Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Howloween

Here's the deal. We've never really understood Halloween. We're country dogs, so we don't have small two leggers in strange get-ups coming to the door. Although, Jeffie would love that. He loves it when the doorbell rings and he'd like a chance to herd little kids. Second, frankly, most of the time we're nudists and shun clothing. (I co admit to the ocassional sweater or bandana.) Just trust me when I say I ain't gonna wear no costume. However, I keep hearing this thing about Trick or Treat. The treat part is what's interesting. Very interesting. I am definitely behind the idea of treats. Lots of treats. And for once Lucy and Jeffie agree with me. Especially if we don't even have to do any tricks to get the treats. What a great idea! So, forget the sit, stay, roll over, play dead, yadda yadda. Pass out the treats!
Happy Halloween from all of us at For Love of a Dog Jewelry!

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