Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chinese Shar Pei Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

When Lucy was just a puppy she was bitten by what turned out to be some kind of spider. She had an allergic that caused her to swell (and I mean fast). We got to the vets; she got a shot. Quickly the swelling began to subside. Why am I telling you this? Because during this rather frightening event, Lucy looked just like a Shar Pei. And she was adorable. Every time I think of the Shar Pei dog breed, I remember that episode of Lucy's life.

However, I'm supposed to be barking about the Chinese Shar Pei dog breed jewelry available at For Love of a Dog. Shown above is a handcrafted necklace with a very sweet Shar Pei dog sculpture pendant. Red jasper hearts, gold chain and gemstones, this would make a terrific dog lover Christmas gift.

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