Monday, November 29, 2010

Sherman and the Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

Sherman communing with fowl.
Another Thanksgiving is under (and stretching) our belts.  The canines enjoyed their turkey bits.  In fact, as soon as Gary pulled the big roaster out of the mudroom closet, Tucker took up residence in the kitchen.  Close enough to keep a nose on the essence of turkey, but far enough away to avoid getting tripped over.  (We don't call him stealth dog for nothing.)

As we gathered at the table we all shared memories from times past and had a good chuckle at Sherman's expense.  Shermie traveled the rainbow bridge years ago, but still provides us with great entertainment.  One Thanksgiving, family and friends were in the dining room awaiting their dessert.  Imagine my shock when I got a look at the pies sitting on the kitchen counter.  Both had been sampled.  Great gaping empty spaces where pie should be.  Sherman had obviously enjoyed the pumpkin more than the apple pie.  

Honestly, my first thought was to pitch the pies into the trash.  However, Gary prevailed.  I cut around the missing doggie portions.  Sliced smaller than usual pieces and served the pie.  No one was the wiser.  Well, actually, I was wiser.  I never again left food unattended on the counter while Sherman was alive.

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