Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dog and Cat Patrol

Best buddies, Rudy & Skeeter, on duty & surveying their kingdom.
In terms of quality, this is a terrible photo.  However, I just love it, so I'm sharing it anyway.  All four of our dogs adore our cat, Skeeter.  But Rudy and she do have a special relationship.  I think they're pretty cute together!


  1. Lovely foto, my younger golden is also fun of my blue cat, greeting from Belgium

  2. How nice! You can tell they are best buds!


  3. They look wonderful together. I can see why the picture is a favorite.

  4. They're VERY cue together! I think Rudy has learned to sit like a cat, just a bit...

  5. I love this photo, too, in many ways! I love it when the dogs and kitties hang out peacefully (unlike mine). So sweet!

    Love the redesigned blog, too.


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