Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dog Song: A Doggy Christmas Surprise - Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving weekend at the For Love of a Dog household includes decorating the Christmas tree.  Admittedly, at our house the dogs mostly just watch the humans do all the work, though they enjoy the special snacks that are involved.  However, I'm hoping they'll be inspired by this fabulous video story made by a dog training school in Budapest, Hungary.  Yes, the same folks who did A Doggy Summer - the amazing beach party dog video.  Let's face it, almost 7 million viewers can't be wrong.   So, even if you've already seen it (and I'm not telling how many times I have)...  Sit.  Stay.  Rock around the Christmas tree with some great dogs trained in the Mirror Method.  Oh!  And have a Happy Thanksgiving, too!

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  1. Thanks for your nice video specially for the Dog Song... A Doggy Christmas to you too.



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