Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pharm Assistance Dog Program in Missouri

It's rare for me to be able to report good news about dogs in Missouri. So, my tail is really wagging right now.

I'm barking about the PHARM Dog program. PHARM stands for Pets Helping Agriculture in Rural Missouri. These folks pair farmers with disabilities with dogs who can assist with various tasks around the farm, such as herding livestock, opening gates, carrying buckets or tools.

A new program, they're just this year placing the first assistance dogs with farmers. A three year old Border Collie was the first and he now helps herd sheep and cattle on a northern Missouri farm for a farmer disabled in an accident. That farmer has agreed to give back to the PHARM program by raising a puppy for another farmer.

According to Jackie Allenbrand, a specialist with the Missouri AgrAbility Project and the founder of PHARM, the goal is to help farmers maintain their independance, and continue their ability to productively farm their land. Want to help? PHARM can use dogs, dog trainers, donated puppies and volunteer puppy raisers. They could also use donations of dog food and venterinary medical supplies.

For more information on the PHARM Dog program contact Jackie Allenbrand at 816-279-8558 ext 1026. Visit the Missouri AgrAbility Project on the web.

Head of Security, For Love of a Dog


  1. Love PHARM Dog! I am currently working with this program and I see the true value of it! I have seen the struggles it has overcome and it needs your help to make it succeed nation wide! Looking for more trainers as the need grow with 12 farmers on the list patiently wait for their PHARM dogs!

  2. I work for a city here in missouri and my wife and i take in rescue dogs we are currently trying to find homes for a border collie about a year old and a beagle both are very loveing dogs and this program would be so good for them both


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