Monday, December 31, 2012

It's New Year's Eve

It's New Year's Eve!  Celebrate!

In case there's any doubt, Jeffie will be wearing his Thundershirt!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Save a Life by Fostering a Dog

On Sundays we usually feature dogs that are available for adoption.  However, adopting a dog from an animal shelter is not the only way to save lives.

A dog in foster care has a much better chance of finding a forever home.  That dog will learn more social skills without the stress that comes with shelter conditions.  

The video below features West Side German Shepherd Rescue, but what their foster families have to say about how important it is to take dogs out of an animal shelter setting and get them into homes, is universally true.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dog Song Saturday: The Dog Song by Nellie McKay

It's Saturday, so time for a dog song at Talking Dogs.  Since this is the last Saturday of the year, we thought we'd reach way back to the beginning of Dog Song Saturday, to one of our favorites.

In July, 2010, our obsession with dog songs began with Nellie McKay's The Dog Song.  Written to support shelter dog adoption, we simply love this song.  Jeffie and Rudy love the panting and barking!

Grab a dog.  Sit.  Stay.  Relax and enjoy The Dog Song, written and performed here by Nellie McKay.  End 2012 on a barking good note and fetch more dog song music videos at Talking Dogs.   Be sure to scroll down below today's dog song to explore the Pet Blogger Hop.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Dog Days by Elsa Watson Book Give-away

If you read my Talking Dogs book review of The Love Dog by Elsa Watson, then you know that today we're launching a giveaway of her book Dog Days.  

In Dog Days, café owner Jessica Sheldon’s fear of canines hardly makes her a dog person. After the incident in her café the year before in which a dog almost destroyed her café, she’s been labeled the “dog hater” of Madrona, a town that’s famous for its annual dog festival, Woofinstock. 

Her life takes a turn at the start of Woofinstock when she rescues Zoë, a white German shepherd who can’t find her way home. When both Jessica and Zoë are struck by lightning in the town square, the unbelievable happens—the two switch bodies.

You can even watch a Dog Days book trailer at Elsa Watson's author site.

Enter now to win a copy of Dog Days by Elsa Watson!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book Review: The Love Dog by Elsa Watson

This book should come with a warning.  

My review copy of The Love Dog by Elsa Watson arrived just a few days ago when I was multi-tasking:  shipping For Love of a Dog orders, baking a few holiday goodies, wrapping Christmas gifts, and so much more.

I made the mistake of opening the book and reading the first paragraph.  

From that point on my day consisted of juggling my to-do list with reading another chapter or two (or more) until I reached the end and sighed with satisfaction.

It is a dog-gone good read.

Here's the plot synopsis of The Love Dog from the publisher:
Fired from her job as a paralegal, Samantha Novak is in trouble. When Telltale, a Hollywood tabloid, asks her to write an expose on the reality television dating show, The Love Dog, Samantha is thrilled. She’s always dreamed of being a writer, and the fat paycheck won’t hurt. After being recently left at the altar, she’s not too keen on love either.   

Hired as the canine star’s handler, Samantha finds that digging up dirt on set is harder then she thought. 

Apollo, the show’s star, is a sweet golden retriever who takes his job as the “love dog” very seriously. He only wants to help couples fall in love and make everyone on set happy. Mason Hall, the show’s producer and leading man, is down to earth, charming, and... very attractive.

If Samantha doesn’t reveal to the world that the reality show isn’t exactly “real,” her new career will be over before it starts. But when she falls in love with Apollo and Mason, will she still have the heart to expose The Love Dog’s dirty secrets? 
This charming story is told from the point of view of Samantha Novak AND from Apollo, the "love dog."   I wasn't sure I would enjoy the first person narrative told from the dog's point of view, but I fell in love with Apollo immediately.  Truthfully, he reminded me a great deal of my own sweet dog boy, Jeffie, and I found his portion of the story delightful.

From Chapter One:
Fuzzy slippers?
Skeptical attitude?
Double check.
I plopped down next to my sister, Cassie, and clicked on the TV just in time to see a graphic of a giant pink heart—made out of tiny paw prints—materialize on the screen. Schmaltzy music poured out of the speakers. The screen flashed with a close-up of a beautiful golden dog, while over its head formed the words we’d been expecting: The Love Dog.

This light hearted, humorous, romantic romp of a book made me laugh and smile, plus shake my head at some of the human beings!  A perfect read this winter while you're snuggled up with your own furry best friend, The Love Dog would also be a wonderful dog lover gift.

For those of you who are like me and worry about the animal characters - absolutely no harm comes to Apollo.

About the author, Elsa Watson:

From 1996 to 1998, Elsa Watson served as Peace Corp Volunteer in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, where she began writing novels, all in longhand.  She now lives on an island in Washington State with her husband, cat, and two dogs.  Her short work has appeared in the Writers Journal, Snowy Egret, and Renaissance Magazine.  Elsa is proud to live by the motto:  any day on which you pet a dog is a good day.

Elsa has always enjoyed speculating about what the dogs might be thinking, which led to her novel, Dog Days, and e-novella, A Christmas Tail.
The Love Dog (A Tor MM Original; $7.99) will be on sale to the public January 29, 2013.   ISBN 978-0-7653-6809-6  336 pages.  Available from all major book sellers.  I received my copy as an advance reading copy in exchange for my honest review.  You can pre-order The Love Dog at Barnes and Noble and Amazon now.

I'm pleased to give a very enthusiastic recommendation for The Love Dog by Elsa Watson.  Be sure to come back to Talking Dogs tomorrow for a chance to win a copy of Dog Days  (Elsa Watson's previous novel)!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Bald Eagle Visitor

The snow had stopped, but the high winds continued to blow.  My mail crew - Jeffie and Rudy with their Dog Daddy driver - had driven up to the road to check for mail.
They were in high spirits when they came back to the house.  
"Hurry!" yelled the Dog Daddy.  "Get your camera!"
I grabbed the camera and my coat, hopped into the car and above is the scene that soon greeted me.

 Yep.  That's a Bald Eagle!

After snapping some pix, we returned to the house and called our local Missouri Conservation Department.  The agent Gary spoke to surmised that this bald eagle probably was unable to fly in the high winds.  He was probably waiting out the storm, on the ground and would take off as soon as the winds died down.  

I wish there was something in the photos to give you a real indication of this bird's size:  BIG.  One of the largest birds of prey in the world, bald eagles have a 6 1/2 to 8 foot wingspan and are 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall.

Missouri  is one of the leading bald eagle states.  In the fall, thousands of bald eagles migrate south from their nesting range in Canada and the Great Lakes states to hunt around the open waters of Missouri's rivers and large lakes.  

More than 2,000 bald eagles are reported in Missouri regularly during winter, but very few are seen around our area of the Ozarks.

Later that afternoon the winds did die down and our visitor was gone.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Adopt a Black Labrador Retriever, Jenny

Jenny is a beautiful black Labrador Retriever dog who is temporarily staying with the Humane Society of Missouri St. Louis animal shelter.

This sweet girl is only about a year old.  Jenny appears to be housebroken and loves to go for walks on a leash.  

As you can see from her adoption video, she's a friendly girl and that tail just doesn't stop wagging.  Jenny can sit on command and is eager to learn some more tricks.

If you're looking for an active companion with lots of love to give, fetch more information about Jenny.  Call the HSMO St Louis animal shelter at 314-647-8800.  Jenny's animal ID is A542541

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dog Song Saturday: Jingle Bells Sung by Pets

It's Saturday and time for a dog song music video at Talking Dogs.  Today we're breaking our own rules since Jingle Bells is not a song about dogs.  However, we're pretty sure you're going to smile as you watch dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, horses, ferrets, and many more animal pets "sing" this traditional Christmas carol.

Grab a dog (actually, any pet will do!)  Sit.  Stay.  Relax and enjoy Jingle Bells!

Fetch more dog song music videos at Talking Dogs to get your weekend started just right and be sure to scroll down below today's video to explore some barking good pet blogs in today's Pet Blogger Hop.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Dogs Decorate the Christmas Tree Video

It has become a tradition at Talking Dogs to feature this amazing video: A Christmas Surprise.  

Even if you've seen it before, you really should take a moment to relax and enjoy this beautiful dog pack decorate a Christmas tree!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It is Finally Snowing for the Talking Dogs

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

We're in a whiteout... and we love it!

Woofs and meows from 
Rudy, Jeffie and Skeeter

Celebrate Your Heart Dog Bracelet from For Love of a Dog

How would you like to receive this beautiful dog lover bracelet without spending a penny?  

You can!  

You could be the winner of this copper dog bone bracelet (a $60 value.)

For Love of a Dog is a proud sponsor of the Doggies and Stuff Holiday Gift Guide's Giveaway-A-Day.

Celebrate your heart dog in style with this one of a kind handmade dog lover bracelet.  Beautiful flamed, hand crafted copper dog bone focal is accented with gorgeous rose pink crystal rondelles.  Check out that adorable gold dog collar and dog bone toggle clasp!  Of course, there's a sweet gold heart dangle, too.

Fetch Doggies and Stuff to enter now!  You have until December 23, 2012 to enter.  There are lots of chances to win.  Good luck!

For Love of a Dog offers unique handmade dog lover jewelry and gifts.  Perfect gifts for any dog lover await you in many dog breeds, plus mutts, dog bone, dog mom and rescue themes, too.  Shop online now at

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Talking Dogs Christmas Photos: Wordless Wednesday

Rudy is at the back door because he heard the camera turn on.  Believe it or not just a moment before he was nicely sitting in front of the Christmas tree.  

Neither of my boys ever like to have their picture taken.  I used to think they were Amish, until my friend, Kristi, informed me she was sure they're in the Witness Protection Program.

The camera dings; the dogs race to the back door.  In this photo Jeffie has already removed Rudy's reindeer headgear.

Honest.  These are the very best photos of Jeffie in his reindeer headgear.  He HAS to be in the witness protection program. 

Don't let Jeffie fool you.  There is nothing of interest out in the back yard!

I managed to catch a face shot!  
Rudy is not amused.  
The jig is up! He can now be recognized!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Gifts from Evanger's Dog Food

Jeffie and Rudy were the very happy recipients of a box filled with dog treats the other day.  

Jeffie was particularly thrilled since they arrived via USP and he loves to scare the heck out of that man in brown.

The very kind folks at Evanger's sent them a howling good Christmas present.

A whole box of natural dog treats to try just for fun and as a thank you for being such good taste testers.  

No review or publicity was requested or expected.  However, the boys were so happy, we decided to tell you about Evanger's dog treats.

Nothing But Natural  Pheasant with Fruits and Vegetables Jerky Treats: natural pheasant, oat flour, potato flour, dried chicory rood, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, cultured whey, blueberries, cranberries, carrots, peas, sea salt, oil of garlic and vitamin E.

Nothing But Natural Buffalo with Fruits and Vegetables Jerky Treats: same ingredients as above except buffalo instead of pheasant.
Nothing But Natural Chicken Grain Free Jerky Treats: same ingredients as above except with organic chicken.

Beef Lungs Gently Dried Treats: pure beef lungs.  A unique single-source protein rich in essential fatty acids.

Beef Liver Gently Dried Treats: pure beef liver (whole muscle meat). Gluten-free, grain-free; no additives or artificial ingredients.

Jeffie and Rudy love Evanger's and they thorougly enjoyed their Evanger's taste testing and review awhile back.  

We like Evanger's food for dogs and cats, too, because they are natural products made right here in the United States.

Thank you, Evanger's from two very happy pups!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Photos: My Dogs are in Witness Protection Program

Everywhere, all over the web, I see absolutely adorable Christmas photos of dogs.  I love them!

So, why have you not seen some of my dogs?

Well, I've come to realize that my dogs are in the witness protection program.  I don't know why.  I only know that is the only rational reason for their behavior.

They don their ribbons, bow, and reindeer antlers with nary a qualm.  In fact, Rudy loves wearing his antlers.  Both Jeffie and Rudy will sit nicely, even without a treat to tempt them.

However, the minute they hear that little ding of the camera turning on and/or spot me with a camera, it's all over.  They're outta there!  

In fact, they head for the back door.  They want out of the house and as far away from the camera as they can get.

So, while I bide my time and gear up for another try, I inspire myself viewing other doggie Christmas photos like these below.   Enjoy!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays Video

On Sundays we usually feature adoptable dogs here on the Talking Dogs blog.  Today, in a way, we're featuring all dogs currently in animal shelters who are hoping for a forever home.   

If you're planning to add a canine family member, please consider adopting a shelter or rescue dog.  If you can't adopt, please think about fostering a lonely dog for the holidays.

The video, Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays 2012 was produced by Paws New England (PAWs)  PAWs and 13,000 other rescue organizations are participating in PetFinder's "Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays" initiativeFind a participating shelter or rescue organization near you.

Working together we can empty the nation's shelters this holiday season.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dog Cat Holiday Love Song: I'm Telling Santa Dog Song Saturday

It's Saturday!  Time for a dog song music video at Talking Dogs.  In keeping with the Christmas season, we've got a howling good original dog song today.  I'm Telling Santa - an interspecies, holiday love song - is pretty dog-gone fun.

I'm Telling Santa is performed by Deborah Poppink and can be purchased at iTunes.  The video tells the story of a very cute dog writing a letter to Santa and Dog all she wants for Christmas is an adorable tuxedo cat.

Follow the link to DidiPop and you'll find Poppink's web site of fun kids' music.  In fact, for the month of December all DidiPop CD tracks are free to download.  So, be sure to check it out!

Right now though, you need to grab a dog (or a cat).  Sit.  Stay.  Relax and enjoy I'm Telling Santa.  You can fetch more dog song music videos at Talking Dogs if you feel like it.  And be sure to scroll down below today's dog song to explore some barking good blogs because today is the Pet Blogger Hop.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

On the Road Again: Tips for Traveling with the Whole Family | Guest Post by Joe Laing, El Monte RV

Thinking about hitting the road with your dog?  Then settle back and enjoy today's guest post:  On the Road Again: Tips for Traveling with the WHOLE Family   By Joe Laing, El Monte RV
Happy to be in the "bye-bye car!"

There’s no place like home for the holidays! But perhaps you are most at home out on the open road. No matter which setting you prefer, one thing is clear: the holidays are a time for family. The WHOLE family includes, of course, our furry children. Now it’s easier than ever to realize what fun it can be for you and your pups to travel together. By observing a few simple tips, holiday travel with your pets becomes an adventure, rather than a chore. So let’s pack up the car, the RV, or the U-Haul and get to where we’re going!

First and foremost, make sure your pets are “up to date.” This tip applies all the time but especially when you are traveling away from home. Current tags and contact info are crucial. Make sure Ginger’s collar tag has her name, your cell number, and her veterinarian’s name and number clearly visible on it. If the tag is old or the engraving has been “loved off,” have a new tag printed out and attached before you leave. Also, make sure Ginger is current on all of her shots (rabies, etc.) and that you have her prescription medications on hand for the entire length of your trip.

Play it safe while in motion. There are a few tips that can be overlooked beforehand, but seem like no brainers after the fact. Before you encounter an entirely avoidable unfortunate situation, observe the following regarding car safety:
First, like babies and small children, pets do not belong in the front seat. Air bags are not designed with them in mind and in the event of an accident, not only are they not protected, they can also be killed by the force of the deployment.

Second, Max may be better off in his crate or carrier. While the go-to place for a dog is usually right out the window (also dangerous, by the way), some smaller dogs find security in the driver’s seat in their mom or dad’s lap or under foot near the pedals. The quickest way to run into trouble is to be unable to turn the steering wheel or hit the brakes because Max is in the way. Besides, Max may simply be more at home in his “home” while traveling – just make sure it is secured in the back and cannot slide around.

Finally, if the crate is out, a body harness should be in. Neck collars provide unique perils to pups in moving vehicles. In the event of an accident or a sudden stop, if you have attached Tiger’s neck collar to anything in the car he can be choked or even strangled.

Comfort is key. We all know how exhausting it can be to sit still for hours and do nothing in a car. Ease this burden by packing Champ’s bowls, his favorite toys/bones and a soft blanket. Make sure you have plenty of fresh, cool water available for him and that you make frequent stops for potty/stretch breaks. Most importantly, never ever leave him alone in the car for any length of time for any reason!

Observe common sense rules of safety and etiquette when you make stops. You know your pet best. Take that knowledge with you when you travel. For example, you know that the minute you open the front door at home, Trixie’s first instinct is to leap out without looking. Translate that to a vehicle: make sure Trixie is buckled in or her collar and leash are attached and someone has a firm hold on her whenever the car door is opened.

Likewise, when you stop for potty breaks at rest stops, gas stations, restaurants, etc., make sure Trixie is never off of her leash. Not only is this the law, but it is also just good common sense. The last thing you need is for Trixie to make a break for it on the side of the highway or attempt to make a new friend with another road warrior stopping for a break who just happens to be deathly afraid of dogs.

Now that we have covered the “how” of traveling with pets, let’s look at the “where!” There are many fabulous destinations that will welcome your whole family, including sweet little Lucy.

Camping Out. For the outdoorsperson in many of us, chestnuts roasting on an open fire are pure heaven. If you are traveling in an RV, you can literally pick anywhere on the map with an RV park and…park. Just observe the above guidelines and any park-specific regulations and you can begin creating holiday vacation experiences to last a lifetime.

For the City Mouse. Luxury has reached new heights in big cities like New York, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New Orleans, Scottsdale and Nashville where select hotels cater specifically to Lady, offering massages, spa treatments, and other amenities for you to enjoy together.

The Great Compromise. Finally, if you have made plans to attend Disney World or Universal Studios over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday, you can still bring Tramp and register him for Day Camp at Disney’s Best Friends Pet Care Facility in Orlando, Florida.

Whether your idea of a vacation is S’mores over a roaring campfire, 5-Star room service, or theme park thrills, there are more pet-friendly options than ever. By putting safety first in your travels, you can ensure magical memories for your whole family this holiday season!

About the Author
Joe Laing is the Marketing Director for El Monte RV Rentals your nationwide source for RV rentals. El Monte RV also sells used motorhomes through eight different locations across the United States. For more information on purchasing a used motorhome see

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Mules Coming and Going


A few words this Wordless Wednesday - this is yours truly learning to drive a 4-up.  That's Molly and Nellie as lead mules;  Frank and Jesse are the wheel team.

Love those dancing mule feet!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One of a Kind Labrador Retriever Dog Jewelry Gifts for People

At For Love of a Dog, we love Labrador Retriever dogs.  In fact, we currently have a yellow Lab, Rudy, who's in training for facility security.  So far, his true talents seem to lie in taste testing dog treats for review on this blog.

At any rate, when I leave home, I like to, sort of, carry my dogs with me close to my heart and dog jewelry makes that easy to do. 

In fact, that's how I got started making dog jewelry for people.  And since Labs are one of our favorite dog breeds, I'd like to share some of my Labrador Retriever dog breed jewelry with you.

The yellow Lab dog lover bracelet shown above is created with true blue lapis lazuli gemstone beads.  Charms include a wonderful hand crafted yellow Lab two dimensional dog charm, a sweet gold heart and gold dog bone.

Here's a similar bracelet with a chocolate Lab and chocolate jasper gemstone beads.
 And here's a black Lab dog lover bracelet with artisan lampwork beads, pink crystal rondelles and black glass dog bones.
 The Retriever dog lover necklace below includes an amazing hand carved dog pendant that I imported from Hong Kong.  I used rainforest jasper and some turquoise colored jasper to create the coordinating necklace.  Truly a one of a kind jewelry piece.
 Fetch more of my unique, handmade dog jewelry for people at For Love of a Dog.  I like to think my love of all things canine shines through my work.  My jewelry makes special gifts for special pet lovers.

Shop online now at   Free shipping!

Missouri Puppy Mills Decline in Number | Fight Ahead

New report from Bob Baker, Executive Director of the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation (MAAL) has good news and bad news.  The good news: Missouri puppy mills have declined dramatically in number.  The bad news:  the puppy mill industry is fighting back.

Since the passage of the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act and with the cooperation from the Missouri Attonrney General's office, standards of care for dogs at commercial breeding facilities have improved.  Dogs now have increased living space, receive an annual veterinarian examination, no longer have to live on wire flooring, and have unfettered access to the outdoors.

In the past three years the number if inspectors of breeding facilities has increased from nine to twenty, including three veterinarians and two investigators.  

The number of inspections conducted by the Missouri Department of Agriculture per year has more than tripled.  

There are at least 50% less dogs in puppy mills in Missouri today than as recently as 2009.  The average number of dogs per mill has also declined as many dog breeders are downsizing due to the new regulations.

Unfortunately, the dog breeders and agricultural interests are fighting back and atenpting to repeal laws not only protecting puppy mill dogs, but all animals.

The Missouri House Appropriations - Agriculture Committee called a special hearing this past September to address the complaints from dog breeders about the new regulations and concerns over the recent closing of over 900 commercial breeders.  

It became clear during this hearing that some legislators are planning to introduce legislation to repeal or seriously weaken the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act in the upcoming legislative session.  Members of the Committee even threaten to weaken the original Animal Care Facilities Act passed in 1992.

On Representative went so far as to vow to eliminate all curre4nt regulations protecting farm animals in retribution for the closure of so many commercial dog breeders.  Meanwhile, another legislator has indicated that he will introduce legislation to eliminate the disposition process for abused and neglected animals.

The upcoming legislative session will be critical as MAAL and other animal advocates fight to continue efforts to protect animals in Missouri.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ruff Guide Travel Book Kickstarter Campaign from

America's leading pet friendly travel website has launched its first Kickstarter campaign, promoting the soon to be released book - Ruff Guide to the United States, featuring 365 of the best places to stay and play with your dog in all 50 states. 

Earlier this year, founder Melissa Halliburton and her dog, Ace, embarked on a 20,000-mile journey across the U.S. in search of the most dog-friendly attractions and accommodations. The book is a compilation of the best of the best and will be released in hard copy and e-book editions in May 2013.

"Kickstarter is the perfect platform for launching our book project because we can offer unique reward experiences to our supporters," says Halliburton, whose company has helped over 10 million dog owners bring their pets on vacation since 2006. Autographed copies of the book and one-of-a-kind themed experiences are among the rewards being offered to backers of the campaign, which runs through Christmas Day. has tailored packages that will make any dog lover jealous. A few lucky dogs will set out on adventures that include kayaking, surfing lessons, skijoring, and jeep and flightseeing tours. A professional photographer will be on hand at each activity to capture the moment for inclusion in the book. 

For less adventurous pooches, rewards include luxury accommodations at top pet-friendly hotels across the country, doggie massages, and even a dog birthday party. For the dog (or dog owner) who seemingly has everything, the "Pupparazi" package includes VIP star treatment for two nights at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, complete with a dog-friendly limo ride. features the world's largest directory of pet-friendly hotels, B&Bs, and vacation rentals. Dog owners traveling with their pets can book directly on the website or call 877-411-FIDO to speak to a pet travel expert. The company, based in South Carolina, can even help customers find pet-friendly attractions, dog events, and restaurants with outdoor seating areas.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rescue Dog Jewelry Christmas Gifts at For Love of a Dog

Most of my own dogs and cats have been rescue animals and I've done my share of volunteering with animal rescue and shelter groups.  Rescue is certainly near and dear to my heart.  That's why I love making dog lover jewelry with rescue and pet adoption as the central theme.
Turquoise Dog Bone Rescue Bracelet
Woof About Rescue Dog Lover Necklace
Adopt Dog Bone Turquoise Bracelet
Rescue Me Black Dog Bracelet
Fetch dog rescue jewelry at For Love of a Dog and you'll find bracelets and necklaces designed to collect compliments and start conversations that can save dogs' lives.

For Love of a Dog supports dog rescue in several ways.  
  • We belong to and support several animal welfare and rescue groups.
  • .We list pet rescue organizations on our shop web site.
  • We promote rescue and adoption events on our Pet Events calendar, as well as here on our Talking Dogs blog.
  • We offer rescue and animal advocacy organizations the opportunity to partner with us for fundraising.
  • We donate some of our handcrafted dog jewelry for rescue fundraising events.
Shop online now at   You'll enjoy free standard shipping with your purchase.  Huge holiday sale is going on now!

Adopt Sandy a Pit Bull Terrier Posing as a Reindeer

Sandy is posing as a reindeer in hopes that Santa will bring her a new family for Christmas.  She's a beautiful tan and white Pit Bull Terrier girl currently living at the Humane Society of Missouri animal shelter in St Louis.  

That's no place to be living at Christmas!  Especially when you're just a baby like Sandy.  She's only 7 months old, so full of that playful puppy dog energy and ready for adventure.  A sweetheart and a lover, she's looking for a lap to cuddle in and a best friend to love.

Take a look at Sandy's adoption video and you'll see what a lovely girl she really is.  If you're looking to add a furry member of your family, consider sweet Sandy.

For more information, call the HSMO at 314-647-8800.  Sandy's ID number is A541318

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Gift Idea: Red Artisan Dog Lover Bracelet

If you're on Santa's Nice list, maybe he'll bring you this beautiful Christmas dog bone bracelet.

Inspired by the dog lover bracelet I created for Rachael Ray, this dog bone bracelet is a sparkling confection.  The focal dog bone is three dimensional and handmade of porcelain.  Fabulous artisan lampwork beads include two different raised flower blossoms and a lovely scroll design, all in festive Christmas red.

Lots of big, fat glittering crystal rondelles and the lampwork beads are hand wired wrapped with silver jeweler's wire to create the bracelet.  More sparkles are added with smaller hot red and ice clear crystal dangles.

Check out that adorable silver dog collar and dog bone toggle clasp.

Perfect for all those holiday parties. A barking good gift for a special dog lover on your holiday shopping gift list.   

Prefer gold?  There's a similar red and white dog bone gold bracelet available.

Fetch more handmade dog lover jewelry at For Love of a Dog.  You'll enjoy free standard shipping and right now both of these bracelets are on sale! 

Shop online now at

Curious about the For Love of a Dog bracelet for Rachael Ray?  Here it is:

Dog Song Saturday: Dogs With Blogs, Do They Know It's Christmas

It's Saturday!  Time for a dog song video at Talking Dogs.  Stop wrapping those gifts for just a few minutes and take a doggie break.  Have a few giggles while you enjoy Dogs With Blogs - Do They Know It's Christmas?

This parody dog video is pretty cute and you'll even discover some very cool dog blogs.  The song is performed by Band-Aid 20 and available on Amazon and iTunes.

And, let's face it.  Since Talking Dogs is a dog blog, this seemed not only festive, but very appropriate!

Grab a dog.  Sit.  Stay.  Relax and enjoy Dogs With Blogs - Do They Know It's Christmas.  Fetch more dog song music videos at Talking Dogs.  And be sure to scroll down below today's featured video to explore some barking good dog blogs in today's Pet Blogger Hop.