Saturday, November 20, 2010

Missouri Puppy Mill Laws and Prop B Repeal

Lucy doesn't think much of
the Missouri Farm Bureau and
MO Lawmakers who want to repeal
the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act
 Here's what is currently legal for commercial puppy breeders in Missouri:
  • It is legal to keep a breeding dog in a wire cage six inches longer than her body.
  • It is legal keep that breeding dog confined in that cage for her entire life .
  • It is legal to allow that breeding dog to be outside during the extremes of winter.
  • It is legal to allow animals in cages stacked above to defecate on the animals below .
  • It is legal to never call on a veterinarian to examine an animal. 
  • It is legal to abandon or kill dogs once they are no longer wanted.  
The Missouri Farm Bureau and the Alliance for Truth thinks such standards for dogs are just fine.

The majority of Missouri voters disagree and approved Proposition B on November 2.  The measure, which calls for dog breeders to provide more humane conditions for dogs, passed on Tuesday by 61,000 votes, or a 51.6 percent margin.  Now some Republican lawmakers are trying to undo the will of the people.

Obviously, some Missouri lawmakers care neither about dogs nor democracy.


  1. Actually Republican and Democratic lawmakers. Ed Schieffer is Democrat and he's been talking about repealing the measure. This is agriculture, fighting back. Special interests that transcends party membership.

  2. Good catch, I stand corrected.


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