Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Victory! MO Prop B Puppy Mill Legislation Passes!

Jeffie is celebrating
the passage of MO Prop B
Exclamation points seem appropriate!  Missouri Prop B - the puppy mill cruelty prevention bill - passed! 

Albeit by a skinny margin.  51.5% of Missouri voters said yes to Prop B.  48.5% said no.  There were about 60,000 more yes votes than no votes our of approximately 1.9 million votes cast. 

Prop B gained majorities in only 11 Missouri counties and the City of St Louis.  Of those eleven there were two in the Bootheel area and the other nine were in the St Louis, Kansas City and St Joseph areas.  Thank you, city folks!

Here in For Love of a Dog's own county the measure was defeated soundly.  Yes votes totaled just over 3,000;  no votes at almost 9.000.  We wish we could say we were surprised. 

Unfortunately, passage of Prop B does not mean that dog lovers in Missouri can rest easy.  Now comes the hard part:  enforcement.

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