Friday, December 28, 2012

Dog Days by Elsa Watson Book Give-away

If you read my Talking Dogs book review of The Love Dog by Elsa Watson, then you know that today we're launching a giveaway of her book Dog Days.  

In Dog Days, café owner Jessica Sheldon’s fear of canines hardly makes her a dog person. After the incident in her café the year before in which a dog almost destroyed her café, she’s been labeled the “dog hater” of Madrona, a town that’s famous for its annual dog festival, Woofinstock. 

Her life takes a turn at the start of Woofinstock when she rescues Zoë, a white German shepherd who can’t find her way home. When both Jessica and Zoë are struck by lightning in the town square, the unbelievable happens—the two switch bodies.

You can even watch a Dog Days book trailer at Elsa Watson's author site.

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  1. My favorite book is "What the Dog Ate" by Jackie Bouchard

  2. My favorite dog book changes the more I read...Right now it's "Following Atticus" which I recommend highly.

  3. What's my favorite dog book? Mine! The one that I haven't written yet. :-)

  4. My favorite dog book is anything James Herriot wrote. Love him!

  5. Oh gosh, just one? I agree with Roxy, the James Herriot books are awesome. Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't say my book, Dieting with my Dog!

  6. Good Dogs Doing Good is my favorite dog book.

  7. I like "The Other End Of The Leash". Very good and informative.


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