Sunday, December 30, 2012

Save a Life by Fostering a Dog

On Sundays we usually feature dogs that are available for adoption.  However, adopting a dog from an animal shelter is not the only way to save lives.

A dog in foster care has a much better chance of finding a forever home.  That dog will learn more social skills without the stress that comes with shelter conditions.  

The video below features West Side German Shepherd Rescue, but what their foster families have to say about how important it is to take dogs out of an animal shelter setting and get them into homes, is universally true.


  1. Hopefully more people foster dogs in 2013!

  2. My cottage is very small & I don't have a fenced yard so it's hard, but I'm trying to work things out so I can start fostering again this year

  3. Thanks Sue for reminding people that fostering dogs (or cats) is one of the greatest kindnesses a person can do. There is nothing quite like the joy of being responsible for a dog adoption, knowing that because you cared enough to make room in your life for a dog, they find a second chance with a loving family. So rewarding!


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