Friday, October 1, 2010

Missouri Puppy Mill People are STILL Calling

Do you think there's some kind of no call list for this sort of thing?  We're still getting robo calls from the puppy mill folks urging us to vote against and defeat Missouri Proposition B this November.  How deep are their pockets?  This has got to be costing them a fortune.

I can't help but wonder if they're targeting voters in my county for a reason.  Maybe because there are so many puppy mills here. 

According to the Missouri Dept of Agriculture 1,568 MDA licensed commercial breeders in our state this year (2010).   Of that number 57 are in my county of Laclede.  Immediate neighboring counties include:  Camden County with 13, Pulaski County with 13, Texas County with 39, Wright County with 88, Webster County with 61, Dallas County with 53.  Our geographically small seven county area accounts for 324 of the licensed dog breeders in Missouri.  In other words, a little over 20%.

We moved here from Virginia.  According the US Dept of Agriculture, this year the whole state of Virginia has 25 licensed commercial dog breeders.   Talk about a contrast.

I guess I can take some small comfort that I don't live in Wright County, MO.

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