Friday, July 15, 2011

Missouri Puppy Mill Shut Down: Linda Brisco's Moser Kennel

The puppy mill shut down in Missouri yesterday is Moser Kennel.  Owned and operated by Linda Brisco in Lawrence County, Missouri.  She is the first dog breeder to be prosecuted under Missouri's Proposition B changes for violating the law.

Briso is charged with allowing excess build up of feces on flooring surfaces, allowing water sources to become dirty, and failing to keep sick, aged or young dogs indoors.  She's also accused of not allowing adequate veterinarian visits.  Brisco also failed to provide adequate shade for animals, as well as housing that protected the animals from injury.

On June 28, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster obtained a restraining order stopping Brisco from operating the business and allowing the Department of Agriculture to inspect the dogs on her property in preparation for trial. 

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