Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dog Song Saturday: Bad Dog Song

It's Saturday, so time for a dog song at Talking Dogs.  We think you'll enjoy this original song about dogs.  Listen closely to the lyrics and smile at the charming video slideshow for Bad Dog Song.  The composer notes:  About ten years ago my 5 year old daughter asked me why dogs always did bad things even though they seemed to want to please us.  I couldn't think of any satisfactory answers, but being a songwriter, came back a day later with something to sing.

Grab a dog.  Sit.  Stay.  Relax and enjoy Bad Dog Song.  If you're in the mood for more songs (and videos) about dogs, fetch Talking Dog's Dog Songs.    Then scroll down below today's dog song video and have a sniff at some barking good dog blogs because today is a Pet Bloggers Hop!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Adopt a Dog: Blitzen Needs a Home

If you're thinking about adding a dog to your family, consider Blitzen.  She's a brown brindle and white Boxer mixed breed dog.  

Blitzen is about two years old.  She's already spayed and up to date on routine vaccinations.  Blitzen sits on command and is already housebroken.  She's a very affectionate, playful young dog who's looking for her forever home. 

Take a look at Blitzen's video and you'll see that she is also simply gorgeous!

Blitzen is currently living in the animal shelter at the Humane Society of Missouri in St Louis. For more information about adopting this beautiful Boxer mix dog, call them at 314-951-1562.  Blitzen's animal ID number is A520406.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today's my birthday and I'm too busy celebrating with our dog pack to bark!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dog Christmas Ornaments on the Talking Dogs Tree

This is an almost wordless Monday post.  Rather than bark about our holiday, we thought we'd share some photos of our Christmas tree ornaments - just a few doggy ones. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dog Song Saturday: Merry Christmas Dogs Video

It's not only Saturday, it's also Christmas!  Time for a dog song with a festive feel good message.  From all of us at Talking Dogs and For Love of a Dog:  Merry Christmas!

Grab a dog.  Sit.  Stay.  Relax and enjoy the song, Let It Be Christmas, while you enjoy some beautiful dogs dressed and ready for the Christmas festivities in this dog video entitled:  Christmas Gone to the Dogs.  Then, fetch more dog songs at Talking Dogs.

In the mood to explore more dog blogs?  Scroll down below the dog song video and have some fun because today is a Pet Blogger Hop!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Monty the Rescue Dog: Christmas Puppy Dog Song

Have a listen!  This is an original song written about a rescue dog named Monty.  Beautiful black dog and barking good song lyrics.  Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Win Holiday Cash for Yourself & Your Favorite Animal Charity Part 3

This is the third portion of the Social Media for Social Good pet blogging event and this one features Google+ entries.

Sponsored by Two Little Cavaliers and Pamper Yourself in Pink, pet bloggers are offering you chances to win a $112 cash prize for yourself and $213 sent directly to the winner's choice of animal charity.  Use the Rafflecopter tool below to enter for your chance to win!

Please share your favorite animal charity with us in the comment section, too.  You never know who might be interested in learning more about it.

Christmas Snow Dogs!

Sit.  Stay.  Sing along to the Reggae All Stars singing O Little Town of Bethlehem and enjoy some barking good photos of dogs - all kinds and breeds of dogs - playing in the snow with a definite Christmas holiday theme!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dogs Wearing Antlers: Not So Wordless Wednesday

So, you say you want to take a photograph or two of your dog pack wearing antlers and big red bows for Christmas.  I recommend you get a much better photographer than I had (myself).  I also suggest you get a better assistant than I had.  

Before we even got started, the dogs were excited at the prospect of being "dressed."  Mostly they're content with wearing necklaces (collars) or bandanas and otherwise being naked.  (You know what I mean.)  So, getting dressed is accompanied with stress.  The good kind, but stress nonetheless.

As we got started, the dogs pretty much went crazy.  That was when I discovered that my assistant was using bits of (human) Christmas sugar cookies (with icing, of course) as the treats in this project.  (The human was already on a sugar high of his own.)

Lucy was all through with the antler thing when she knew cookies - real ones - were involved.  I"d put the antlers on on her head.  One quick swipe of a paw and her antlers were on the floor.  The boys were more helpful, Rudy especially.  Because he LOVES wearing the antlers.  Seriously.

At any rate, we never got one shot with all three dogs that is truly worth sharing.  Heck, we didn't really get even one photo that's really worth sharing!  Well.... I do assume that "dog people" will understand.  However, you can bet that none of these made it into a Christmas card.

Christmas Wish for All Dogs

This video is a Christmas card for all dogs created with artwork by Jennifer Goodenberger and set to the song The Search.  It goes without saying that Talking Dogs definitely agrees with these sentiments and we think you will, too.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dog Rescue and Shelters: $750,000 Awarded in Pedigree Foundation Grants

Congratulations to the Dog Rescue and Animal Shelter groups who will receive a total of $750,000 from the Pedigree Foundation!  Seven Innovation and 691 Operational grants have been awarded thanks to donations from dog lovers.

These one-time grants help fund creative programs and basic operating costs aimed at increasing dog adoptions and helping the more than four million homeless dogs find loving homes.  In 2010, Pedigree Foundation helped shelter and rescue groups give more than 80,000 dogs comfort until they found their forever homes.

This year the 691 shelter and rescue groups receiving Operational grants will each receive $868.  For the second year, the Foundation is awarding $150,000 in Innovation grants.  These grants recognize shelters and rescues that are pioneering the industry with new ideas and efforts to help find dogs forever homes.  

Seven selected shelters will receive between $10,000 and $25,000 in grant money to fund their unique programs aimed at helping increase dog adoptions.  They were chosen out of almost 200 grant applications.
2011 Pedigree Foundation Innovation Grant Winners:
  • Paw Prints Humane Society of Sedona, Ind of Sedona, AZ was awareded $10,000 to help fund the Mobile Adoption Vehicle to help increase adoptions, increase community education and awareness and serve as an emergency evacuation vehicle for at-risk animals in the Northern Arizona area.
  • Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Eatontown, NJ was awared $25,000 to help fund a Dog Behavioral Department which uses positive reinforcement training and enrichment to increase the adoptability of shelter dogs.  The program focuses especially on those who come into the shelter with behavioral issues or who deveolp behaviors as a result of an extended stay in the shelter system.
  • Humane Society of Rochester and Monroe County PCA of Fairport, NY, was awared $10,000 to help fund the Behavior Modification and Enrichment Program to help dogs change behavior and ultimately find an adoptive family and forever home.
  • Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) of Philadelphia, PA, was awarded $25,000 to help fund "Adopt a South Philly Dog" program which increases dog adoptions in this densely populated area with few walk-in adoption facilities.
  • Nashville Humane Associating of Nashville, TN, was awarded $14,000 for a research program that will evaluate staff training and adoption policies of collaborative organizations that use visual and staff-based experience to identify dog breeds and mixes of those breeds.  This program is aimed ato increase dog adoption and retention.
  • Oklahoma Humane Society of Oklahoma City, OK, was awarded $25,000 to help fund the Homeward Bound Transport Program to safely and efficiently transport 80 dogs at a time from high-risk situations to safe outcomes.
  • SPCA for Monterey County of Monterey, CA, was awarded $25,000 for its "Take the Lead" program which pairs dogs with at-risk youth.  During each five week course, the youth are tasked with teaching their dogs basic skills and providing one-on-one interaction.  The dogs learn new skills which make them more adoptable and the children learn important life, leadership and communication skills as they work to teach un-socialized dogs who to be great canine citizens through positive reinforcement.
For a complete list of 2011 Operation and Innovation Grant recipients, to make a donation or gather more information on Pedigree Foundation, visit

Breakfast with a Golden Retriever who eats with her hands!

Sometimes when I'm searching for dog songs for Dog Song Saturday at Talking Dogs, I stumble on amazing videos that simply howl to be shared.  This is one of those videos.  Breakfast at Ginger's is one of a serious of charming videos starring Ginger, the Golden Retriever.  Enjoy!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dogs Barking Christmas Carol: No Animation

I love, love, love this video with these beautiful dogs barking Jingle Bells!  How they managed this without computer animation is beyond me.  And I refuse to reveal how many times I've watched this.  Not only does it bring a big smile to my face, but Lucy, Jeffie and Rudy love it, too!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rescued: Josh Liddy and SWAYLOVE Pit Bull Dog Advocacy

Photo from Josh Liddy / SWAYLOVE..
Last week I discovered this documentary portrait of Josh Liddy, founder of, a pit bull dog advocacy group. Josh photographs pit bulls in animal shelters and works online to share the photos in an efforts to get the dogs adopted.

Josh is one person using his creative talents to save dogs in California.  He began his rescue efforts in memory of his own late dog, Sway. Read more about SWAYLOVE on Josh's web site or follow SWAYLOVE on Facebook.

The documentary is a Dog Park Production.  Note: One of the producers fell in love with a dog while shooting footage for this film and adopted one of the dogs.

Twitter Follow to Win Cash for Yourself and Your Favorite Animal Charity

Talkings Dogs is working with Two Little Cavaliers, Pamper Yourself in Pink and other awesome bloggers and small business owners to bring you this amazing Social Media Event.

The winner will receive $112 in cash for themselves and $213 sent directly to the animal charity of their choice!

To enter, all you need to do is use the Rafflecopter too below and enter for many chances to win!

Adopt a Dog through Petfinder

On Sundays, Talking Dogs focuses on dogs needing forever homes. Rather than feature just one or a few dogs available for adoption, today we want to share a beautiful video made by a thirteen year old who wants to "spread the joy" about dog adoption through Petfinder.

We do not encourage giving pets as Christmas gifts.  However, if you're planning to add a furry member to your family, we urge you to adopt a homeless dog or puppy.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Missouri Puppy Mills: 42 Dogs Surrendered By Breeder to Wayside Waifs

On December 15, 2011, Wayside Waifs received dozens of dogs rescued from a puppy mill in southwest Missouri.  42 dogs were surrendered by the dog breeder.  According to NBC Action News in Kansas City, that man also surrendered his dog breeding license.

The dogs are mostly small breed and all are in need of medical attention.  According to Wayside Waifs, it was clear the dogs had never received proper medical care, food or shelter.  They observed mammary tumors, eye infections, and severe dental problems among other medical issues.  The Wayside Waifs medical team is addressing a number of health issues, beginning with routine vaccinations. 

Some of the dogs rescued could be available for adoption as soon as next week.  For information about adopting one of these puppy mill survivors, contact Wayside Waifs at  Wayside Waifs is the largest no-kill animal shelter in the Kansas City area.

Dog Song Saturday: Christmas Morning

It's Saturday, so time for a dog song at Talking Dogs.  With Christmas only a week away, today we're sharing an adorable Christmas song and dog video.

Christmas Morning, by Sweetapple, is a catchy Christmas song that introduces Rockford, the dog.  Originally recorded as a Christmas gift for a little girl, the song was released as a single to raise funds for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Believe it or not, Christmas Morning is just part of Rockford's Rock Opera!  You can listen to the whole dog opera, download it, and even check out their iPhone application (free download).

So, you know the drill.  Grab a dog.  Sit.  Stay.  Relax and sing along to Christmas Morning with Rockford, the dog.   Then have a listen to some more songs about dogs here at Talking Dogs. Be sure to scroll down below this video and explore some barking good dog blogs because today is a pet blogger hop!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cat Lover Jewelry Gift at For Love of a Dog

Cat Necklace and Brooch with Turquoise & Coral..
If you have a cat lover on your holiday shopping gift list, be sure to browse For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts.  We offer cat themed earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pins that are purrfect gifts.  Our items are one of a kind, unique art jewelry made in our Missouri Ozarks studio the old fashioned way.  We also offer old fashioned customer service, including fast, free shipping.

Shown at left is a beautiful turquoise and coral silver cat lover's necklace with a unique artisan cat pendant.  You can easily removed this wicked cool porcelain cat pendant to wear it as a pin.  In fact, you can attach any of your own pins to the necklace, too.  A very versatile piece of jewelry sure to bring a smile to all who see it.

Shown below is a freshwater pearl and silver Cat Lady silver charm bracelet:
Cat Lady Silver Pearl Bracelet at For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts
Shown here are some festive silver and red jasper cat lover earrings:
Cat Earrings in Silver with Red Jasper from For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts
Here's a fun cat lover necklace with green jade gemstones and a wonderful hand carved bone cat head pendant with heart.
Cat Lover Necklace in Green Jade from For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts
Fetch more unique handmade pet lover jewelry and gifts from For Love of a Dog.  We love cats, too!  You'll also find horse and equestrian jewelry, dog breed jewelry, and much more!  Because our items are one of a kind, quantities are limited.  Shop now for best selection!


Dog Shoplifts Christmas Bone

Even if you've seen this video news footage before, we think it's worth another look.  In December 2008, a dog trotted into a grocery store in Murray, Utah and shoplifted a rawhide bone. 

Mystery solved.  The shoplifting dog came forward and made restitution!  Though we're not crazy about the fact this dog was free to walk the 5.9 miles to commit the crime, it is an amazing story.

Random Thoughts about Dogs and Life

There's just too much going on this time of year.  We brought our Christmas tree home during the Thanksgiving holiday.  So far it has lights and garland.  Gary keeps reminding me (with a sad tone of voice) that we have yet to hang the ornaments.  He's right, of course.  I swear I'll shake free to do it today.  Yep, putting it in writing.  (He reads this blog, so I'd better make good on this promise.)

Talking Dogs is the blog presence of For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts.  This is the busiest time of the year for my business.  I joke about being one of Santa's elves.  The difference being that after Christmas, I suspect they get to rest.  Maybe take vacation on some beach somewhere.  In my case, I'll be breathing deep and contemplating my very picked over shop inventory and fretting about being ready for Valentine's Day!  No wonder I feel crazy at least half the time... I am!

Actually, the day after Christmas I'll be looking forward to my birthday cake.  It's annual tradition that Gary bakes some wicked chocolate layer cake for my special day.  Then, of course, is New Years, followed by our wedding anniversary.   So it will be more like January 7 that I truly begin freaking out about Valentine's Day.   LOL 

I told you, there's too much going on this time of year!

I missed Wordless Wednesday altogether this week.  I blame Mother Nature, who provided little in the way of sunshine or natural light this week.  My photos with flash truly stink!   We've been hoping for a good opportunity to snap some pix of Rudy in reindeer antlers.

Believe it or not, Rudy like them (the reindeer antlers).  He doesn't try to remove them;  just proudly trots through the house showing off his cool headgear.  Jeffie looks a bit embarrassed, but tolerates them.  With his ultra serious demeaner, it's an odd look for him.  Lucy tends to look totally disgusted, lays down, and with one good swipe, the antlers are off.  

Gary set up our pair of lighted reindeer in the back yard this year so we can really enjoy them (as opposed to the neighbors driving by).  Rudy was pretty shocked when the lights came on the first night.  When the reindeer started moving, he was ready to come inside.  He spent a lot of time at the window, watching those creatures.   Every night when the front Christmas lights come on, Jeffie races to the front door barking.  I'm sure he wishes it was the UPS or FedEx man.  So do I.  There are still some gifts I purchased online that haven't arrived yet.  Including some new Kong toys for the 4-leggers.

Which brings me right back to this busy time of year. So, please bear with me as I do a lot of shameless self-promotion.  As I get packages ready for shipping, run to the Post Office, work in my studio on last minutes custom orders, field phone calls from customers...  I'm thinking about puppy mills, the endless pleas from animal rescues in my mail and email inbox, dog books, news stories about more animal cruelty, new YouTube videos with dogs singing Christmas carols, and playing Jolly Ball with my own dogs.   And I'll be sharing those thoughts with you.  Soon.  I promise.  (in writing!)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dog Breed Christmas Ornaments On Sale at For Love of a Dog!

Basset Hound Dog Christmas Ornament..
The dog breed Christmas ornaments at For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts make barking good dog lover gifts and now they're on sale!  Save 10% on the purchase price PLUS get a FREE shipping upgrade to Priority Mail so they'll arrive in time to give to your favorite dog person at Christmas.

These pawsome Christmas ornaments are not flat cut outs, but handmade artisan sculptural ornaments.  Perfect for the Christmas tree or to display all year round.  And we're almost sold out!  
Rottweiler Dog Christmas Ornament at For Love of a Dog
 You'll need to hurry and see if we still have your favorite dog breed still in stock.  

Most of our inventory is limited to one ornament in these dog breeds: Afghan, Australian Shepherd, Basenji, Basset Hound, Belgian Teruvian, Bernese Mountain Dog, Borzoi, Boxer, Chow, Cocker Spaniel, Collie, Cardigan Corgi, Dachshund, Doberman Pinscher, English Bulldog, English Springer Spaniel, Greyhound, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Keeshond, Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Newfoundland, Portuguese Water Dog, Pug, Rottweiler, Shih Tzu, Siberian Husky, Visla, West Highland Terrier, Wiemaraner, and Yorkshire Terrier.
English Bulldog Dog Christmas Ornament at For Love of a Dog

Hurry!  When they're gone... they're gone!  Well, at least until next year.
Australian Shepherd Dog Christmas Ornament at For Love of a Dog
Fetch hand crafted dog lover art jewelry and gifts from For Love of a Dog.  We love dogs and it shows!  Be sure to sniff our holiday sale items for dog and cat lovers, too! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Horse Lover Equestrian Jewelry at For Love of a Dog

Chunky Horse Bracelet for a Special Cowgirl...
Our name may be For Love of a Dog, but there's a special place in our hearts for equine and horse lovers, too.  

Check out the horse lover art jewelry at For Love of a Dog and you'll see what we mean.  You'll find a variety of horse themed necklace, bracelets, earrings, and pendants which are handmade the old fashioned way in our Missouri Ozarks studio.  All are one of a kind, multiples are rarely available.  So, shop now for best selection.

Shown below is our Black Beauty Horse Necklace with black tourmaline gemstones and a wonderful artisan lampwork horse pendant.
Black Beauty Horse Lover Necklace
If you're a Cowgirl, you need these silver western saddle earrings.
Silver Western Saddle Cowgirl Earrings
Silver English Saddle Dressage Pendant with Fox Hunt Red Coral
Fetch more horse, cat and dog lover jewelry from For Love of a Dog.  You'll enjoy our one of a kind hand craftsmanship, plus free standard shipping.

Win Holiday Cash for Your Favorite Pet Charity

Win some holiday cash for yourself and your favorite charity by entering a Social Media Event unlike any other we've ever heard about.  Sponsored by Two Little Cavaliers and some amazing pet bloggers, this contest is bound to bring a smile to your face because it's so easy to enter. 

And not only will the winner of the event receive $112 cash (via Paypal), but they'll also get to name an animal charity near and dear to their heart that they would like a $213 donation sent to.  All you need to do is use the Rafflecopter tool below to enter for your chance to win.

You'll have several chances to win!  Today you need to comment on this blog post, telling us your favorite pet charity that would get the donation if you're the lucky winner.  It can be any animal organization that is a 501c3 or properly recognized charity in your country.
Later we'll feature the Facebook pages of some of our favorite pet blogs.  "Like" some of these barking good folks and earn up to 27 entries.  Follow as few or as many of them as you like.  Remember, the more "likes," the more entries you'll get.  If you're not a Facebook user, don't worry!  On December 18, Twitter users can get in on the fun to "tweet" for 27 entries.  And on December 22, Google+ users can earn entries, too.

If Talking Dogs would be the lucky winner, we'd donate the entire $325 to Stray Rescue.  We've barked about Stray Rescue here.

Don't forget... You MUST complete the Rafflecopter below in order to be entered!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cocker Spaniel Dog Lover Jewelry & Gifts at For Love of a Dog

Cocker Spaniel Dog Artisan Brooch
If you love a Cocker Spaniel or you're shopping for someone who does, you need to fetch the Cocker Spaniel dog lover jewelry at For Love of a Dog.  In addition to Cocker Spaniel dog themed necklaces, bracelets, pendants, pins and earrings, we also have Cocker Spaniel dog Christmas ornaments.  Perfect for holiday gifts.

At For Love of a Dog, each item is hand made the old fashioned way in our Missouri Ozarks studio and most are one of a kind art pieces.  

If you're Christmas shopping, hurry!  Quantities are limited.  Right this moment we have Cocker Spaniel dog jewelry and gifts in blonde, black, parti, black & brown and other colors.  Plus, your purchase includes gift box packaging and free standard shipping.

Shown above left is our two dimensional handcrafted tri color Cocker Spaniel dog brooch.

How about a Cocker Spaniel dog lover necklace with lots of dog bones and a pendant that can easily be removed to wear as a brooch, like the one below.
Blond Cocker Spaniel Dog Lover Necklace
 If your best friend is a chocolate Cocker Spaniel, fetch this bracelet.  Lots of silver and chocolate jasper gemstone beads accent this little chocolate Cocker Spaniel art sculpture charm.  Of course, there's a heart and dog bone, too!
Chocolate Cocker Spaniel Dog Lover Bracelet with Silver Heart and Dog Bone
Check out this Parti Cocker Spaniel dog lover's necklace in silver.
Parti Cocker Spaniel Dog Lover Necklace in Silver
If you'd like a Cocker Spaniel dog breed Christmas Ornament like this one, hurry!  We do have some color selection available, but they're going fast.  Right now we have black & chocolate, blond, and black & white.
Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Christmas Ornament
Fetch more dog lover art jewelry and gifts at For Love of a Dog.  We love dogs and it shows!  While you're there, be sure to see our dog rescue jewelry and mixed breed mutt dog lover jewelry!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Greyhound Dog Lover Jewelry Gifts at For Love of a Dog

Brindle & White Greyhound Dog Bracelet..
If you love a Greyhound, you really should check out the Greyhound dog lover jewelry at For Love of a Dog.  We're especially fond of retired racing Greyhound dog rescue and we try to have a nice selection of our Greyhound dog breed jewelry available.  And we have dog rescue jewelry, too!

Because For Love of a Dog items are handmade the old fashioned way (one by one) in our rural Missouri studio, that's not always possible.  Most dog jewelry pieces are one of a kind, so shop now for best selection.

Shown at left is a brindle and white Greyhound dog lover bracelet with natural gemstones and silver.  It includes a nice big gemstone heart and a little silver three dimensional dog bone.  All eyes will be on this Greyhound dog charm.  It's a two dimensional brindle and white Greyhound hand crafted with AKC dog breed standards in mind.

Does this black and white Greyhound dog brooch look like your beloved companion?
Black & White Greyhound Dog Breed Brooch / Pin
Or how about this brindle and cream Greyhound dog lover pin.  Whimsical in style and hand crafted of porcelain, it's adorable and could also represent a Whippet dog.
Whimsical Porcelain Greyhound Dog Lover Brooch / Pin
And if your Greyhound buddy is fawn in color, we have bracelets and pendant for you!  However, I can't resist showing you our fawn Greyhound dog breed Christmas Ornament.  Sure to be a hit with that Greyhound dog lover on your Christmas gift list.
Greyhound Dog Breed Sculpture Christmas Ornament

Fetch more dog breed jewelry, dog rescue jewelry and great gifts for dog lovers at For Love of a Dog.  We love dogs and it shows!  Enjoy fast, FREE standard shipping as our treat to you.

My Black Lab Dog Earrings are going to Eukanuba!

Calypso Photo:
I'm excited!  My black Labrador Retriever dog earrings are going to the Eukanuba National Championship dog show.  And they'll be worn by the lovely ladies accompanying a black Lab competitor that goes by the name of Calypso.

Earlier this year, Gary and I enjoyed watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.  We always pick our favorites from each class and root for them (much to our own dogs' annoyance.)  This time we were really rooting for the black Lab.  We were thrilled that he won best of his breed.

Flash forward to last week when I heard from one of my For Love of a Dog jewelry customers.  Pat had purchased a pair of my black Lab earrings and wanted more.  She mentioned that she was leaving this week for the Eukanuba show where she'd be watching her black Lab compete.

Yep.  Same dog.  Calypso is now:  MBIS MBISS GCH CH Kaltrav Caribbean Cruise JH.  He's co-owned by Pat Kroll of Honorbright Labradors, Mary Henricks, and Cindy Trip of Sunrize Labradors.  He's currently being specialed and handled by Erin Hall.  Kathy Turbett of Kaltrav Labradors bred this outstanding dog.

According to Pat, Calypso is a sweetheart with beautiful expression and effortless movement.  At Eukanuba, he'll be competing in a class of 56 Labrador Retrievers.  

The 11th Annual AKC / Eukanuba National Championship will be held on December 17 and 18 in Orlando, Florida.  A record 3,938 dogs will compete with 173 AKC recognized dog breeds represented. According to Show Chairman, Ron Menaker, this is not only the largest dog show in the country this year, it is the largest by-invitation-only dog show in their history.  This event will air on Saturday, February 4, 2012 on ABC.

Pat and her friends will be wearing their For Love of a Dog black Lab earrings to root for Calypso.  I hope they bring Calypso the very best of luck!  All of us at For Love of a Dog will be following the AENC on Facebook for live Group and Best in Show results, watching for good news about Calypso.

In the meantime, take a look at this beautiful boy in action at Westminster where Calypso won Best of Breed. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Doberman Pinscher Dog Lover Jewelry Gifts at For Love of a Dog

Natural Ear Doberman Pinscher Dog Necklace
Whether your Dobie has cropped ears or natural ears, we've got you covered with Doberman Pinscher dog lover jewelry at For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts.   

Our items are handmade in our Missouri Ozarks studio and most are one of a kind, so shop now for best selection.  We have many breeds represented in our dog breed jewelry and gifts, plus items for those of you with mixed breed mutts.

Shown at left is a natural ear Doberman Pinscher dog necklace in silver.  You'll notice that the Dobie dog pendant is two dimensional, not a flat cut out.  These are made from an original dog carving mold.

Here's a really cute red coral Doberman Pinscher dog lover necklace.  It's hand wire wrapped with silver and includes sweet three dimensional dog bones.  The  pendant is a three dimensional Dobie made of porcelain that could also represent a Min Pin dog.
Red Coral & Dog Bone Doberman Pinscher Dog Lover Necklace

Another option could be these beautiful gemstone and silver cropped ear Doberman Pinscher dog earrings.
Cropped Ear Doberman Pinscher Dog Earrings with Silver
And right now, we still have both a cropped ear and a natural ear Doberman Pinscher dog breed Christmas ornament available.  These are gorgeous and created with AKC dog breed standards in mind.  Fabulous Christmas gift for that Dobie lover!
Natural Ear Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed Christmas Ornament
In fact, we currently have a nice selection of Doberman Pinscher dog jewelry in stock and ready to ship in time for Christmas gift giving.  Choose from bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches and pins, and more.  Fetch more dog lover jewelry and gifts from For Love of a Dog now.  Fast, FREE standard shipping, too!

Save a Life: Adopt a Dog or Cat from Animal Rescue

Petey, Dalmatian Lab Mix Dog..
Thinking about adding a furry member to you family?  Please don't shop, adopt from an animal rescue or animal shelter.

At left is Petey.  He lost his loving home when his owner had to go into a nursing home.  Petey is 9 years old, but still has a lot of spunk.  He's a Dalmatian Labrador Retriever mixed breed dog.

Already house trained, Petey is good with kids, too.  His shots are up to date and he's just looking for a forever home to live out his golden years. You can find Petey on Petfinder; Pet ID 8048.

How about a young black Labrador Retriever mixed breed dog?  Jake is a young Lab Chow mix;  born on January 8, 2008.  He's playful, friendly, and ready for training.  Jake makes friends with other dogs and loves attention from people.  Jake is already neutered and up to date with routine shots.  His Petfinder ID 4998 and you can call Dogwood Animal Shelter for more information at 573-348-4411.
Jake, Labrador Retriever Chow Mixed Breed Dog
 If your household is ready for lots of puppy energy, consider Layne, a Treeing Walker Coonhound / Hound mixed breed dog.  She is 4 months old and adorable!  Layne is already spayed, up to date with routine shots and she's housebroken!  And did I mention that she is adorable?  Layne's Petfinder ID number is 8330 and you find out more about this sweet homeless puppy at Dogwood Animal Shelter 573-348-4411
Layne, Treeing Walker Coonhound / Hound Mix Puppy
If a cat would be a better fit with your family right now, have a look at Frank.  He's an orange tabby cat and only 2 and half years old.  Frank is already neutered, up to date with routine shots and ready to go to his forever home.  His Petfinder ID number is 5153 and you can find out more about Frank by calling Dogwood Animal Shelter at 573=348=4411.
Frank, Orange Tabby Cat
All of the dogs and cats shown here today are available at Dogwood Animal Shelter in Osage Beach, Missouri.  Right now you'll find Dogwood Animal Shelter has 93 cats and 84 dogs listed on Petfinder.  

Dogwood Animal Shelter was established in 1976.  In 2005 they built a new facility that houses approximately 200 cats and dogs.  Funded entirely by donation, sales at their Dogwood Thrift Shop, and adoption fees.  They provide low cost spay and neuter and microchipping to the community.  In 2010 they spayed / neutered over 1200 pets.  They also provide a free educational program designed to promote empathy, humane treatment, and responsible pet ownership. In 2010, Dogwood counted 100 elementary school classrooms that participated.  In addition, Dogwood provides low cost obedience classes for pet owners.

You may remember that we adopted our Golden Retriever mixed breed dog, Jeffie from Dogwood in 2006.  We found his brother, Joe, on Petfinder.  This was a litter of 3 puppies with a Golden Retriever mother.  We called Dogwood immediately and just a few hours later drove to Osage Beach.  After playing with all three pups, we made the decision that "Stevie" (as the folks at Dogwood called him) was the puppy for our family.  As we were completing adoption papers, a family came in that had looked at these same puppies earlier.  Another puppy from Jeffie's litter found a home that same day.

Jeffie, one of our Talking Dogs, at 9 weeks old
At Talking Dogs, we don't encourage giving a pet as a Christmas gift.  However, if you are planning to add a furry friend to your family, please don't shop for one.  Adopt from an animal rescue or animal shelter.  You'll be glad you did! 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Papillon Dog Lover Jewelry Gifts

Tri Color Papillon Dog Lover Necklace and Brooch...
If you've lost your heart to one of these wonderful dogs, then you need to take a look at the Papillon dog breed jewelry and gifts at For Love of a Dog.  Each piece of jewelry and each dog leash holder is hand crafted the old fashioned way in our Missouri Ozarks art studio.  We love what we do and we think it shows in our unique handmade dog breed jewelry.

Shown above left is a beautiful tri color Papillon dog lover necklace with removable pendant to wear as a brooch.

Or if your Papillon dog is cream and fawn in color, how about this Papillon dog lover necklace in silver.  This necklace also has a removable pendant to wear as a pin.
Papillon Dog Lover Necklace with Pin
We also have small pendants and pins, like this Papillon dog lover brooch with vintage gold ribbon.
Papillon Vintage Gold Ribbon Pin
We even have some Papillon dog leash holders hand crafted with artisan porcelain tile sculptures.  Below is our Papillon dog leash holder in cream and raspberry.
Papillon Dog Leash Holder
Fetch more unique dog lover jewelry and gifts from For Love of a Dog.  Because our items are handmade and most are one of a kind, shop now for best selection.  We offer friendly customer service and fast, FREE standard shipping.