Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dog Book: Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love by Larry Levin

Awhile back I was fortunate to catch an episode of Oprah - the one when she had Oogy and his family on to talk about his life.  Now Larry Levin has written his story in Oogy:   The Dog Only a Family Could Love. This would make a great Christmas gift for any dog lover.

As a puppy, Oogy was used as bait for dog fighting dogs.  Though he survived mindboggling brutality, he has scar tissue coering the left side of his face and he is missing an ear.  He was barely alive when rescued during a dog fighting police raid.  In spite of his start in life, he maintains a gentle, forgiving nature and the inner beauty inherent in canines. 

Referring to emotionally scarred people, author Levin says:  If this dog can go through the hell hre did and emerge capable of giving and generating as much love as he does, so can they."

I'm reminded of the quotation:  To err is human;  to forgive is canine.  Oogy and his story can teach all of us much in the way we cope, heal, forgive, and, of course, love.

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