Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Basenji Dog Breed Jewelry Gifts

As you all know, I work at For Love of a Dog Jewelry as the head of the Security Department. I've been at this job pretty much my whole life, so I woof from years of experience. My motto has always been to bark softly and carry a big stick. To tell you the truth, I'm not much of a barker at all. What is the point of all that yapping? (Jeffie, you know who I'm woofing about here) Anyway, the Basenji dog breed is definitely one of my favorites. No senseless barking!

If you love a Basenji or know someone who does, you really should fetch this Basenji dog breed pin for them for Christmas. Like the other dog breed pins at For Love of a Dog Jewelry, this is entirely handmade and true to dog breed standards. And this Basenji dog is really quite handsome. If your dog lover friend is not a pin wearer, how about a Basenji dog breed bracelet. It's handcrafted, too, and dog gone pretty.

Why settle for something made in China when you can have dog jewelry made by an artist right here in the Missouri Ozarks! All of our jewelry is made by dog lovers for dog lovers.

Head of Security, For Love of a Dog

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