Monday, September 27, 2010

Barking Neon Green Van Chased by Dog

Imagine a neon green van driving down a city street.  Now imagine that this van is barking.  Yes, barking.  And as the van passes you realize there seems to be a big dog chasing it.  

You're not dreaming;  you've just seen the Snicky Snaks incredibly creative marketing ploy.    I stumbled on this news story from St Louis and cannot resist sharing.  Full disclosure:  For Love of a Dog Jewelry is in no way affiliated with Snicky Snaks.  We're just pretty crazy about their van.  Doggone it...  we're charmed and a bit jealous.  Take a look:

Snicky Snaks is an organic dog treat created by Riccardo Hayes and Jason Hendry, a couple of guys who wanted healthy snacks for their dogs.  And, yes, the van looks an awful lot like a bag of Snicky Snaks.

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