Monday, November 22, 2010

Save 500 Gulf Region Dogs and Cats with the Click of your Mouse

As a member of the DogTime Blog Network, from time to time I'm asked to write about a specific topic which always has to do with animal welfare.  Today it gives me great pleasure to draw your attention to an extraordinary project that DogTime has undertaken.

The Gulf region of our country has been in the news for months now as our nation witnesses the largest oil spill in our history.  And this is not the first time Talking Dogs has blogged about this issue.  We learn more every day about the consequences of this tragedy, including its impact on the local economies of that area.  So many people are now out of work, losing their homes, and wondering how to simply get by.

When people cannot feed and clothe themselves, keep a roof over their head, and take care of their children, often pets bear a part of the hardship.  Today record numbers of pets are being surrendered to local shelters. Because these facilities are at maximum capacity, some animals will spend days or weeks in a lonely kennel.  They must endure the trama of losing their families and all too often face euthanasia.

For 500 of those at-risk pets, DogTime plans to ensure a happier fate. DogTime is hoping to help these local shelters by providing food, technology resources, and transportation resources so these pets can find their forever home.  If you haven't already heard, Pepsi is giving away over $1,000,000 this year to fund great causes through their Pepsi Refresh Project.  DogTime has entered the contest for the month of November.

It's ridiculously easy to help them accomplish this.  All you have to do is vote to support the DogTime project to save 500 Gulf area dogs and cats.  Vote here:

You can quickly and easily sign in through Facebook Connect or just as easily create your personal login.

Please note: You can vote EVERY DAY for 10 different projects in the contest.

It just takes a few minutes and a couple clicks of your mouse.  Be a part of positive change in the Gulf region and help to save the lives of 500 dogs and cats.  Vote now!

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