Friday, October 16, 2009

July Dog Fighting Ring Raid Update

We have an update from the Missouri Humane Society on some of the survivors of the July dog fighting ring raid:

They lived tortured lives full of pain and deprivation from owners who brutally bred, trained and fought them for “sport” and profit. Their second chance for a great life began July 8 when the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force rescued them in the largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history.

Since then the following three dogs, Fay, Jakob and Junior, have been lovingly cared for by HSMO staff and volunteers. Now, they are among the first of what they hope are many of the more than 500 dogs from this rescue who will go to rescue groups and, ultimately, wonderful new homes.

Fay is a five-year-old, black female American Pit Bull Terrier. Her scarred face tells her story – she has no lips, most likely ripped off in a brutal dog fight. Now, she will be nurtured by the founders and volunteers of Mutts-n-Stuff, a St. Louis-based bully breed rescue group. They hope Fay will eventually earn her Canine Good Citizen certification and become a Certified Therapy Dog.

Jakob is a one-year-old, brindle, male American Pit Bull Terrier. Though still a youngster, Jacob came to the Humane Society of Missouri's emergency shelter with many scars and a fresh wound on his face. The now lucky boy, who loves to snuggle and give very soft kisses, will travel this week to San Francisco for rehabilitation and a great new life with Our Pack Inc. Pit Bull Rescue

Junior is an 11 year-old, tan, male American Pit Bull Terrier. On his Rescue Day they found he had cataracts, many broken and rotting teeth and he was severely underweight. Now he’s a gentle, old soul, much healthier and ready to be pampered in “retirement” by the founders and volunteers of Missouri-based Broken Hearts, Mended Souls Rescue

From the very beginning, HSMO's goal for these desperate dogs has been to give each one the best possible chance for a loving forever home. With the help of hundreds of volunteers during the past three months, they rescued them from horrible daily abuse, treated their wounds, gave them nourishing food, walked and gave them loving attention, evaluated their health and behavior and have scoured the U.S. to find them caring, understanding homes.

We are thrilled Fay, Jakob and Junior have found their happy endings. The Humane Society of Missouri is continuing to work with these and many other rescue groups to keep the happy endings coming for as many of these deserving dogs as possible. A seventh person in this case has pled guilty to felony charges of dog fighting

Three woofs and a long howl to the Humane Society of Missouri!
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