Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Thoughts about Dogs and Life

There's just too much going on this time of year.  We brought our Christmas tree home during the Thanksgiving holiday.  So far it has lights and garland.  Gary keeps reminding me (with a sad tone of voice) that we have yet to hang the ornaments.  He's right, of course.  I swear I'll shake free to do it today.  Yep, putting it in writing.  (He reads this blog, so I'd better make good on this promise.)

Talking Dogs is the blog presence of For Love of a Dog Jewelry & Gifts.  This is the busiest time of the year for my business.  I joke about being one of Santa's elves.  The difference being that after Christmas, I suspect they get to rest.  Maybe take vacation on some beach somewhere.  In my case, I'll be breathing deep and contemplating my very picked over shop inventory and fretting about being ready for Valentine's Day!  No wonder I feel crazy at least half the time... I am!

Actually, the day after Christmas I'll be looking forward to my birthday cake.  It's annual tradition that Gary bakes some wicked chocolate layer cake for my special day.  Then, of course, is New Years, followed by our wedding anniversary.   So it will be more like January 7 that I truly begin freaking out about Valentine's Day.   LOL 

I told you, there's too much going on this time of year!

I missed Wordless Wednesday altogether this week.  I blame Mother Nature, who provided little in the way of sunshine or natural light this week.  My photos with flash truly stink!   We've been hoping for a good opportunity to snap some pix of Rudy in reindeer antlers.

Believe it or not, Rudy like them (the reindeer antlers).  He doesn't try to remove them;  just proudly trots through the house showing off his cool headgear.  Jeffie looks a bit embarrassed, but tolerates them.  With his ultra serious demeaner, it's an odd look for him.  Lucy tends to look totally disgusted, lays down, and with one good swipe, the antlers are off.  

Gary set up our pair of lighted reindeer in the back yard this year so we can really enjoy them (as opposed to the neighbors driving by).  Rudy was pretty shocked when the lights came on the first night.  When the reindeer started moving, he was ready to come inside.  He spent a lot of time at the window, watching those creatures.   Every night when the front Christmas lights come on, Jeffie races to the front door barking.  I'm sure he wishes it was the UPS or FedEx man.  So do I.  There are still some gifts I purchased online that haven't arrived yet.  Including some new Kong toys for the 4-leggers.

Which brings me right back to this busy time of year. So, please bear with me as I do a lot of shameless self-promotion.  As I get packages ready for shipping, run to the Post Office, work in my studio on last minutes custom orders, field phone calls from customers...  I'm thinking about puppy mills, the endless pleas from animal rescues in my mail and email inbox, dog books, news stories about more animal cruelty, new YouTube videos with dogs singing Christmas carols, and playing Jolly Ball with my own dogs.   And I'll be sharing those thoughts with you.  Soon.  I promise.  (in writing!)

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