Sunday, December 2, 2012

National Mutt Day is December 2

Now here's a holiday I can really appreciate!  

Today is National Mutt Day!

National Mutt Day is a day to celebrate the many wonderful attributes of mixed breed dogs and facilitate their adoption from shelters.  It was created by pet lifestyle expert and animal welfare advocate, Colleen Paige and sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation. 

At Talking Dogs, we'll be celebrating with our mutt, Jeffie.  He's a Golden Retriever and Border Collie mixed breed dog we adopted from Dogwood Animal Shelter.

Here are just a few suggestions for your celebration of National Mutt Day:
  • Adopt a Mutt from your local shelter or rescue organization.  
  • Volunteer at your local shelter - walk or play with some mutts.
  • Have a National Mutt Day party and invite all your friends and their dogs.
  • Join the National Mutt Day Facebook page and post photos of your Mutt.
  • Spend some quality time with your mutt - take a walk, play with a new toy, try some new dog treats.
  • Fetch for more ideas

The best way to celebrate National Mutt Day?  
Love your Mutt!


  1. Oh boy a holiday just fur me! Yes, me Gizmo iz a mutt and a proud one! *muttsnoogles* to all!

    1. P.S. Mom linked to this post over on my blog today

  2. Oh no we wish we had known more about this sooner. Of course every day is our mutt Norbert's day

    urban hounds


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