainage systems in order to keep animal waste and water eliminated so the animals stayed dry
  • failed to provide shade for the dogs
  • failed to collect and remove animal waste - in some places feces had accumulated to the point that it was indistinguishable from the flooring
  • failed to provide housing that protected the animals from injury
In addition, the owner routinely used a gunshot as a means of euthanasia, also in violation of the law.
On July 14, 2011, Brisco agreed to surrender all animals to the Humane Society of Missouri, surrender her Missouri Department of Agriculture commercial breeder license and will not operate a dog breeding facility for at least the next 6 yearts.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Missouri Puppy Mills: Stump Farms Puppies Lawsuit

Attorney General Chris Koster, in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, filed suit on August 12, 2011, against Cynthia Stump for violations of the Animal Care Facilities Act (ACFA).

Koster said Stump owns Stump Farms Puppies, a commercial breeder/dealer facility located in Lancaster, Missouri.  The law requires that such operations have a valid ACFA license and that the license be renewed annually.  A Missouri Department of Agriculture inspection revealed that Stump had failed to renew her license and was selling dogs and operating the breeding facility unlawfully.

Koster is asking the court to issue a temporary restraining order and permanent injunction prohibiting Stump from further violations of the Animal Care Facilities Act;  issue a temporary restraining order prohibiting Stump from continuing to breed or sell animals until further order of the court; assess a civil penalty; and require the defendant to pay court costs.

Missouri Puppy Mills: New Canine Cruelty Prevention Web Site

The Missouri Attorney General Office website now includes a Canine Cruelty web page where Missourians can learn more about the laws regulating animal care facilities and can file a complaint against substandard facilities.

Attorney General Chris Koster said legislation enacted by the General Assembly in April gives his office expanded enforcement authority for commercial breeders who fail to abide by the tougher standards imposed by the newly enacted Canine Cruelty Prevention Act. He has since established a Canine Cruelty Prevention Unit with an attorney dedicated to enforcing the new laws.

The new web page can be accessed at The site includes a canine cruelty complaint form where consumers can lodge a complaint against unlicensed breeders or breeders against whom they have animal cruelty or consumer complaints. The Canine Cruelty Prevention Unit will investigate all complaints. 

Also included is an information chart that explains the revisions to Missouri’s animal welfare laws, as well as a copy of the newly enacted legislation. There is also a list of frequently asked questions and access to the Attorney General’s Hotline, where individuals can call with complaints. Koster said hotline operators have been trained on the Animal Care Facilities Act and the new Canine Cruelty Prevention Act.

We have an obligation to protect the wellbeing of animals, and Missouri has recognized that obligation by passing laws outlining acceptable standards for pet breeders and commercial pet dealers,” Koster said. “For too long, Missouri has had a reputation as a safe harbor for ‘puppy mills.’ We intend to change that reputation so that Missouri sets the standard for animal care facilities.”

The Canine Cruelty Prevention Act, aka the Missouri Solution, was approved by the Missouri legislature and signed into law by Governor Jay Nixon on April 27, 2011. The Act, the result of an agreement between the Missouri Department of Agriculture, commercial dog breeding and farming interests and Missouri-based animal welfare organizations, strengthens standards for veterinary care and living conditions for dogs in commercial breeding facilities. The Act also gives the Attorney General’s Office the authority to file criminal charges for “canine cruelty,” the authority to seek civil penalties for offenders and to seek enhanced penalties for repeat offenders.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dog and Cat Patrol

Best buddies, Rudy & Skeeter, on duty & surveying their kingdom.
In terms of quality, this is a terrible photo.  However, I just love it, so I'm sharing it anyway.  All four of our dogs adore our cat, Skeeter.  But Rudy and she do have a special relationship.  I think they're pretty cute together!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Joplin Tornado: Cocker Spaniel Dog Sugar Found 12 Weeks Later

Joplin tornado victim, Sugar, a Cocker Spaniel, has been reunited with at least part of her family.  Twelve weeks after the May 22 tornado devastated Joplin, there is some good news for the family of Johnnie Richey.

Richey was killed with the twister flattened the Joplin Elks Lodge.  His home was also destroyed.  Richey's family spent days after the storm trying to find him, only to learn that he had perished in the storm.   In addition, Richey's constant companion, Sugar, a 9 year old blond Cocker Spaniel was also missing.

Richey's sister, Kerri Simms,  began a campaign of missing posters and created a Facebook page just for the purpose of finding Sugar.  As the weeks passed, the family worried about just how slim the chance was that Sugar would be found. 

On August 12 a taxi cab driver in Joplin, Chris Ruport, noticed a stray dog who looked "pretty beat up" on the street and decided to pick it up.  His wife posted a photo of the dog on Craigslist.  Within hours the Richey family had been notified that a dog matching Sugar's description had been found.   Richey's sister traveled to Joplin, identified Sugar and took her to the Emergency Pet Center in Joplin.  

Sugar was treated for severe eye and ear infections, flea infestation, and severe dehydration.  Richey’s mother, Joyce Richey, said Sugar was weak when the family picked her up.

“When we first saw her, she was shaking real bad like she didn’t have the energy to stand, but they put her on (intravenous fluids) and kept her overnight, and she was better,” she said.

Kerri Simms, Richey's sister, has taken Sugar home and said Sugar has spent a lot of time sleeping and eating.  Finding Sugar has given her a new connection with her brother, Simms said.

“It means having part of my brother back,” she said. “We can’t bring him back, but we can at least have her. Now we don’t have to wonder. They wouldn’t let us see my brother after the tornado, so I don’t want to say it’s closure, but we know now that she’s OK.”

Zucchini Dog Cupcakes Recipe - Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop

There's something kind of magical about zucchini.  It is prolific.  From one measly little hill comes a mountain of fruit.  In fact, if you know a young gardener new to growing things, I recommend zucchini.  It never fails to produce with very little effort.

That said, there comes a time every summer when I've already filled the freezer, not to mention, baked, fried, steamed and otherwise used up all my ideas on what to do with the stuff.  Oh, plus I've given away bushels of it.  

Then I discovered zucchini dog cupcakes.  Easy to make.  And the dogs absolutely love them.  One caution:  I don't recommend feeding raw zucchini to dogs, plus I ration these since I don't want any upset dog tummies. 

I make these in regular size muffin tins and use the paper cupcake liners.  When I dole them out each dog gets 1/4 of a cupcake.  Please note:  these freeze very well...  if they last that long.

Zucchini Dog Cupcakes
2 cups whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/4 cup canola oil
1 cup of chicken stock
2 eggs, beaten
1 cup grated zucchini

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Combine all ingredients EXCEPT the zucchini and mix well in a large bowl.   Then add the zucchini and make sure it is mixed into the batter well.  Pour into paper lined muffin tins until each is about 3/4 full.  Bake 25-30 minutes.  You can use a toothpick stuck into the center to check for doneness;  you want the toothpick to come out clean.

Before you head to the kitchen to whip up some Zucchini Dog Cupcakes, browse the dog blogs below for some other tasty treat recipes because today is a Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop!

Monday, August 15, 2011

SOS: Pitbull Topaz Needs Life Saving Cancer Surgery

Michael and Topaz need our help.  Please click within the widget to read their story OR visit Ohmidog to read John's story of how he met Michael and his three legged pitty, Topaz for an even more personal look into their situation, including photographs.  Talking Dogs is not only urging you to donate, we're putting our money where our mouths are:  we just chipped in.

UPDATE - August 16
Topaz is scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor next week.  Thanks to so many caring people, there is now over $900 donated for her surgery.  

When her cancer stricken guardian, Michael, can no longer care for her, Topaz will need a new home.  Southern California is preferred and it is hoped that her new owner will allow her to visit Michael as long as possible.  Topaz loves people, rides great in the car and is house trained.  She's a very relaxed dog and loves to sunbathe and give kisses.  For more information you can contact Talking Dogs and we'll put you in touch with the right people.

Review: Barksters Holistic Dog Treats

There's a whole lot of crunching going on at For Love of a Dog.  The good folks at Loving Pets Corporation sent us some of their new Barksters to sample.

Barksters are a 100% natural dog treat manufactured by Loving Pets Corporation in Cranbury, NJ.   Established in 2005, Loving Pets Corporation focuses on its own brand of high quality all natural pet treats.

According to the packaging, Barksters are healthy, all natural treats that are made in the United States.  They combine simple, all-natural ingredients for a crunch and taste your dog just can't resist.  Barksters are air-puffed, low in fat and only 12 calories per treat.  They contain no additives or preservatives.  The result:  a flavorful, guilt-free treat that is sure to keep your dog fit, healthy and satisfied.

Varieties we tried:
Brown Rice and Beef Krisps - Wheat and gluten free with no additives and no preservatives.  Ingredients: brown rice, rice flour, beef, rice bran oil.

Sweet Potato and Chicken Krisps - Ingredients:  sweet potato, rice flour, chicken, rice bran oil.

Alfalfa and Liver Krisps - Ingredients:  alfalfa, rice flour, beef liver, and rice bran oil.

The first flavor we tested was the Sweet Potato and Chicken Krisps. 

Jeffie, Rudy and Lucy were definitely intrigued and all three dogs crunched them with great enthusiasm.

Next we tried the Alfalfa and Liver treats.

After giving it a good sniff, Jeffie munched with delight.

Jeffie patiently waited for another turn while Rudy tried out the Alfafa Liver Krisp.

Finally we broke open the Rice and Beef package.

Note the dog slobber on Gary's leg.  Though everyone waited for his or her turn, all three canines were pretty thrilled with these treats.

Tucker decided not to join the others for the taste testing.  Age has its advantages.  We delivered some samples to him and he definitely enjoyed his private tasting.

Our Review:
  • Our Barksters were shipped directly from Loving Pets Corporation and arrived with each package individually wrapped in bubble wrap.  Though they cannot be ordered directly from Loving Pets, consumers can check their web site to find out where to purchase their products locally.  Their handy zipcode store locater is easy to find on the site.
  • Barksters packaging is certainly attractive.  Cute lightweight cardboard boxes with plastic wrapped treats.  Plenty of information is given including why each combination of flavors was selected.
  • These crisp treats were fresh, light weight, and a nice size for treats (approx 1 x 1.5 inches).  There was a bit of breakage (think: potato chips), but nothing excessive.
  • All four dogs loved them. Tucker and Jeffie are much more picky eaters.  Tucker tends to carefully smell and examine any food item.  He liked all three varieties, but clearly preferred the Sweet Potato treats.
  • All three treat varieties has a distinctive smell.  The Alfalfa treats had the strongest smell.  I thought they all smelled good, especially the Alfalfa treat.  In fact, I suspect our horses would enjoy the Alfalfa Krisps.
  • We especially appreciate the all natural, no additives or preservatives, recipe.  In fact, Gary even gave them a try.  His verdict:  a bit bland and reminded him of rice cakes.  Then he had another of the Sweet Potato treats and I told him to quit eating the dog cookies!
  • Low calories is also a real plus in our opinion.
And finally...
  • We lived in the rural Missouri Ozarks and I'm used to shopping online because our choices are often pretty limited.  However, I was pleased to find that Loving Pet Corporation treats are offered at a nearby farm supply store where we already purchase our (natural, organic) dog kibble.  Barksters are not listed as available there.  Yet.  I'll be watching for them.

In conclusion, we give Barksters Dog Krisps an enthusiastic four dog recommendation.

While you're thinking about dog treats, scroll down and check out the dog blogs below for some more great ideas from the participants of today's Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Black Pet Adoption Event

 Back in Black
August 15 - September 17, 2011

Adopt a black animal from one of the participating groups in this Best Friends Animal Society event and receive 50% off the adoption fee.

Adoption events will be held nationwide.  Look for a participating No More Homeless Pets Network Partner at Best Friends website.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dog Song Saturday: Old Shep by Red Foley

It's Dog Song Saturday here at Talking Dogs!  We've got a good oldie for you today.  A mellow tune called Old Shep sung by Red Foley.  It's accompanied with a video slide show of older photos of shepherd dogs, as well as the song lyrics.

Though I can't say I like some of the story told by this song...  it's a classic dog song.  So, grab a dog!  Sit.  Stay.  Relax and enjoy Old Shep by Red Foley.
 Then scroll down below to check out some barking good dog blogs because today is a Pet Blogger Hop!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Puppy Mills: Living Your Life Entire in a Cage

In the summer of 2010, Madonna of the Mills took their cage to Union Square in New York City to see how people would feel about living their entire life in a cage only 6 inches bigger than they are.  Just like thousands of puppy mill dogs across the country.

Possum Dog Gang Wanted for Murder

The Possom Dog Gang is wanted in connection to a suspected murder.  An anonymous tip to authorities led to the discovery of a young, black opossom surrounded by members of this very well known dog gang.  

When asked if the opossom was dead, Chief Medical Examiner, Mr. Gary replied:  "Your guess is as good as mine."  Unfortunately, during the examination of the opossom, the perps took off and outran authorities.  Mr. Gary then removed the body to an undisclosed location.

The following members of the Possom Dog Gang are now sought for questioning.

Shown above is Jeffie, known aliases include:  Jefferson, Jeffbo
Don't let that sweet looking face fool you.  Just look at those teeth and have a chat with the UPS driver.

Shown above is Tucker.  Known aliases include:  Sugar Lips, Butt Boy
Previously thought to be in retirement.  Tucker has a juvenile record for assault on a canine and fraternizing with felines.

Shown above is Rudy.  
Known aliases include:  Kazootie, Two Shoes, Bitey Whitie, Gater Boy
Don't be sucked in by his youth.  Rudy is the suspected leader of the Possom Dog Gang and he is famous for his death dance.

Also suspected to be a member of the Possom Dog Gang is 
Lucy, shown above.  Aliases include:  Handmaiden, Goosy, Sweet Pea
Previous arrests for snake slinging and bird assault.  Often been seen in the company of Possom Dog Gang members.

If you should see any of these individuals call the authorities.  Do not try to apprehend them yourself.

Puppy Mills: Conversation with a Puppy Mill Owner

A Madonna of the Mills video of a conversation with a Mennonite puppy mill owner.  He and his wife care for 300 dogs.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Puppy Mills in Missouri: Second Lawrence County Facility in Trouble

According to the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation, continuing efforts to crack down on substandard breeding facilities in Missouri have yielded charges against a second facility in Lawrency County.  The MO Attorney General's office entered a consent judgement against Shirley Gilbert for violations of the new Aninal Care Facilities Act.

Gilbert operated Wolfgang's Puppies and Gee Gee's Yorkies.  Gilbert operated her breeding facility without a license;  failed to provide adequate veterinary care to animals who were in obvious medical distress;  failed to provide adequate ventilation and odor control;  failed to provide clean, dry bedding and wind and rain breaks to protect the dogs from the elements;  failed to collect and remove animal waste;  failed to clean and sanitize the facility or to provide adequate space for the dogs;  and failed to provide housing that protected the animals from injury.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Puppy Mills: Madonna of the Mills HBO Documentary Film

Madonna of the Mills is an HBO documentary film which will premiere on HBO2, Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

The hour-long documentary profiles the remarkable dedication and influence of Laura Flynn-Amato, a Staten Island woman who earned the nickname "Madonna of the Mills" for her efforts in saving the lives of some 2,000 dogs from the infamous puppy mills of rural Pennsylvania. 

Among the 2,000 puppy mill survivors saved by Laura are Danny, a male golden retriever who was traumatized by a lifetime of incarceration, but overcame his phobias and now provides companionship to a family with an autistic son; Liberty, a female retriever who had a total fear of people, and tried to hide during training class with other dogs and owners; Vivien Leigh, a female cocker spaniel who had rotting teeth, sores on her paws and ears, and a skittish personality; and Maisy, another female cocker who was “de-barked” by a farmer who crushed her voice box with a lead pipe.

Wordless Wednesday: Dog Fight! Not Really...

Check out Rudy's cool move!
Jeffie has a little action of his own!
Hmmm... who has the most intimidating face?

It's hot.  Time for a break.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Butterfly Invasion

As promised... photos of the butterflies.  I first posted about them yesterday, but for some reason Blogger didn't like my post and the whole thing disappeared!  My apologies to those of you who discovered an empty blog post.

More importantly, I discovered the hard way that my photography skills are lacking.  Try as I might, I never got one single good picture of the full impact of this winged invasion.  There are butterflies everywhere, particularly on my mimosa trees.  It appears as if the trees are alive with fluttering movement.  It is breathtakingly beautiful.  Alas, I have no photo that captures the scene.

However, I promised.  So here they are.

From my web research, I believe they're probably Spicebush Swallowtails.   They are enjoying all of our flowers, but seem especially attracted to the mimosas.

Adopt Esmerelda a German Shepherd Dog Mix

If you've been considering adding a dog to your family, consider Esmerelda.  She's a beautiful tan and gray German Shepherd Dog mix.  Esmerelda is about 9 months old and a spayed female.  She has lovely manners for her age and appears to be housebroken.  She walks nicely on a leash, too.

If you have room in your life and on your couch, check out this beauty!  Esmerelda is available for adoption from the Humane Society of Missouri St Louis City animal shelter.  You can ask for more information by calling them at 314-951-1562.  Esmerelda's animal ID number is A512324.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dog Song Saturday: Goodbye by MC Esoteric

Can it be Saturday already?  You bet!  That means its time for another dog song from For Love of a Dog.  

Today's song is Goodbye aka Max written and performed by hip hop artist MC Esoteric.  This is the original unreleased version of this song.  Recorded about 2006 after the passing of his wife's family dog, a Springer Spaniel named Domino.  The song was inspired by Domino and Esoteric's old Irish Setter, Boo.  Here the song is set to footage of his current dog, Logan and his buddies playing.

I know I keep telling you that I'm not a big fan of hip hop music, yet this is not the first MC Esoteric song we've included in our Dog Song Saturday feature.  This guy is a dog lover.  Big time dog lover.   Beautiful music (yes, I said that) and lyrics that will require a tissue or two.

So, grab a dog or two.  Sit.  Stay.  Let that tension drift away while you relax and groove to Goodbye by MC Esoteric.   Then scroll down below the music video and sniff out some barking good dog blogs because today is a Pet Blogger Hop!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weather Ranting Works

Warning:  I'll be doing more weather ranting in the future because it works!

I awoke this morning to a very strange, but kind of familiar, sound.  My groggy mind couldn't place it at first.  It was THUNDER!  As I blinked the sleep from my eyes I recognized the flashes of LIGHTNING!  By the time I leaped from bed I could hear the sound of blessed rain.

That was hours ago and it is still raining.  Ah....   This rain is so welcome that I don't even mind that the electricity keeps blinking.

For those of us living beyond the sidewalks, Mother Nature somewhat rules our life.  At For Love of a Dog, we live in the country, garden organically and raise much of our own food supply.   Weather is our partner, though sometimes we have a hard time getting along.  Today he/she is working to our benefit and we are thrilled! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Not

Why are there flower photos here?  Keep reading and I will explain.

I am a slacker.  A slug.  A non-blogger.  At least lately.  And I thought I'd mention a few reasons why.  At the moment I'm mostly blaming Mother Nature.  What we did to anger her, I do not know.  I only know that we must've done something big, bad and ugly.

First we had the monsoons of never ending rain this spring.  Seriously.  Incredible flooding, flash and otherwise.  When the rain stopped it suddenly turned hot.  I mean HOT.  And dry.  I mean REALLY DRY.  Drought dry.


For the past seven weeks, count 'em, we had not a drop of moisture.  I refuse to count the heavy morning dews because they were a result of the killer humidity levels.  Of course, even the dew could not survive Mother Nature's wrath.  With the heat by about 8 AM even the dew gave up.

It's been over 100 degrees every day.  For days.  And I don't mean 100 point something.  I mean 105, 106 degrees.  It cools off at night to about 86 degrees.  Whoopee.

We finally got some rain.  About 1 inch, two days ago.  Within 36 hours we had to start watering again.  That's how drought dry we were when the rain shower came.

Our days are consumed with watering - trying to save the garden, flowers, shrubs, and trees - and keeping an eye on our critters - canine, feline and equine. 

Oh yeah, and I'm working on a total web site makeover (what was I thinking when I began that?!), working on new items for the shop, and then... drum roll, please... the AC in my studio gave up the ghost.  Poor fan could not take the stress.  (I empathize!)  There are no AC units to be had.  None.  We haven't decided exactly what we're going to do about it.

So... I've become a slacker blogger.  Sorry.  I haven't even had the mental energy to do much shameless self promotion.   Since our weather forecast remains, in my humble opinion, horribly hot and dry.


And since we still have no idea what it is exactly we could sacrifice to Mother Nature to end this misery...  I've decided to show you some of what we're trying to save with all our watering efforts!

Coming soon... photos of the butterflies that are swarming my mimosa trees!  And dog photos.  I promise.