Saturday, October 3, 2009

October is Adopt A Dog Month

October is Adopt a Dog Month

All of us at For Love of a Dog encourage you to rescue a shelter dog. Take a look at Jeffie (shown above) when he was a puppy. Mama found Jeffie through Petfinder. He and his two brothers were at Dogwood Animal Shelter waiting for forever homes. Jeffie and his brothers all got adopted. Other homeless dogs are not so lucky.

Can you make room in your home for a homeless dog? Visit your local animal shelter, surf Petfinder, or contact a breed rescue group to find a canine companion to share life's adventures. Millions of loyal, lovable dogs are surrendered to shelters every years simply because their owners couldn't take care of them anymore. Large dogs, small dogs, purebred dogs, mixed breeds... they're all wonderful furry friends waiting for a special friend. Is it you?
There are so many benefits to having a canine companion it's impossible to list them all here. Dogs encourage people to exercise, they're great stress reducers, they are a source of non-judgemental love at its purest.
If you’re ready to find your very own faithful canine companion, check out American Humane’s very helpful resources to learn about the adoption process, behavior and training, and pet care.

Just can't add a canine family member at this time? How about helping at your local shelter? Walk a dog or two every week, play with the dogs to help socialize them, collect needed supplies. There are lots of ways to help and your local shelter would be glad to give you options that fit your lifestyle.

One last word on the subject for now ~ as a black dog myself, I have to urge you to please consider adopting or sponsoring a black dog because we black dogs are often overlooked.

Woof! Woof! Tucker

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