Monday, October 25, 2010

Puppy Mills and Prop B - The Shame of Living in Missouri

Photo courtesy of the HSUS
Beverly Fields / B & B Kennel
 I've said it before and I'll say it again:  I am ashamed to live in Missouri, the puppy mill capitol of America.  With the November elections looming on the horizon and Prop B on the ballot, I'm bombarded from all sides about the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.

Sunday brought the (nearest city) editorial from the Springfield News Leader:  Proposition B well-intentioned but not in the state's best interests.  Their bottom line:  Prop B would "burden ethical breeders."

Huh?   Give me a minute while I try to compose myself.  Ethical dog breeders already comply with the proposed regulations of Prop B and, in fact, do much more than Prop B would require of them.

Ethical dog breeders already make sure their dogs have food and water, shelter from the elements, vet care, space to turn around and stretch in, exercise, and rest between breeding cycles.  That's what Prop B would require.  Does it seem unreasonable to you?  Does it seem like it would place any burden on a dog breeder?  Would you want to adopt a puppy from anyone who does less?

Furthermore,  ethical dog breeders make sure their dogs and puppies are socialized with humans.  Ethical dog breeders keep health records and do not breed dogs which do not contribute to an improvement to the breed.  Ethical dog breeders throroughly screen potential puppy adopters and frequently follow those puppies throughout their lifetimes.  Ethical dog breeders are more than willing to have potential puppy adopters visit their breeding kennels, in fact they encourage it.

Planning to adopt a puppy?  Visit your local shelter, develop a relationship with a responsible, ethical dog breeder.  And if you live in Missouri, vote Yes on Prop B.

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