Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dogs Wearing Antlers: Not So Wordless Wednesday

So, you say you want to take a photograph or two of your dog pack wearing antlers and big red bows for Christmas.  I recommend you get a much better photographer than I had (myself).  I also suggest you get a better assistant than I had.  

Before we even got started, the dogs were excited at the prospect of being "dressed."  Mostly they're content with wearing necklaces (collars) or bandanas and otherwise being naked.  (You know what I mean.)  So, getting dressed is accompanied with stress.  The good kind, but stress nonetheless.

As we got started, the dogs pretty much went crazy.  That was when I discovered that my assistant was using bits of (human) Christmas sugar cookies (with icing, of course) as the treats in this project.  (The human was already on a sugar high of his own.)

Lucy was all through with the antler thing when she knew cookies - real ones - were involved.  I"d put the antlers on on her head.  One quick swipe of a paw and her antlers were on the floor.  The boys were more helpful, Rudy especially.  Because he LOVES wearing the antlers.  Seriously.

At any rate, we never got one shot with all three dogs that is truly worth sharing.  Heck, we didn't really get even one photo that's really worth sharing!  Well.... I do assume that "dog people" will understand.  However, you can bet that none of these made it into a Christmas card.

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