Sunday, December 16, 2012

Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays Video

On Sundays we usually feature adoptable dogs here on the Talking Dogs blog.  Today, in a way, we're featuring all dogs currently in animal shelters who are hoping for a forever home.   

If you're planning to add a canine family member, please consider adopting a shelter or rescue dog.  If you can't adopt, please think about fostering a lonely dog for the holidays.

The video, Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays 2012 was produced by Paws New England (PAWs)  PAWs and 13,000 other rescue organizations are participating in PetFinder's "Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays" initiativeFind a participating shelter or rescue organization near you.

Working together we can empty the nation's shelters this holiday season.


  1. Thought this was a super idea, went to look for my local participating shelter, but sadly there's none close...Instead we're going to put together a SantaPaws package and bring it by for the pups who are still waiting

    1. None near me either :-( We'll be sending the green stuff to some of our favorite shelters.

  2. Hi Y'all,

    Quick note before computer freezes again! Found out it's the hard drive and trying to nurse it 'til after Feb. Sorry not commenting more often, but trying to read what I can from reader. Not even able to keep up with email.

    Thank you for visitin'! I'll be by as soon as I can!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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