Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pledge to Save Missouri's Puppy Mill Dogs

The Humane Society of the United States is circulating a barking good petition to save Missouri's puppy mill dogs.  People signing the petition are pledging to help phase out the worst puppy mill abuses in the state of Missouri.  In essence those signing are supporting the passage of Prop B in November.

The HSUS pledge explains Prop B:   This November, Missourians will have the opportunity to vote on a citizen initiative to save tens of thousands of dogs from suffering in puppy mills. Unbelievably, large-scale puppy mills in Missouri are allowed to keep dogs in small wire cages, stacked on top of each other, for their entire lives. They often don't get exercise, sunlight, companionship, or human interaction—they live in filth and excrement and suffer discomfort and injuries from standing on wire for years on end.

Visit the HSUS site and have a read.  We hope you'll join For Love of a Dog Jewelry in signing the pledge.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Senate Passes Bill to Ban Crush Videos

According to the Humane Society of the United States, last night, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved legislation (H.R. 5566, as amended) to ban the sale of cruel animal "crush" videos. These sick films feature women in high-heeled shoes impaling, crushing, stomping or smothering small animals for the titillation of viewers. The legislation now goes back to the House, which approved it overwhelmingly in July by a vote of 416-3, to act on the Senate-passed version.

I'm headed for the telephone to urge my representative to vote in favor of the bill.  All of us at For Love of a Dog Jewelry urge you to do the same.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Barking Neon Green Van Chased by Dog

Imagine a neon green van driving down a city street.  Now imagine that this van is barking.  Yes, barking.  And as the van passes you realize there seems to be a big dog chasing it.  

You're not dreaming;  you've just seen the Snicky Snaks incredibly creative marketing ploy.    I stumbled on this news story from St Louis and cannot resist sharing.  Full disclosure:  For Love of a Dog Jewelry is in no way affiliated with Snicky Snaks.  We're just pretty crazy about their van.  Doggone it...  we're charmed and a bit jealous.  Take a look:

Snicky Snaks is an organic dog treat created by Riccardo Hayes and Jason Hendry, a couple of guys who wanted healthy snacks for their dogs.  And, yes, the van looks an awful lot like a bag of Snicky Snaks.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dog Songs: I think I Might Be a Dog

At For Love of a Dog Jewelry we love songs about dogs.  Sure, we like some better than others, but if its a song about dogs...  we like it!  So, here's another great song entitled I Think I Might Be a Dog.  Sit.  Stay.  Have a listen and enjoy.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dog Song: A Doggy Summer

Okay, this is not really a dog song.  However, none of us at For Love of a Dog Jewelry could resist sharing it.  No dog lover should miss out seeing this wickedly creative video.  You'll see no humans, just beautiful dogs filled with personality having a barking good time at the beach.  Highly entertaining.  Grab a dog.  Sit.  Stay.  Enjoy a last gasp of warm summer weather.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

For Love of a Dog Jewelry in Miller Beer Commercial

Remember awhile back when we announced our jewelry would be used in filming a Miller High Life ber commercial?  The beer commercial set at a dog show in New York City?   Well...  we finally saw it.  A number of our readers emailed to ask when it would air.  We never did figure that out.  However, below is the entire commercial courtesy of   In the interest of full disclosure, we confess we watched numerous times trying to actually see the jewelry.  Best showing is the Chinese Crested dog breed pin worn by a fellow.  That gave us a chuckle.  There are other pins and a couple of necklaces, but you are forgiven if you can't spot them.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Missouri Dog Breeder Requests Rescue from ASPCA

A Camden County, Missouri dog breeder called the ASPCA and requested help. Due to hardships caused by the economy, the breeder could no longer afford to feed and care for their 100 dogs. The ASPCA rescued more than 100 dogs which they then divided between the Southwest Missouri Humane Society in Springfield, Mo and the Missouri Humane Society in St Louis, MO.

The dogs are a mix of large and small breeds. They include small breeds such as Dachshund, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apsos, and large breeds such as Huskie and Boxer.  The Springfield folks reported that the dogs were in pretty good shape.  They'll receive further evaluation, any neccessary vet care,  and then will be available for adoption in about a week.

The report I saw was via KY3 television news out of Springfield. In that report you'll notice both the reporter and the ASPCA staff referring to this as a puppy mill rescue. I happen to agree with the SW MO Humane Society staff person who said this is a breeder trying to do the right thing.

SAAF House - a New Spay Neuter Clinic in Springfield Missouri

Now, here's some good news.  There's a new low cost spay and neuter clinic in Springfield, MO called Saaf House.  Open four days a week, Saaf House offers reasonably priced vet care for companion pets.  Their web site posts prices for various procedures, vaccines and other services.

Saaf House is a project of the Springfield Animal Advocacy Foundation (SAAF), a not for profit formed in 2007 by folks from various local animal welfare agencies.  They have a big goal:  to make  southwestern Missouri no kill by 2018.  They aim to acheive that goal by reducing the number of animals coming into Animal Control, increasing adoptions, and educating the public about animal welfare issues.  Saaf House is just the latest in their arsenal of solutions to the problem of homeless animals.

SAAF members include:  the Animal Abuse Council, Castaway Animal Rescue Effort (CARE), Pet Connection, Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), Springfield Greene County Animal Control, Canines 'N Cats Adoption Station.  Rather than taking in more animals and building more space to shelter them, these Missouri Ozarks animal organizations are implementing proactive programs that will save both money and lives.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are Your Dogs Tweeting?

Puppy Tweets Blue
As usual, I'm late to the party on this one.  Mattel's Puppy Tweets gixmo.  In case you haven't heard, this spring Mattel introduced Puppy Tweets, the electronic dog tag that sends messages to your home computer, then Tweets to you.  Puppy Tweets™ is a tag with a sound and motion sensor that you attach to your pet's dog collar and connect its USB receiver to your computer. 
If you've ever wondered what your pet is doing while your away, you can find out via Twitter. Whenever your dog moves or barks, the Puppy Tweets™ tag detects it and sends a Tweet via Twitter. You can follow your dog's Twitter feed on your computer or smart phone all day.

I can imagine Tucker's tweets:  I'm napping.   I'm still napping.  There might be one like:  I'm getting a drink of water and then I'm going to take another nap.  Let's face it.  Puppy Tweets works if your dog moves or barks.  Heck, I'd be watching for Tucker's tweets and would eventually think he'd bit the big one or something.  I'd be a nervous wreck wondering if he was "just napping" or had entered "the big sleep."

Lucy's tweets would be similar to Tucker's.  However, there would be more of them since she likes to change napping locations frequently.

Jeffies tweets would be much more exciting.  The neighbors cattle are in sight!  The cat moved!  Joe's dogs are barking!  A car went by! A leaf dropped! The jolly ball is fun!  Love my stuffed mooing cow!  All these tweets would be punctuated by the tweet:  I'm back at the front windows watching for you to come home, Mom!

Let's face it. If I'm not home with my dogs, I'm busy.  I don't have time to follow the tweets of three dogs.  And in the time periods when there are no tweets...  well, I'd have to go home to check my dogs!

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Book Orphans of Katrina by Karen O'Toole

Five years ago, we were glued to our television in paralysed horror.  Our hearts broke as we watched the news coverage of Hurricane Katrina.  The loss and devastation, the chaos and heartbreak are things that we will never forget.

In the midst of all the human suffering, thousands of companion animals were abandoned in the drowning city of New Orleans.  Karen O'Toole has written a moving account of her experiences of rescue and frustration, disillusionment and redemption in our Gulf region. 

Fetch her new book Orphans of Katrina: Inside the World's Biggest Animal Rescue.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dog Songs: Everything Reminds Me of My Dog by Jane Siberry

Woof!  I found another wonderful dog song.  Everything Reminds Me of My Dog, by Jane Siberry, is upbeat, catchy and before the first playing ended I was humming along.  Heard here as soundtrack for a dog tribute video for Zeus.  Great dog photos.  Sit.  Stay.  Fetch another barking good dog song.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Here in Missouri the Puppy Mill People are Calling

About 8 pm last night the phone rang.  Another one of those computer automated calls.  My immediate instinct was to hang up because this is Tea Party territory and we get a lot of political calls.  But then I caught the subject matter:  Prop B.

Prop B (formerly known as the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act) is a legislative initiative that will appear on Missouri's November ballot.  It addresses humane standards in commercial breeding facilities.  And in my opinion, it is long overdue.

Back to the phone call which was urging me to vote against Prop B.  Yes, against it.  According the recorded message, dog breeders in Missouri would be arrested if a crumb of dog food fell into a dog's water dish if Prop B passes.

Yeah, right.

40% of all pet store puppies come from Missouri puppy mills.  Missouri has almost 3 times as many commercial breeders than any other state in our country.  Missouri has earned the well deserved reputation as the Puppy Mill Capitol of the United States due to its many unsanitary, overcrowed, and poorly regulated commercial dog breeding facilities.  According to a Missouri state audit report released in July 2008, the MO Department of Agriculture had failed to inspect 40% of the the state's known licensed commercial breeders as required by law. 

If Prop B is passed by Missouri voters in November, here's what it will do.  The new law will require large-scale breeding operations to provide each dog with adequate food, water, exercise, veterinary care, enclosure space, and protection from the elements.  Wire cage flooring will no longer be allowed, and dogs will have free access to outdoor exercise areas.

While I write this I have one dog laying on my feet, another blocking my chair so I can't get up without notice, and another snoozing in the doorway of the room.  Three dogs that are my constant companions and beloved family members.  Not only am I in favor of Prop B, I don't think it does enough.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Dogs Can't Vote, You Can Art Exhibit in Springfield MO

Misery in Missouri - Dogs Can't Vote...You Can Art Exhibit
September 17 through October 1
Canvas Gallery 315 South Avenue, Springfield, MO

Opening Night Meet and Greet with MAAL Executive Director Bob Baker
September 17 from 5 - 7 pm
Refreshments served.
Meet and Greet tickets - $10 donation

Regular art exhibit hours at the Canvas Gallery are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.  This exhibit will also be featured as part of the First Friday Art Walk on Friday, October 1 from 6 - 9 pm.

This art exhibit is designed to raise awareness about Missouri's puppy mill industry and is sponsored by the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation (MAAL).  Featured will be information on Prop B, an initiative that will appear on Missouri's November ballot addressing humane standards in commercial breeding facilities. Each of the pieces in this compelling exhibit will include comments from the artists, adding even more depth and emotion to the overall effect. All of the artwork was created by Missouri artists.

For more information about this event contact the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation.  Donations received will benefit MAAL, a 501c4 lobbying organization.

Individuals interested in learning more about Prop B are invited to attend. Information can also be found at the Alliance website.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dogs Days at the Market in Kirkwood Missouri

Dogs Days Celebration at the Market
Saturday, September 25, 2010    9AM - Noon

Downtown Kirkwood, MO

Kirkwood Farmers' Market will go to the dogs on Saturday, September 25 for the annual Dog Days Celebration. The event kicks off with "Dogs on Parade", a half-mile dog parade through Downtown Kirkwood. After the parade, dog enthusiasts can visit with non-profit animal welfare groups and shop for dog-related merchandise.

If your non-profit group or pet-related business is interested in participating in this year's Dog Days event, please download a sign up form here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue Event September 25

Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue Annual Fundraiser
Reunion Picnic and Silent Auction
September 25, 2010

The non-profit organization, Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue was incorporated in June 2003.  Their mission is to make permanent lifelong placements for the greyhounds they take in so that both the adopter and the hounds are happy.  They also provide ongoing support to their greyhounds and adopters after the adoption.

They take in as many greyhounds as possible even those with special needs and those who tend to stay with them a long time. They keep the hounds in foster homes until they are able to find find them appropriate homes. Recently they took in two hounds from a home where 26 dogs were confiscated in an alleged cruelty case. 

Visit Central Ohio Greyhound Rescue on the web to find out more about this event.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Black Dog Jewelry at For Love of a Dog

Its no secret that at For Love of a Dog Jewelry we love black dogs.  We always have had at least one black dog among our critter crew.  All have been adopted from an animal shelter or rescued.  Why black dogs are often overlooked at shelters and among the last to be adopted is a question we often asked ourselves.  These days Black Dog Syndrome is recognized in the animal welfare community and many shelters and rescue groups have refocused their efforts to combat this prejudice against black dogs.

One small way I advocate for black dog adoption is by wearing my own one of a kind black dog jewelry.  It's a great way to engage people in conversation about the plight of black dogs.  Increasing awareness is always a good thing and talking about something like a handcrafted bracelet is a very non-threatening way to do it.

To the left is one of our handmade advocacy bracelets.  This handcrafted black dog  bracelet features a charming Czech glass dog head bead with a hand carved black onyx gemstone star surrounded by luscious creamy white freshwater pearls.  Sterling silver accents really shine here.  Pretty dangles include another black onyx star and a little silver three dimensional dog bone. 

Why a star?  Because black dog lovers and advocates are definitely stars!  Why pearls?  Because black dogs are often referred to as Black Pearl Dogs.

Fetch more black dog jewelry and dog advocacy necklaces and bracelets at For Love of a Dog Jewelry.  It's a great way to advocate change in how the public thinks of black dogs.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Historic Missouri Puppy Mill Legislation Effort Kicks Off Today

Today marks an historical event for dog lovers in Missouri.  The Vote YES on Prop B campaign will formally kick off the week of September 12, 2010, with events across the show me state.  Learn what you can do to ensure passage of this important legislation by attending one of these events.  This ballot initiative will dramatically improve the care of dogs in commercial breeding operations and will crack down on inhumane puppy mills.

The Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation (MAAL) has a new Executive Director, Bob Baker.  He's been investigating Missouri puppy mills for over 30 years.  He'll be a guest speaker, as well as representatives from the Humane Society of Missouri, the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA.

Monday, September 13 in Columbia, MO
Cate Berlin, 220 N 10th St
6 - 8 pm

Tuesday, September 14 in St Louis, MO
Humane Society of Missouri,  1201 Macklind Ave
6 - 8 pm

Wednesday, September 15 in Kansas City, MO
Brush Creek Community Center, 3801 Emanuel Cleaver Blvd
6 - 8 pm

Thursday, September 16 in Springfield, MO
Kings Way United Methodist Church, 2401 South Lone Pine Ave
6 - 8pm

If you have any questions about these events, contact the Alliance at or 1.877.444.6225

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Black Dog Reunion in St Louis MO

Mark your calendars now for the annual Black Dog Reunion.  The Black Dog Club of the MO Humane Society celebrates black dogs and their people every year at this fun event.

Thursday, September 30, 2010 from 6 - 8 pm
Carol Gates Throop Memorial Park
(across from the Humane Society at 1201 Macklind Avenue, St. Louis, MO)

  • Enjoy wine, beer and snacks while your dog enjoys a Frosty Paws treat.
  • The St Louis Disc Dog Club performs at 6:30 pm
  • Pet contests include prizes for:  Best Dressed, Best Dog Owner Look-alike, and Best Stunt or Trick.
  • Enter to win door prizes and buy some raffle tickets for great prizes.
  • Black dogs available for adoption will be at this event.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Strut Your Mutt in Washington MO

Strut Your Mutt
Saturday, September 18, 2010
10 AM to 1 PM
Washington Riverfront Pavilion
Washington, MO

Bring the whole family and show off your canine friends to other adopters and pet lovers.  There will be doggie games, contests and pet-friendly products and vendors.  This event benefits the Franklin County Humane Society.  Fetch them on the web.

FCHS is an independent, privately run nonprofit animal shelter serving resident animals and people in Franklin County. It is funded only by fees, fundraising events and private donations. FCHS receives no municipal tax support or funding from other national organizations like HSUS, ASPCA or United Way. FCHS currently receives roughly 4,000 animals from the community annually. FCHS provides health care and housing, adoption programs, spay and neuter programs, lost/found assistance, and municipal animal control boarding. In its fifteen year history, FCHS has taken in approximately 75,000 animals.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What About the Pets of the Homeless

"Homelessness is the number one risk factor for companion animals in the United States. These animals die for no other reason than the mere fact that they, for whatever reason, lack a home," says ASPCA President & CEO Ed Sayres in an April 2010 statement
 It is estimated by the National Coalition for the Homeless that 3.5 million people are homeless. Between 5% to 10% of homeless people have dogs and/or cats. In some areas of the country the rate is as high as 24%. Most people who experience homelessness are homeless for a short period of time, and usually need help finding housing or a rent subsidy. But unfortunately for those with pets it becomes more difficult. Many are forced to choose between their pet or a roof over their head. Surprisingly, most choose to stay on the streets with their pets for longer periods of time
 In 2006, while visiting New York City, Pets of the Homeless founder, Genevieve Frederick, saw a homeless man begging while his pathetic dog lay beside him. Unable to get this vision from her head, she began researching the homeless with pets. A persistent thought whirled around in her head, "Why would these people, who can barely feed themselves, have a pet?" The answer became apparent with the realization of how nonjudgmental pets are, they provide comfort, give love and an emotional bond of loyalty without complaint. It was also clear, in some cases, how pets provide protection and warmth. The staggering, countless number of pets of the homeless touched Frederick to the extent she felt compelled to do something. Thus Pets of the Homeless was born. Since 2008, 53.7 tons of pet food has been donated and distributed.

Pets of the Homeless is a nonprofit all volunteer organization that provides pet food and veterinary care to the homeless and less fortunate in local communities across the United States and Canada. Their member collection sites accept donated pet food from people like you and me. They then deliver it to distributing organizations (food banks, homeless shelter and/or soups kitchens) which have agreed to distribute the pet food to the homeless and poor. They also award grants to veterinarians who go where the homeless congregate to provide veterinary care and have a pet sleeping crate program

Want to help? It can be as easy as repackaging donated pet food into quart sized baggies and deliver to a distribution site. Most homeless with pets are transit and move around daily seeking shelter, food, water and bathrooms. Distribution centers (Food Banks/Soup Kitchens) need to have repackaged pet food in smaller quantities to give away. Larger bags of food are impossible for the homeless to manage. Can you imagine carrying 25 pounds of pet food? You can help to recruit distribution sites, volunteer at a soup kitchen and spread the word. Take to the streets and distribute pet food to the homeless. Talk to your local vets and help them become a collection site for donated pet food. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The dog and cat companions of the homeless need food, medical care, spay/neutering, and kindness. Pets of the Homeless is a voice for them. Join them.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pugfest Pug Dog Rescue and Adoption

Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption, Inc. (SEPRA) was formed in Georgia in 1990 to aid in placing lost, surrendered or abandoned pugs in loving, caring homes primarily in the Southeast (GA, FL, SC, TN, MO). Although, they will take any pug in need from any place.

SEPRA is an all volunteer, not for profit organization dedicated to pugs. They will take any and all pugs regardless of age, health and/or temperament, and they've even been known to take pug mixes. Their pugs come from a variety of avenues including shelters, owner surrenders, and even found wandering down the streets. All pugs are placed in foster care with dedicated volunteers for evaluation and vet-work, which includes: shots, spaying/neutering and treatment for any illnesses, if necessary. They've had many come through with heartworms, knee/hip problems, eye problems, broken limbs etc. They will treat all that is reasonably possible as long as the pug is not suffering.

Their major fundraiser is their annual Pugfest. This year’s Pugfest will be held on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at the Gwinnett county Fairgrounds in Lawrenceville, GA. Note: there is NO rain date for this event. Events begin at 10 am and include great contests including:
• Oldest Pug
• Farthest Traveled Pug
• Curliest Tail
• Most Wrinkles
• Most Gray
• Best Kisser
• Best Trick
• Most Unique Pug Mix
• Longest Tongue

Costume Contests begin at 2 pm and have two classes:
• Store-bought
• Homemade

Their raffle, silent auction, live music and entertainment will continue throughout the day. Tickets are $6 at the gate, however Pugs get in free. See the SEPRA web site for more information.

See the Pet Events calendar at For Love of a Dog for more dog events.  Fetch the For Love of a Dog resource pages for other dog rescue and adoption organizations.