Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are Your Dogs Tweeting?

Puppy Tweets Blue
As usual, I'm late to the party on this one.  Mattel's Puppy Tweets gixmo.  In case you haven't heard, this spring Mattel introduced Puppy Tweets, the electronic dog tag that sends messages to your home computer, then Tweets to you.  Puppy Tweets™ is a tag with a sound and motion sensor that you attach to your pet's dog collar and connect its USB receiver to your computer. 
If you've ever wondered what your pet is doing while your away, you can find out via Twitter. Whenever your dog moves or barks, the Puppy Tweets™ tag detects it and sends a Tweet via Twitter. You can follow your dog's Twitter feed on your computer or smart phone all day.

I can imagine Tucker's tweets:  I'm napping.   I'm still napping.  There might be one like:  I'm getting a drink of water and then I'm going to take another nap.  Let's face it.  Puppy Tweets works if your dog moves or barks.  Heck, I'd be watching for Tucker's tweets and would eventually think he'd bit the big one or something.  I'd be a nervous wreck wondering if he was "just napping" or had entered "the big sleep."

Lucy's tweets would be similar to Tucker's.  However, there would be more of them since she likes to change napping locations frequently.

Jeffies tweets would be much more exciting.  The neighbors cattle are in sight!  The cat moved!  Joe's dogs are barking!  A car went by! A leaf dropped! The jolly ball is fun!  Love my stuffed mooing cow!  All these tweets would be punctuated by the tweet:  I'm back at the front windows watching for you to come home, Mom!

Let's face it. If I'm not home with my dogs, I'm busy.  I don't have time to follow the tweets of three dogs.  And in the time periods when there are no tweets...  well, I'd have to go home to check my dogs!

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