Monday, September 13, 2010

Black Dog Jewelry at For Love of a Dog

Its no secret that at For Love of a Dog Jewelry we love black dogs.  We always have had at least one black dog among our critter crew.  All have been adopted from an animal shelter or rescued.  Why black dogs are often overlooked at shelters and among the last to be adopted is a question we often asked ourselves.  These days Black Dog Syndrome is recognized in the animal welfare community and many shelters and rescue groups have refocused their efforts to combat this prejudice against black dogs.

One small way I advocate for black dog adoption is by wearing my own one of a kind black dog jewelry.  It's a great way to engage people in conversation about the plight of black dogs.  Increasing awareness is always a good thing and talking about something like a handcrafted bracelet is a very non-threatening way to do it.

To the left is one of our handmade advocacy bracelets.  This handcrafted black dog  bracelet features a charming Czech glass dog head bead with a hand carved black onyx gemstone star surrounded by luscious creamy white freshwater pearls.  Sterling silver accents really shine here.  Pretty dangles include another black onyx star and a little silver three dimensional dog bone. 

Why a star?  Because black dog lovers and advocates are definitely stars!  Why pearls?  Because black dogs are often referred to as Black Pearl Dogs.

Fetch more black dog jewelry and dog advocacy necklaces and bracelets at For Love of a Dog Jewelry.  It's a great way to advocate change in how the public thinks of black dogs.

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