Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sponsor a Formerly Chained Dog for Christmas

Do you want your holiday gift giving to be about something important this year? Sponsor a formerly Chained Dog or Penned Dog, and you or your loved one will receive a personalized gift letter with a picture of your sponsored foster dog and his/her story.

Give a formerly chained or penned foster dog a taste of first-ever Holiday Cheer! As one of Dogs Deserve Better's most beloved campaigns, the annual Sponsor a Fostered Dog program has reached out and touched many a Holiday heart and home.

Just choose one of their special boys or girls and with your donation or gift box sent directly to them, you can ensure that one life is now not only safe from harm, but happy, beloved, and spoiled (as they deserve to be!. Your sponsor gift may also provide food, housing and veterinary care for Dogs Deserve Better foster dogs throughout the U.S. in the upcoming year, and help teach others about the plight of the chained dogs who are left to languish in the back yard. Plus any sponsor donations over $25 will receive a FREE 2010 Dogs Deserve Better Calendar (an $11 value).

DOGS DESERVE BETTER is a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our 'best friend' into the home and family. Dogs Deserve Better, 2003 First Place Winner of the ASPCA/Chase Pet Protector Award, is a voice for chained and penned dogs, whose sadness speaks only through the eyes. As the days become years, many of these dogs sit, lay, eat, and defecate within the same 10-foot radius. Chained by the neck, they exist without respect, love, exercise, social interaction, and sometimes even basic nourishment. Find our more about Dogs Deserve Better and what you can do to help.

A big WOOF to the fabulous folks at Dogs Deserve Better!
Tucker at For Love of a Dog

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