Thursday, December 8, 2011

Don't Forget Animal Rescue at Christmas

All of us at Talking Dogs urge you to remember the animals shelters and rescues this Christmas season with a donation of cash, supplies, dog toys and collars.  Spend a little time at your local shelter with your camera and take some good photos of the dogs for Petfinder.  Walk a dog or two.  Talk with a dog or two.  Scratch some furry ears and rub some tummies.  Put that Christmas spirit into action.

We don't really recommend giving a pet as a Christmas gift.  However, if you're planning to add a dog to your family this Christmas, don't shop.  Adopt a shelter dog. 


  1. I couldn't watch the whole video - I'm traveling and missing my boys so bad. I may just find the animal shelter here and come home with a new pup!


  2. Hey Sam... You know that old saying about two's company, three's a crowd? In our experience, three is a party! Seriously, it would be wonderful if you could go home with a new shelter pup. We've been toying with adding a fourth...
    Regardless, have a safe journey home!

  3. Sad but so important. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. actually I just gave to kitties when I visited Kitty City this past Wednesday (I blogged about it today)

    I brought 2 cat scratchers, some kitty toys and some food!


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