Sunday, December 11, 2011

Save a Life: Adopt a Dog or Cat from Animal Rescue

Petey, Dalmatian Lab Mix Dog..
Thinking about adding a furry member to you family?  Please don't shop, adopt from an animal rescue or animal shelter.

At left is Petey.  He lost his loving home when his owner had to go into a nursing home.  Petey is 9 years old, but still has a lot of spunk.  He's a Dalmatian Labrador Retriever mixed breed dog.

Already house trained, Petey is good with kids, too.  His shots are up to date and he's just looking for a forever home to live out his golden years. You can find Petey on Petfinder; Pet ID 8048.

How about a young black Labrador Retriever mixed breed dog?  Jake is a young Lab Chow mix;  born on January 8, 2008.  He's playful, friendly, and ready for training.  Jake makes friends with other dogs and loves attention from people.  Jake is already neutered and up to date with routine shots.  His Petfinder ID 4998 and you can call Dogwood Animal Shelter for more information at 573-348-4411.
Jake, Labrador Retriever Chow Mixed Breed Dog
 If your household is ready for lots of puppy energy, consider Layne, a Treeing Walker Coonhound / Hound mixed breed dog.  She is 4 months old and adorable!  Layne is already spayed, up to date with routine shots and she's housebroken!  And did I mention that she is adorable?  Layne's Petfinder ID number is 8330 and you find out more about this sweet homeless puppy at Dogwood Animal Shelter 573-348-4411
Layne, Treeing Walker Coonhound / Hound Mix Puppy
If a cat would be a better fit with your family right now, have a look at Frank.  He's an orange tabby cat and only 2 and half years old.  Frank is already neutered, up to date with routine shots and ready to go to his forever home.  His Petfinder ID number is 5153 and you can find out more about Frank by calling Dogwood Animal Shelter at 573=348=4411.
Frank, Orange Tabby Cat
All of the dogs and cats shown here today are available at Dogwood Animal Shelter in Osage Beach, Missouri.  Right now you'll find Dogwood Animal Shelter has 93 cats and 84 dogs listed on Petfinder.  

Dogwood Animal Shelter was established in 1976.  In 2005 they built a new facility that houses approximately 200 cats and dogs.  Funded entirely by donation, sales at their Dogwood Thrift Shop, and adoption fees.  They provide low cost spay and neuter and microchipping to the community.  In 2010 they spayed / neutered over 1200 pets.  They also provide a free educational program designed to promote empathy, humane treatment, and responsible pet ownership. In 2010, Dogwood counted 100 elementary school classrooms that participated.  In addition, Dogwood provides low cost obedience classes for pet owners.

You may remember that we adopted our Golden Retriever mixed breed dog, Jeffie from Dogwood in 2006.  We found his brother, Joe, on Petfinder.  This was a litter of 3 puppies with a Golden Retriever mother.  We called Dogwood immediately and just a few hours later drove to Osage Beach.  After playing with all three pups, we made the decision that "Stevie" (as the folks at Dogwood called him) was the puppy for our family.  As we were completing adoption papers, a family came in that had looked at these same puppies earlier.  Another puppy from Jeffie's litter found a home that same day.

Jeffie, one of our Talking Dogs, at 9 weeks old
At Talking Dogs, we don't encourage giving a pet as a Christmas gift.  However, if you are planning to add a furry friend to your family, please don't shop for one.  Adopt from an animal rescue or animal shelter.  You'll be glad you did! 

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