Missouri Puppy Mills

Photo courtesy HSUS  
If you're reading the Talking Dogs blog, you're a dog lover.  Like me.  And, like me, you probably find it hard to comprehend any dog living its whole entire life in a small wire cage.  No room to stretch out.  Feet getting caught in the wire grid of the cage.  No human companionship.  No toys.  Being exposed to weather extremes with little or no shelter.  Dodging the rain of urine and feces from other dogs cages stacked above.  Surgical procedures performed by people with no vet training.  This is life for a breeding dog living in a puppy mill.

Puppy mills have been around for a long time.  They exist for one simple reason:  economics.  

I currently live in Missouri which is known as the Puppy Mill Capitol.  Its estimated that over 200,000 dogs live, in conditions like I described above, in my state.  On this page I plan to gather handy links to my previous (and future) blog posts about Missouri Puppy Mills.  Topics include:  MO Prop B, puppy mill rescues, USDA and HSUS reports, and more.

Why am I doing this?  Because I want you to be aware of the ugly truths about puppy mills and join the movement to stop them.

As an introduction, fetch one of our Dog Song Saturday blog posts:  The Puppy Mill Song - A State of Misery.  

Just the Facts

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