Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dog Walking Teamwork

Jeffie and Rudy learning to walk together on a split lead.  Unfortunately, the photographer wasn't ready with the camera when they managed to twist themselves around the dog walker and almost bring him down.
They're beginning to get the hang of moving together.  Rudy is still very anxious, plus he's getting goosed by the split lead.
Now they're really catching on!
20 minutes:  Jeffie & Rudy are working as a team.  Such good boys! 


  1. OMD - I've been wanting to try one of those with the boys but have been so afraid. I'm sure I'll be horribly damaged beyond repair...


  2. Wow did they get the hang of it quick! I still haven't tried my split lead with Fred and Gloria. I keep chickening out!

  3. Sam & Bassetmomma - Give a split lead a try. We've used them for years. So handy when you're traveling. There's a moment of anxiety at the very beginning, but plant your feet and be prepared to sort them out. The dogs - especially when they're buddies - want to make this work. You can do it! :-D


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