Friday, December 2, 2011

Dog Lover Jewelry Gifts at For Love of a Dog

Unique Dog Lover Dogbone Necklace
At For Love of a Dog we love dogs.  Big dogs.  Little dogs.  Old dogs.  Young dogs.  Purebred dogs.  Mixed breed mutts.

Okay, we admit it:  we especially love mutts.  So, it should come as no surprise that we create dog lover art jewelry especially for other folks like us.  Nearly all of our jewelry items are one of a kind - just like your beloved dog.  You're not ever going to see anyone else wearing the same piece of jewelry.

The dog lover necklace shown above is a gorgeous gold hand crafted necklace with porcelain dog bones, freshwater pearls and an amazing hand carved dog head pendant.

Is your best friend a fluffy white dog?  Then check out this dog lover necklace with white lamp work dog bones, pink crystals and an adorable fluffy white dog artisan lamp work pendant.
White Dog Lover Dogbone Lamp Work Necklace
If bold jewelry is more your style, fetch a closer look at this chunky dog lover necklace.  The solid jasper gemstone pendant is an incredible hand carved dog with an Egyptian or primitive quality.  Absolutely gorgeous gemstones in cream and dark brick red accented with silver.
Chunky Dog Lover Necklace
You won't need a full moon to appreciate this howling at the moon dog lover necklace.  Hand carved aventurine gemstone pendant in sage green depicts a beautiful canine letting loose at the sight of the moon.  Reminds me very much of some Pit Bull Terrier dogs, but really could represent your mixed breed best friend.  This necklace is an earthy festival of rich color.
Howl at the Moon Dog Lover Jewelry
Fetch more mixed breed and mutt dog lover jewelry at For Love of a Dog.  Choose from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches and more.  You'll also find dog breed jewelry, dog rescue jewelry, dog breed Christmas ornaments, and even cat jewelry and horse jewelry.  Fast, free standard shipping makes life just a little sweeter.  

Because each of our items are one of a kind, quantities are limited.  Shop For Love of a Dog Jewelry and Gifts now for best selection.

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