Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mardi Growl Ball Feb 12 KCMO

Save the date!
Feb 12 - Mardi Growl Ball - Kansas City, MO

This is the largest fundraiser for the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation and sure to be a lot of fun. Proceeds will fund MAAL's legislative activities in Jefferson City throughout the session. The Mardi Growl Maskgrrrade Ball promises to be a great evening of fun, food and lots of auction opportunities. Bring your own mask or take advantage of the opportunity to purchase one at the event.

For more information visit the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation website.

Missouri is the puppy mill capital of the world and there's a lot of work to be done on behalf of animals here. Thanks to MAAL for working so hard to make life better for all of us.

Tucker at For Love of a Dog Jewelry

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pit Bull PR BAD RAP Fundraiser

While I can't say I've ever wanted to live in California, these San Francisco Bay area folks are really something wonderful. This morning I had a message from BAD RAP about an incredible program.

Pet Food Express has been helping BAD RAP re-shape the image of American Pit Bull Terriers every day of the week for the last two and a half years. They've been doing it by giving customers a blast of adopted pit bull faces on posters that hang on walls and windows in stores around the San Francisco Bay area. These posters are HUGE and they grab everyone who walks in or by the store.

Right now BAD RAP is issuing a call for fresh faces. If you live in the bay area and are interested in adding your dog's portrait to this fun collection, here's your chance. Pet Food Express is lining up fresh talent to showcase bay area pit bulls while they help BAD RAP with our barn-raising. How does it work? When you donate $250 to BAD RAP, Pet Food Express will have your dog's photo taken by a professional photographer, blown up to a giant-sized poster and placed in your favorite PFE store. AND THEN they will match your donation and give $500 to BAD RAP for their new shelter barn.

Visit the BAD RAP website to see some of these beautiful posters and learn more about this fundraiser. And if you're a bully owner in the bay area, wouldn't your sweetie look fantastic on one of these?

Woof! Woof!
Tucker at For Love of a Dog

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from For Love of a Dog

Merry Christmas from all of us at For Love of a Dog
{from left) Jeffie, Lucy, Tucker, plus Skeeter & Isabel, the cats; Ditty & Cakes, the horses; Sue & Gary, the humans

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dreaming of Dogs & Shelter Gifts

"I dreamed of dogs last night. They sat in a circle and looked at me and I wanted all of them." John Steinbeck

I think of this quotation a lot. Or rather it comes to me unbidden. I do want them all. All of the dogs. All of the dogs who do not have a forever home. All of the dogs suffering mistreatment and abuse. All of the unwanted dogs. I want them. All.

However, as comedian Steven Wright said: "You can't have everything. Where would you put it?"

Ain't that the truth! Not to mention if I had them all you'd probably be reading about me in the news... another crazy lady with too many dogs. So, I do what I can, including throughout the year For Love of a Dog profits are used to provide support to local shelters, the Humane Society of the United States, and the Humane Society of Missouri.

This year we did something a bit different. Tucker, Lucy and Jeffie pooled their paychecks and bought beautiful new collars and leashes for the victims of that huge dog fighting raid conducted a few months ago. Perhaps they'll add a bit of fashion style and bling to a dog now waiting for his new people. Especially black dogs (says Tucker). And add a bit of Christmas cheer for some furry souls.

Economic times are hard and a lot of us don't have much cash to throw around. However, it's easy to still make a big difference. Many animal shelters and rescue groups need things like newspaper, towels and blankets, bleach, paper towels. Low cost (or free) items. They also need folks to walk and socialize dogs. Again, free. Need more ideas? Check with your local shelter or rescue group; they'll have lots of ideas and be glad to hear from you.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Decoration Danger for Pets

I don't know about you, but we go pretty crazy at Christmas time with decorations. It's our favorite time of year, but also can be a dangerous time of year for pets. Some of our beloved yuletime traditions can be hazardous to our furry friends.

Here are a few cautions from the ASPCA:
  • Lillies are commonly used in holiday floral arrangements, but many varieties - including Tiger, Asian, Japanese Show, Stargazer and the Casablanca - can cause kidney failure in cats if ingested.
  • Bag the boughs of holly and live mistletoe. Sure, they add a nice touch to your holiday d├ęcor, but holly can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy if eaten by your pet. And should he sample mistletoe, he could suffer gastrointestinal upset and cardiovascular problems. Opt for just-as-jolly artificial plants made from silk or plastic.
  • Christmas tree water may contain fertilizers that can cause stomach upset. Stagnant tree water is a breeding ground for bacteria—and your pet could end up with nausea or diarrhea should he imbibe.

If you suspect that your animal companion has eaten a potentially toxic substance, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s emergency hotline at (888) 426-4435 for round-the-clock telephone assistance.

Be merry, but be safe, too.

Woof! from Tucker at For Love of a Dog

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sponsor a Formerly Chained Dog for Christmas

Do you want your holiday gift giving to be about something important this year? Sponsor a formerly Chained Dog or Penned Dog, and you or your loved one will receive a personalized gift letter with a picture of your sponsored foster dog and his/her story.

Give a formerly chained or penned foster dog a taste of first-ever Holiday Cheer! As one of Dogs Deserve Better's most beloved campaigns, the annual Sponsor a Fostered Dog program has reached out and touched many a Holiday heart and home.

Just choose one of their special boys or girls and with your donation or gift box sent directly to them, you can ensure that one life is now not only safe from harm, but happy, beloved, and spoiled (as they deserve to be!. Your sponsor gift may also provide food, housing and veterinary care for Dogs Deserve Better foster dogs throughout the U.S. in the upcoming year, and help teach others about the plight of the chained dogs who are left to languish in the back yard. Plus any sponsor donations over $25 will receive a FREE 2010 Dogs Deserve Better Calendar (an $11 value).

DOGS DESERVE BETTER is a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our 'best friend' into the home and family. Dogs Deserve Better, 2003 First Place Winner of the ASPCA/Chase Pet Protector Award, is a voice for chained and penned dogs, whose sadness speaks only through the eyes. As the days become years, many of these dogs sit, lay, eat, and defecate within the same 10-foot radius. Chained by the neck, they exist without respect, love, exercise, social interaction, and sometimes even basic nourishment. Find our more about Dogs Deserve Better and what you can do to help.

A big WOOF to the fabulous folks at Dogs Deserve Better!
Tucker at For Love of a Dog

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dog Lover Jewelry Gifts with Free Shipping

Worried about ordering online and your packaged being delivered in time for Christmas? There's still time!

For Love of a Dog is offering FREE shipping via USPS Priority Mail on all orders totaling $35 or more. And we ship within less than 24 hours of receiving payment. If your order totals less than $35 you can purchase a shipping upgrade for only $3. Perfect dog lover gifts with fast free shipping!

Shop For Love of a Dog jewelry gifts for one of a kind, handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings, dog breed ornaments and more that are sure to please any dog lover, cat lover, or equestrian on your Christmas gift list. Holiday sale on Christmas dog ornaments, select necklaces and earrings in progress now.

Happy Holidays from For Love of a Dog!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Harley Davidson Bike Fundraiser for BADRAP Pit Bulls

You don't even have to be good for Santa to bring you this Harley Davidson SuckerPunch Sally Swinger motocycle. All you have to do is bid! And the best part is that your money will be going to help Pit Bulls!

This sweet ride is up for auction and every penny that's raised from the sale is going to be poured right into the BADRAP Barn Project so they can help homeless pit bulls in 2010 and beyond. BADRAP is a non-profit organization that works to help homeless and victimized pit bulls and pit bull mixes. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this bike will be going to help BADRAP build a halfway house for pit bulls. You probably have read about their work with the Vick dogs.

Bravo to the pit bull loving anonymous donor who decided to let go of his precious Sally so that some good dogs could get a second chance. The auction ends on Monday, December 14th. I just checked and right now the reserve had not been met. If the bike doesn't sell this time around, they'll try another auction, so spread the world.

The Sucker Punch Sally Swinger is a modern suspension bike done in the tradition of a mid 1950's Harley Davidson FL; low stance, big fat fenders, spoked wheels and custom pinstriping. The Swinger is powered by an 88 cubic inch RevTech V-Twin with a 2-into-1 exhaust for easy cruising, channeling power through a 3 inch belt driven primary and a Baker 6 speed transmission. The Swinger features Harley Davidson controls and a 4.2 gallon split tank for long highway rides. The bike currently has 905 plus miles on it. The only minor defect is a little discoloration of the exhaust pipe. Other than that, it is flawless. There are lots of photos and more information in the eBay auction description.
Woof! Tucker at For Love of a Dog

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Cold Weather Tips for Pets from the Humane Society of Missouri

Don't forget your pets now that cold weather is here. Remember that they have to endure the same bitter temperatures as we do. Pets rely on us to help them stay warm when the weather is cold. Here are a few tips to keep Fluffy and Fido safe during the cold days of winter.

Bring your pet inside: Don't leave your pet outside in the cold for long periods of time. Wind chill makes the air colder than actual temperature readings. Be attentive to your pet's body temperature and limit time outdoors, especially to prevent frostbite on ears, tail and feet. If you run with your dog, be attentive to cold paws and leave Fido at home if it gets too cold.

Provide adequate shelter: If your dog lives outdoors, you must provide a well-insulated and draft-free doghouse. The opening should face south with a sturdy, flexible covering to prevent icy winds from entering. Keep straw (NOT hay) inside the doghouse. Avoid towels and blankets which can easily dampen and make the space colder.

Beware of antifreeze and rock salt: Antifreeze, which often collects on driveways and roadways, is highly poisonous. Although it smells and tastes good to your pet, it is lethal. If you suspect your pet has ingested antifreeze, contact your veterinarian immediately! Rock salt, used to melt ice on sidewalks, can irritate footpads. Be sure to rinse and dry your pet's feet after being outside.

Dry off wet pets: Towel or blow-dry your pet if he gets wet from rain or snow. It is important to dry and clean his paws to prevent tiny cuts and cracked pads.

Provide plenty of food and water: It takes more energy in the winter to keep body temperature regulated, so your pet needs additional calories if he spends a lot of time outdoors or is a working animal. Also, provide plenty of fresh water. Your pet is just as likely to get dehydrated in the winter as in the summer. Snow is not a substitute for water. And, remember that water can freeze if kept in a bowl outside.

Carefully keep pets warm inside: Keep your pets warm, dry and away from drafts while inside. Tiles and uncarpeted areas might become very cold, so place blankets and pads on floors in these areas. Be careful of supplemental heat sources. Make sure all fireplaces have screens and keep portable heaters out of reach.

Groom regularly: Your pet needs a well-groomed coat to keep him properly insulated. Short or coarse-haired dogs might get extra cold so consider a sweater or a coat. Long-haired dogs should have their paw hair clipped to ease snow removal and the cleaning of their feet.

Woof! Tucker at For Love of a Dog

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Multi State Dog Fighting Ring Sentencing News

An update from the Humane Society of Missouri:

As you'll remember, on July 8, 2009 a multi-state federal dog fighting raid resulted in the rescue of more than 500 fighting dogs. Federal agents made 26 arrests and dogs were rescued in 8 states. This rescue operation was the largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history. The Humane Society of Missouri participated in the 18-month investigation and led the subsequent rescue and shelter operations, working in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Office of the Inspector General, the U.S. Marshals Service and the United States Attorneys in the Eastern and Western Districts of Missouri and the Southern Illinois District.

On Tuesday, December 8, 2009, noting the torture inflicted by people who train dogs to maim other dogs because that’s where the money is today, the Honorable Carol E. Jackson, United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Missouri, sentenced four of the defendants in the largest dog fighting case in U.S. history to terms in federal prison ranging from 12 months and one day to 18 months. Judge Jackson stated the crimes these defendants committed rose to the level of “extraordinary cruelty” warranting sentences which would be a “deterrence to the defendants and the community.”

Although these sentences significantly exceed current federal sentencing guidelines and we applaud Judge Jackson for imposing them. The Humane Society of Missouri believes federal and state dog fighting penalties and sentences should be strengthened to reflect the very serious nature of this heinous crime. In the coming weeks and months, they will be working to help convince those responsible to increase the penalties for dog fighting, both on the state and federal levels.

At For Love of a Dog we're contacting our state and federal elected officials to demand stronger penalties for dog fighting and animal cruelty. Please consider doing the same.

Woof! Tucker

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dog Ornaments on Sale Now

Perfect for your Christmas tree or to display year round, these artisan sculpture dog breed ornaments are fabulous. Entirely handmade and true to dog breed standards. A fantastic gift for that dog lover on your holiday shopping list. From Afghan and Boxer dogs to Visla and Yorkshire Terrier dogs and in between. For Love of a Dog has that special handcrafted dog lover gift.

Hurry for best selection. These dog breed ornaments are on sale now. Originally $25, they're now reduced to $20 and include free shipping.

Shop at For Love of a Dog Jewelry with a 10% new customer discount by entering FLDNEW during checkout. Free shipping and a sweet gift box, too. A howling good deal.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dog Lover Ornaments Necklaces Earrings on Sale Now

Do you have a dog lover on your Christmas gift shopping list? It's easy to find wonderful surprises for any dog lover, the hard part is choosing from wide variety of special doggy things available.

Why settle for the ordinary when you could select a handmade original from For Love of a Dog jewelry and gift offerings. And, right, now original artisan dog breed ornaments, dog lover necklaces and earrings are on sale. Free shipping in cute gift boxes, too.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pits Bulls, Dog Fighting, Time Magazine

What do Pit Bulls, dog fighting and Time magazine have in common? Well, pick up the most recent issue of Time Magazine and find out. You'll see a former fighter who's become a model for Time magazine.

According to the Humane Society of Missouri, Fay is a five year old Pit Bull and is an appropriate "face" for what some call the sport of dog fighting. Fay has no upper or lower lips, probably mangled from numerous fights and eventually sliced off by her owner. The side and top of her nose are missing, also the result of dog fights. Her head, legs, shoulders and face have many dog bite scars. When not forced to fight, she lived hidden, deep in the woods at the end of a 10 foot, 30 pound log chain, with rancid rain water to drink and a dilapidated doghuse for shelter.

Fay and 25 of the more than 500 Pit Bull Terriers rescued by the Humane Society of Missouri in the largest dog fighting raid and rescue in US history are featured in the current issue of Time magazine. Their story is one of spirit overcoming horrible abuse with the help of many people including staff and volunteers of the Humane Society of Missouri.

There are thousands more dog fighting victims who desperately need to be rescued from lives of pain, torture and deprivation.
Visit the Humane Society of Missouri for ways you can help.


Tucker, a lover not a fighter at For Love of a Dog Jewelry

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pharm Assistance Dog Program in Missouri

It's rare for me to be able to report good news about dogs in Missouri. So, my tail is really wagging right now.

I'm barking about the PHARM Dog program. PHARM stands for Pets Helping Agriculture in Rural Missouri. These folks pair farmers with disabilities with dogs who can assist with various tasks around the farm, such as herding livestock, opening gates, carrying buckets or tools.

A new program, they're just this year placing the first assistance dogs with farmers. A three year old Border Collie was the first and he now helps herd sheep and cattle on a northern Missouri farm for a farmer disabled in an accident. That farmer has agreed to give back to the PHARM program by raising a puppy for another farmer.

According to Jackie Allenbrand, a specialist with the Missouri AgrAbility Project and the founder of PHARM, the goal is to help farmers maintain their independance, and continue their ability to productively farm their land. Want to help? PHARM can use dogs, dog trainers, donated puppies and volunteer puppy raisers. They could also use donations of dog food and venterinary medical supplies.

For more information on the PHARM Dog program contact Jackie Allenbrand at 816-279-8558 ext 1026. Visit the Missouri AgrAbility Project on the web.

Head of Security, For Love of a Dog

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

At For Love of a Dog we believe your jewelry should be just as unique as your special pet. The Yorkshire Terrier dog breed bracelet shown above is a great example. Attention getting scarlet red coral, sterling silver, a dog bone charm, and a fabulous handmade Yorkie dog sculpture. This piece of dog breed jewelry is sure to inspire compliments and start some wonderful conversations.

Check out our other Yorkshire Terrier dog breed necklaces, bracelets and Christmas ornaments. We specialize in handcrafted dog, cat and horse lover necklaces, bracelets, pin, earrings and gifts. Made by dog lovers for dog lover in our Missouri Ozarks studio.

Works of Arf Benefit for MAAL Dec 6

Works of Arf - Fine Art MAAL Benefit

3rd Annual Benefit for the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation
December 6, 2009, 6:00-9:00pm at Framations Art Gallery in St. Charles, MO

Meet & greet with the artists * Live acoustic music * Dessert bar * Silent auctions * Door prizes

for more infomation call 314-342-6090 or visit MAAL online.

For Love of a Dog supports MAAL

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

West Highland Terrier Dog Jewelry Gifts

My best friend Judy had a Skye Terrier dog for several years. The sun rose and set with that dog and it could do no wrong. Then Judy's husband convinced her to get a Westie as a companion. Oh my! Judy's head was turned in a major way. She, nor anyone else, could resist the little white imp.

I hope my own love for this wonderful dog breed shows in my West Highland White Terrier dog breed jewelry. Shown above is one of our handcrafted For Love of a Dog jewelry pieces dedicated to the Westie. This West Highland White Terrier dog breed necklace showcases one of our little dog sculptures, a Westie, of course. In this dog necklace I've combined it with rose pink rhodonite gemstones including a nice fat heart, plus nice natural white marble. Pink not your color, then take a look at our other Westie necklaces.
For Love of a Dog jewelry is always handcrafted, always unique and one of a kind. Thoughtful, cherished dog lover gifts!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Visla Dog Breed Ornament

If your heart belongs to a Visla, how can your Christmas tree be complete without this unique handcrafted Visla dog breed ornament. Entirely handmade beginning with a hand carved sculpture, it is not a flat cutout and is three dimensional. So beautiful that when the holidays are over and gone, you'll find a place to display this fabulous piece of dog art.

Shopt at For Love of a Dog for handcrafted dog breed jewelry and gifts and receive a new customer discount of 10% off your entire order, plus free shipping. Simply use this discount coupon code FLDNEW during checkout. Always unique and handcrafted, made by dog lovers.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tibetan Spaniel Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

For Love of a Dog offers handcrafted dog breed jewelry necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins, and ornaments. Among the dog breeds offered is the Tibetan Spaniel. Shown above is a Tibetan Spaniel dog breed necklace with a wonderful artisan dog sculpture pendant. Here I've combined it with smoky quartz gemstones and gold.
Shop at For Love of a Dog Jewelry with a new customer discount code FLDNEW for 10% off your entire order, plus free standard shipping. Unique, one of a kind jewelry for dog lovers.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pit Bull Dog Breed Pin Brooch Gift

One of my favorites quotations is from Joe Gores who said: Old age means realizing you will never own all the dogs you wanted to. I live with the growing knowledge that is all too true. The longer I live, the more dogs I meet. The more dog breed jewelry I create, the more dog breeds I become familiar with. My list of dogs that I want to add to our family just keeps growing. The Staffordshire Terrier, or Pit Bull, is definitely in the top five on that list and there's no doubt in my mind that some day there will be a bully in our critter crew.

I don't even have a Pit Bull, yet I wear one of my own Staffordshire Terrier Pit Bull dog breed pins quite frequently. It's a great conversation starter to do my bit at increasing awareness that this dog breed is the victim of myth and misnomer. That's photo of our artisan sculpture pin above. Gorgeous three dimensional detail, if I do say so myself.

If you have a Pit Bull dog lover on your holiday shopping list, this would be a unique, rare, thoughtful gift. If you're involved in bully rescue, this is a fantastic way to show your support for these fabulous dogs.
If you look at the little photo here on this blog that is my ID photo, you'll see me on a swingset glider with my grandpa's dog, Dinkle. Dinkle was a Staffordshire Terrier, my boon companion, and a pretty wonderful babysitter.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Swiss Mountain Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

We don't know any dog lovers that don't like dog breed jewelry. It's such a great way to wear your beloved pet and a symbol of your love for dogs. If a Swissy has captured your heart, be sure to check out the Swiss Mountain Dog jewelry at For Love of a Dog. Unique and one of a kind is our specialty. All of our dog necklaces, bracelets, earrings, gifts are handcrafted right here in our studio in the Missouri Ozarks.

Shown above is a Swiss Mountain Dog breed bracelet featuring an art sculpture Swissy charm, red jasper heart and black gemstone beads with sterling silver. Of course, there's a dog bone charm, too. Why settle for the ordinary when you could be wearing an extraordinary piece of dog jewelry.

BAD RAP Anniversary Celebration

BAD RAP's 10 Year Anniversary - History is Made Celebration
Photo Exhibit and Band Concert
December 5, 2009
6 - 10 pm at the Takara Saki Factory in Berkeley, CA.

BAD RAP has invited several renowned photographers to show their work in a ONE NIGHT ONLY exhibit that captures some of the best media moments in pit bull history.

OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY! As part of their ten year retrospective, photos of BADRAP dogs and their caretakers captured by some of the country's most talented photographers will be on display for one night only. These images have been widely published in newspapers and magazines as the world is introduced to a more compassionate view of pit bulls. Many will be available for sale at the event, in time for your holiday giving. Contributing artists:
Carol Guzy's Washington Post series, Shelter for the Scarred,
AP photog Eric Risberg's collection of Vick dog photos,
AP photog Jeff Chiu's Missouri bust dog series
and many others.

Many of the framed photos will be available for sale at affordable prices, ready to take home with you at the end of the night. Bring your gift giving allowance!

Meet some of BADRAP's dogs and score a dog-signed copy of 'the' Sports Illustrated. Good company, great art, complimentary sake tasting. AND at 8:30pm, the woman who is owned by the one and only Jonny Justice takes the stage with her upright bass to belt out tunes with SF darlings, Thee Merry Widows.

This is a Dress Your Best event. No dogs please, but supervised kids are welcome.

BADRAP is a small and busy non-profit organization of pit bull owners, trainers, educators, rescuers, and supporters. BAD RAP evolved out of a desire to respond to the difficult issues facing this misunderstood breed. Visit their website for more information about this event, as well as their ongoing programs. Be sure to take a look at the Michael Vick dogs who are now ready for adoption.

Though we can't travel to California to attend, all of us at For Love of a Dog Jewelry will be celebrating with BADRAP in spirit. What a howling good job they do!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Siberian Husky Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

Right now at For Love of a Dog we have two fantastic gift ideas for any dog lover on your holiday shopping list who is crazy about a Siberian Husky. How about a handmade artisan sculpture Siberian Husky dog Christmas ornament. Fabulous details and true to breed standards. It's shown above. What you may not be able to tell in the picture are the carving details. This ornament is not just a flat cut out, it has some wonderful dimenstion to it. Or if you would rather wear your dog close to your heart, how about a Siberian Husky dog breed pin. They're both fantastic pieces of handcrafted dog art and would make thoughtful gifts any dog lover would cherish.

Shop the handcrafted animal art jewelry at For Love of a Dog with a new customer discount of 10% off your entire order plus free standard shipping. Simply use this discount coupon code FLDNEW during checkout.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shih Tzu Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

Dog breed jewelry always makes a great dog lover gift, especially at Christmas. Is there someone on your holiday shopping list who is owned by a Shih Tzu? If so, check out the Shih Tzu dog breed jewelry at For Love of a Dog. There's a Shih Tzu dog breed Christmas ornament, too.

Shown above is a pendant on one of the Shih Tzu dog breed necklaces now available. Adorable handmade Shih Tzu sculpture is true to dog breed standards and oh, so cute. Necklace is handcrafted with marble gemstone beads and coffee colored crystals. A unique and one of a kind piece of dog jewelry only available at For Love of a Dog.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Dog Discrimination

I'm a country dog. I was born a country dog in Virginia. I'm still a country dog here in Missouri. I figure I'll go to the rainbow bridge a country dog. Other than vacations, I've never been in a city (I don't count small towns where the vet's office always is) and these days I figure I'm awfully lucky. I have a huge fenced yard of about about an acre to play in and patrol and nobody has ever said a word about my size. I guess I forgot to say I'm a big country dog. Since I weigh about 70 pounds, by some standards I'm a very big dog.

At least I'd say so after hearing about New York City. Did you know that New York City just enacted a new policy about the size of dogs. Effective this past May, people living in public housing can't have a dog that weighs more than 25 pounds. People are having to find new housing or surrender their dogs to shelters. There are over 175,000 public housing units in New York City.

Now, I guess I understand that landlords anywhere can decide if pets are allowed to live in their property, as well as how big those pets can be. I mean, this is America (you know what I mean.) But what I heard is that this was a move by New York City to target what they call dangerous dogs. Yeah, you know, pit bulls, dobermans and rottweilers.

Dangerous dogs. I've got news for New York City. I've met some dogs under 25 pounds who were dog gone dangerous. It doesn't have to do with the breed of the dog. It's the owner of the dog. It's the dog's people. How many ways can I say this? If people shirk their responsibility to socialize and train their dogs, it's the dogs who suffer. Always. It's not their fault and it has nothing to do with their breed. How many dogs will have to die in a shelter because New York City public housing officials don't know the difference between a pit bull, doberman, rottweiler and a dangerous dog.

Besides, I bet New York City is full of dangerous people. A lot more dangerous people than dangerous dogs. And I think some of them are making the rules for public housing.

Head of Security, For Love of a Dog

Basenji Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

As you all know, I work at For Love of a Dog Jewelry as the head of the Security Department. I've been at this job pretty much my whole life, so I woof from years of experience. My motto has always been to bark softly and carry a big stick. To tell you the truth, I'm not much of a barker at all. What is the point of all that yapping? (Jeffie, you know who I'm woofing about here) Anyway, the Basenji dog breed is definitely one of my favorites. No senseless barking!

If you love a Basenji or know someone who does, you really should fetch this Basenji dog breed pin for them for Christmas. Like the other dog breed pins at For Love of a Dog Jewelry, this is entirely handmade and true to dog breed standards. And this Basenji dog is really quite handsome. If your dog lover friend is not a pin wearer, how about a Basenji dog breed bracelet. It's handcrafted, too, and dog gone pretty.

Why settle for something made in China when you can have dog jewelry made by an artist right here in the Missouri Ozarks! All of our jewelry is made by dog lovers for dog lovers.

Head of Security, For Love of a Dog

Monday, November 16, 2009

Chinese Crested Dog Jewelry Gifts

Now I consider myself a nudist since I run around with no clothes 99% of the time. Frankly, I only need a coat or aweater if there's a freak blizzard or something. Why? because I am furry. And when I say I'm furry, I mean really very furry. Mama says it's the Chow Chow in my background. Whatever it is, suffice it to say that even naked, I'm covered if you know what I mean.

However, get a load of this dog breed! Until I saw a Chinese Crested dog, I guess I didn't know what naked really meant!

If your person wears jewelry, you've just got to give Santa Paws a nudge to check out this barkalicious pin from For Love of a Dog. Woof! It is entirely made by hand begining with a hand carved sculpture, then a mold is made and these sweet babies are handcast, finished, and air brushed. This Chinese Crested dog pin is very three dimensional and true to AKC and UKC dog breed standards. Did I mention that it's howling good beautiful, too.

Check out the dog lovers jewelry at For Love of a Dog. They've got dog breed jewelry, cat jewelry, horse jewelry, and even mutt jewelry. My real favorites all include dog bones, of course!

Head of Security, For Love of a Dog

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Urgent Appeal from Humane Society of Missouri

The Humane Society of Missouri has issued an urgent appeal for supplies to help care for rescued puppies.

They are in need of donated pet supplies to continue to care for the more than 150 Pit Bull puppies rescued this summer in the largest dog fighting raid and rescue in U.S. history. Fifty puppies were among the 407 dogs rescued on July 8 and more than 100 puppies have been born since then.

Donations of rope toys, heavy rubber rings, Kong® toys, peanut butter and other toys to keep the puppies active are urgently needed.

Monetary donations to help the animals may also be made by calling 314-951-1542.or visit the Humane Society of Missouri on the web to make a donation. If you live in the St Louis area, donations may be dropped off anytime at:
Humane Society of Missouri Headquarters Adoption Center 1201 Macklind Avenue St. Louis, MO

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mark Your Calendar - Santa Comes to the Pets

Kennelwood Pet Resorts' 29th Annual Santa Comes to the Pets
Has your pet been naughty or nice? Santa will want to know! Have your pet's photo taken with Santa at Kennelwood while helping the pets at the Humane Society of Missouri. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society of Missouri.

Photo Event Locations, Dates and Times
Please contact the location to schedule an appointment

St. Peters Location 636-970-4411
Saturday, November 21, 2009
9 am - 4 pm
Page & Lindbergh Location 314-429-2100
Sunday, November 22, 2009
9 am - 4 pm
South County Location 314-849-8118
Saturday, December 5, 2009
9 am - 4 pm
Mason Lane Location 314-822-3500
Saturday, December 12, 2009
9 am - 1 pm
Chesterfield Location 636-537-3221
Sunday, December 13, 2009
9 am - 1 pm
I don't know about you, but I want to head to St Louis to meet Santa Claus!
Head of Security for For Love of a Dog

Shiba Inu Dog Breed Christmas Ornament

Absolutely perfect Shiba Inu dog breed ornament is perfect for your Christmas tree or to display year round. This is completely handmade beginning with an artist sculpture of this dog breed. Exquisite details and very three dimensional with gorgeous air brush painting. Definitely a work of dog art.
For Love of a Dog offers handcrafted dog breed jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, pins and earrings. Mutts, dog rescue, cats, and horses, too. Made by dog lover for dog lovers. Fast free standard shipping. Use this new customer discount code FLDNEW at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sheltie Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

If you love a Sheltie or have someone on your holiday shopping list that does, don't miss this fabulous Shetland Sheepdog Christmas ornament. Absolutely exquisite carving details in this handmade sculpture. The air brush painting is perfect. True to AKC and UKC Shetland Sheepdog breed standards, you can't go wrong with this Sheltie dog lover gift.

While you're browsing at For Love of a Dog Jewelry, be sure to take a look at the Sheltie dog breed jewelry, too. Terrific necklaces that are all handcrafted by dog lovers. There are dog leash hooks, too.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chinese Shar Pei Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

When Lucy was just a puppy she was bitten by what turned out to be some kind of spider. She had an allergic that caused her to swell (and I mean fast). We got to the vets; she got a shot. Quickly the swelling began to subside. Why am I telling you this? Because during this rather frightening event, Lucy looked just like a Shar Pei. And she was adorable. Every time I think of the Shar Pei dog breed, I remember that episode of Lucy's life.

However, I'm supposed to be barking about the Chinese Shar Pei dog breed jewelry available at For Love of a Dog. Shown above is a handcrafted necklace with a very sweet Shar Pei dog sculpture pendant. Red jasper hearts, gold chain and gemstones, this would make a terrific dog lover Christmas gift.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scottie Dog Jewelry Gifts

I've never owned a Scottish Terrier, but I simply can't resist Scottie dogs things. There's something incredibly cheerful, energetic, and just dog gone irresistable about this dog breed.

This Scottish Terrier dog necklace is a good example of some Scottie dog fun. Jet black crystals surround a really wonderful vintage brass repousse Scottie dog pendant. Fun and fabulous gift for a Scottie dog lover.

Find more Scottish Terrier dog breed jewelry at For Love of a Dog. Everything is one of a kind and handcrafted by dog lovers. Fast, free shipping, too!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Schnauzer Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

If you have dog lovers on your Christmas shopping list, and who doesn't, you have an incredible quantity of wonderful things to choose from. One special gift idea is dog breed jewelry. It's a terrific way for a dog lover to hold their special pet close to their heart. And if the Schnauzer is your favorite dog breed, don't miss our Schnauzer dog breed jewelry.

Shown above is a Schnauzer dog breed necklace featuring an ariist sculpture Schnauzer pendant. The big red gemstone heart makes sure no misses your love for dogs.

Please remember that For Love of a Dog Jewelry items are all one of a kind, handcrafted, made by dog lovers for dog lover.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rottweiler Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

An ancient breed descended from Roman drovers dogs, the Rottweiler almost fell into extinction until the early 1900's. Thank goodness, because that would have been a huge loss for dog lovers of this magnificent breed. from Shown above is a handcrafted necklace from For Love of a Dog Jewelry featuring a Rottseiler dog breed pendant. Incredible details in this little handmade dog sculpture that is true to dog breed standards. A perfect jewelry piece for anyone who loves a Rottie. Right now we also have a Rottweiler dog ornament available that would be fabulous on your Christmas tree. See our Rottweiler dog breed jewelry and gift items.

For more gift ideas for dog lovers be sure to check out For Love of a Dog Jewelry. Not only do we have jewelry featuring specific dog breeds, we also have mutt, rescue, cat and horse jewelry. All of our necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins and pendants are one of a kind, just like your special pet.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Newfoundland Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

Has a Newfie captured your heart or that of someone you love? That's no surprise given the personality of these gentle giants. Consider wearing your Newfie close to your heart with this Newfoundland dog breed pin from For Love of a Dog Jewelry. An amazing artisan sculpture, this pin is entirely handcrafted and true to AKC and UKC Newfoundland dog breed standards. A sure to please gift for any Newfoundland dog lover.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pug dog Jewelry and Gifts

Bark if you love a Pug dog and fetch For Love of a Dog. You'll find Pug dog breed jewelry including necklaces and bracelets featuring artisan lampwork Pugs, artisan Pug dog sculptures, Pug altered art. Plus a wonderful Pug dog ornament that's perfect for your Christmas tree, or any time.

Shown above is a one of a kind Pug dog necklace and earrings set. Handmade artisan lampwork Pug dog is accented with gemstone and dog bone beads. Adorable matching dog bone earrings.

If there's a Pug dog lover on your holiday shopping list why settle for the ordinary when you could give an extraordinary piece of dog lover art jewelry. Unique, one of a kind gifts for dog lovers can be found at For Love of a Dog Jewelry. Handmade by dog lovers for dog lovers, including mutts, too.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Portuguese Water Dog Jewelry and Gifts

If this is your favorite dog breed, then your Christmas tree really needs this Portuguese Water Dog ornament. Entirely handcrafted from an orginal artisan sculpture and true to dog breed standards, this ornament would make a fabulous holiday gift. Not only will it look terrific on a Christmas tree, it can be displayed year round. For Love of a Dog Jewelry offers handmade gifts for dog lovers including Portuguese Water Dog breed jewelry, as well as for many other dog breeds. Unique, one of a kind treasures await you at For Love of a Dog.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poodle Dog Jewelry and Gifts

Why settle for the ordinary when you can wear the extraordinary like this Poodle dog necklace. Fantastic artisan lampwork Poodle dog is simple adorable. Handcrafted with freshwater pearls, pink crystals and silver, this is a piece of dog jewelry perfect for any Poodle lover. For Love of a Dog Jewelry also has other Poodle dog breed jewelry available. If you have dog lovers on your Christmas gift list, check out For Love of a Dog.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Papillon Dog Jewelry Gifts

This is simply a perfect Papillon dog ornament. Handcrafted and true to dog breed standards, it would look fantastic on your Christmas tree. Of course, it would also make a thoughtful holiday gift, too. For Love of a Dog Jewelry offers handcrafted dog breed jewelry and gifts that are sure to please any dog lover on your shopping list.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Dog Jewelry Gifts

Once known as the Little River Duck Dog, Tollers and their humans are quite wonderful. So is this handcrafted Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Dog necklace. The pendant is a handmade little Toller dog sculpture that is true to dog breed standards. In this necklace its surrounded by freshwater pearls. Dog breed jewelry makes a very special gift that is far from the ordinary, especially when it is handcrafted like at For Love of a Dog Jewelry.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Fashion Hound Murders Book Signing

The Fashion Hound Murders
Book Signing by Author, Elaine Viets
Sunday, November 8, 2009 12 - 2 p.m.

Humane Society of Missouri's Headquarters
1201 Macklind Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110

The Fashion Hound Murders" is a fun, funny, calorie-free, cozy mystery for lovers and animal fans. In the fifth book, mystery shopper Josie has been hired to check out a big pet chain’s involvement with puppy mills. When a frightened employee turns up dead, Josie realizes this case could bite back. The book is set in Maplewood, MO and you'll recognize many of your favorite places in the pages. You can read the first chapter at

At For Love of a Dog Jewelry we have a feeling this book would make a barking good Christmas gift for any dog lover.

Norwegian Elkhound Dog Jewelry Gifts

Here's a great gift idea for that Norwegian Elkhound dog lover on your holiday shopping list. With the Norwetian Elkhound dog necklace shown above they can wear their sweet pup close to their heart. It's a barking good conversation starter to share dog talk with other dog lovers.

For Love of a Dog Jewelry offers handcrafted jewelry and gifts in many different dog breeds, as well as mutts and mongrels and dog rescue jewelry. Handmade in the Missouri Ozarks by dog lovers for dog lovers.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Miniature Pinscher Dog Jewelry Gifts

Min Pins are such wonderful dogs and so much fun to celebrate with dog breed jewelry from For Love of a Dog Jewelry. Shown above is a Miniature Pinscher dog bracelet. It's all handcrafted, including a fabulous Min Pin sculpture charm. Fetch the For Love of a Dog website to take a look at more Min Pin jewelry, as well as many other dog breeds. Great dog lover gifts made by dog lover for dog lovers since 1991.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

It isn't just puppies and kittens that need a forever home. Give an aging dog or cat a second chance in a loving home by adopting a senior pet from your local shelter.

Here at For Love of a Dog Jewelry, Lucy and I are both senior dogs and we can't imagine what it would be like to be homeless at our ages. Please rescue a senior dog and let their golden years actually be golden. Check your local animal shelter or browse Petfinder. Can't adopt? Consider fostering or sponsoring a senior pet.


National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Sunday, November 1 - 7, 2009

Acknowledges and promotes the invaluable role shelters play in the community and increases public awareness of animal welfare issues and shelter services. For more information :

Background: In 1996, The HSUS launched National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (based on an idea from the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, Nebraska). This campaign was designed to acknowledge and promote the invaluable role shelters play in their communities and to increase public awareness of animal welfare issues and shelter services. During National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, the first full week of every November, The HSUS promotes and celebrates animal shelters across the country through media and public outreach

We probably don't need to tell you that all of us at For Love of a Dog Jewelry support the National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week!

Woof! Tucker

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Howloween

Here's the deal. We've never really understood Halloween. We're country dogs, so we don't have small two leggers in strange get-ups coming to the door. Although, Jeffie would love that. He loves it when the doorbell rings and he'd like a chance to herd little kids. Second, frankly, most of the time we're nudists and shun clothing. (I co admit to the ocassional sweater or bandana.) Just trust me when I say I ain't gonna wear no costume. However, I keep hearing this thing about Trick or Treat. The treat part is what's interesting. Very interesting. I am definitely behind the idea of treats. Lots of treats. And for once Lucy and Jeffie agree with me. Especially if we don't even have to do any tricks to get the treats. What a great idea! So, forget the sit, stay, roll over, play dead, yadda yadda. Pass out the treats!
Happy Halloween from all of us at For Love of a Dog Jewelry!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Leonberger Dog Jewelry Gifts

Dog breed jewelry is a great way to carry your special friend close to your heart, plus it makes a fabulous Christmas gift for that dog lover friends. At For Love of a Dog Jewelry all our jewelry is handcrafted with an eye to having fun and sharing our love of dogs. Oftentimes we become intrigued with a dog breed just from the making of our jewelry. The Leonberger dog breed is a good example of that. What a gorgeous dog. Shown above is a Leonberger dog breed necklace handcrafted with aventurine and black onyx gemstones.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Labrador Retriever Dog Jewelry Gifts

The Labrador Retriever has been one of the most popular family pets in America for years. And this dog breed is certainly a favorite at For Love of a Dog Jewelry. You'll find quite a selection in their dog breed jewelry, including Labrador Retriever necklaces, bracelets, pendants, pins and leash hooks. Choose from Labrador Retrievers in yellow, chocolate and black.

Shown above is a handcrafted yellow Lab bracelet with plenty of dog bones. Incredibly charming and a perfect gift for any dog lover.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

National Cat Day Oct 29

National Cat Day
October 29

October 29 is National Cat Day, a day to celebrate cats for their unconditional love and companionship, and to rescue those cats in need. More cats than dogs are euthanized every year, mostly because they usually arrive at shelters without any owner identification. The Animal Miracle Network estimates that approximately 4 million cats enter shelters every year, and 1 to 2 million of them are euthanized.

The primary goal of National Cat Day is to increase animal shelter adoptions of cats nationwide on October 29. This will be the first year that the Animal Miracle Network attempts to track the numbers for cats, but similar National Dog Day initiatives in the past have exceeded the goal by more than 12,000 dogs. Read more at Petcentric.

If you're able to add a cat to your family, please visit your local animal shelter or check Petfinder.. Can't adopt? Consider fostering a cat while it waits for it's forever home, or volunteering at your local shelter or rescue.

Skeeter and Isabel join me in wishing you a happy National Cat Day!
Head of Security, For Love of a Dog Jewelry

Keeshond Dog Lover Jewelry Gifts

Dog breed jewelry is a terrific gift for any dog lover. At For Love of a Dog Jewelry all necklaces, bracelets, pins and earrings are handcrafted with an eye to dog breed standards, as well as fun. If you love Keeshonds, be sure to take a look at jewelry for the Keeshond dog breed.

This Keeshond dog breed necklace is certainly no exception. If a Keeshond dog the star of you life, tell the world with this charming handcrafted necklace. Handmade with silver, a sculpured Keeshond dog pendant, sweet little stars, and a gemstone heart. Fetch this with free standard shipping and festive gift packaging from For Love of a Dog Jewelry.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Irish Setter Dog Lover Gifts

If you have an Irish Setter dog lover on your holiday shopping list be sure to consider a piece of Irish Setter dog breed jewelry. Perfect gift for someone who appreciated handcrafted gifts, plus a sure conversation starter when worn.

Shown above is an Irish Setter dog necklace featuring a handmade sculpture dog pendant combined with goldstone gemstones and gold from For Love of a Dog Jewelry. We believe dog breed jewelry never goes out of fashion. Fast, free standard shipping in festive gift boxes, too.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade, Long Beach CA

Saturday, October 31, 2009
2:30 pm
Livingston Park, 4900 E Livingstone Drive, Long Beach, CA

10-block sidewalk parade and pet adoption fair. Vendor and adoption fair. For more information, contact Haute Dogs at

Dog Lover Gifts at For Love of a Dog Jewelry

All the jewelry at For Love of a Dog Jewelry is handcrafted by dog lovers for dog lovers. Not only do we have specific dog breed jewelry, but also black dog jewelry and, well, mutt jewelry. In fact, we're quite partial to mixed breed mutts. Oh sure, we also love horses, cats and other animals. However, dogs simply have a special place in our lives and in our hearts.

Shown above is one of our dog lover necklaces. It doesn't promote a dog breed; it doesn't advocate rescue. It simply proclaims to the world that I love dogs. A perfect conversation starter about one of our favorite topics: dogs. Of course, this I Love Dogs necklace happens to include a big red heart and some dog bones. Handcrafted, unusual artisan dog jewelry is our specialty at For Love of a Dog Jewelry and this necklace is no exception. A perfect dog lover gift for someone on your holiday shopping list.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Greyhound Gifts at For Love of a Dog Jewelry

If you love a greyhound, why not wear it close to your heart with a Greyhound necklace from For Love of a Dog Jewelry. Shown above is a Greyhound dog necklace that is quite unique. The pendant detaches from the necklace so you can wear it as a pin. Two pieces of jewelry in one, a Greyhound necklace and pin. See our Greyhound dog jewelry and gifts here.

All of our dog breed jewelry is handcrafted, one of a kind, designer originals at affordable prices. We offer unique jewelry and gifts for dog, cat and horse lovers. Visit us today and use our new customer discount code FLDNEW to receive a 10% discount on your entire order plus free standard shipping.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pit Bull Awareness Day in St Louis MO

Myth Busting and Matchmaking at Pit Bull Awareness Day
October 24, 2009
10 am - 3pm
Humane Society of Missouri Headquarters, 1201 Macklind Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110

Meet and greet some of our loveable Pits. Myth-busting games and activites for all ages. Important owning and training information. Learn the truth about Pits. Pit Bulls and other 'power breeds' often have a bad reputation. With proper training, love and affection, 'power breed' dogs are readily "Man's Best Friend."

Already have a pit bull? Need a great Christmas gift for a Put Buller dog lover? Check out the handcrafted Pit Bull pin at For Love of a Dog Jewelry.

Great Pyranees Gifts at For Love of a Dog Jewelry

In addition to dog breed jewelry, For Love of a Dog Jewelry also offers original design handcrafted dog ornaments. Terrific on a Christmas tree, these wonderful handmade sculptures can be displayed year round. Perfect gift for any dog lover on your holiday shopping list. Shown above is our Great Pyranees dog ornament.

Visit us today for designer original animal jewelry at affordable prices. We offer selections for cat, dog, and horse lovers. Use our new customer discount code FLDNEW to receive 10% off your entire order plus free standard shipping.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great Dane Gifts at For Love of a Dog Jewelry

Do you have someone on your holiday shopping list that loves a Great Dane dog? How about a handmade artisan sculpture Great Dane dog ornament gift? Perfect as a Christmas tree ornament, these wonderful dog sculptures can be displayed year round as well. Shown above is just one of the Great Dane ornaments. A Harlequin Great Dane dog ornament is also available.

Be sure to visit For Love of a Dog Jewelry to see the dog breed jewelry we have to offer. All of our necklaces, bracelets and earrings are handcrafted, one of a kind designer pieces at affordable prices. In fact, use our new customer discount code FLDNEW at checkout to receive a 10% discount on your entire order, plus free standard shipping.