Monday, February 27, 2012

Conway Missouri Puppy Mill A-Lick-A-Hope Kennels Closed

Another Missouri puppy mill has been shut down.  Lori Gross, owner and operator of A-Lick-A-Hope Kennels in Conway, Missouri is now prohibited from operating any dog breeding facility in the state for ten years.

Located just a few miles from us, we're dog-goned glad to see it closed.  Conditions reported in our local newspaper were shocking.  We're equally bothered by the number of locals who seemingly knew all about it, yet turned a blind eye and did not report the abuse.  Until now.

Missouri Department of Agriculture inspections of her operation revealed numerous violations of state animal welfare laws including:
  • Failure to provide clean, dry bedding
  • Failure to provide wind and rain breaks to protect the dogs from the elements
  • Failure to keep food receptacles clean and sanitized
  • Failure to provide clean drinking water
  • Failure to collect and remove animal waste
  • Faiture to clean and sanitize the facility
  • Failure to provide housing that protected the animals from injury
  • Failure to provide adequate veterinary care to animals obviously in medical distress.
In addition to being prohibited from doing business in Missouri, Gross has also been assessed a $1,000 civil penalty, $100 for inspection fees, and assessed all costs associated with the court case that resulted in these penalties.

Since the passage of the Missouri Animal Care Facilities Act and Canine Cruelty Prevention Act, there's been a real crackdown thanks to the dedication of Missouri Attorney General Chris Kostner and Director of Agriculture Dr. Jon Hagler.   A Canine Cruelty Prevention Unit was established, more inspectors were added and we've seen many dog breeding operations closed.  The Missouri Canine Cruelty Prevention Unit reports over 5,500 dogs have been rescued from substandard facilities since January 2009.



  1. While I am glad that these kind of breeders are shut down, I am more concerned of those doggies taken from them.

    So, I hope these animals used in breeding and puppies- if there were any, could be placed in good homes that will treat them with TLC.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  2. Yay! I hope the doggies went to a nice safe place!

    1. Yes! And now can find some love in a caring, healthy environment!

  3. I'm so glad that she was shut down, but I feel that the penalty was very minor. She should have been charged $1,000 per animal, per charge.

    Really? She can't operate another facility for 10 years? Then what? I bet she opens one in ten years.

    I really feel like the fines need to be really hefty to make people reconsider this option.

    Hopefully all the dogs will find loving homes where they can overcome this trauma.

    Still a bunch of dogs were saved and that is really what matters. I commend the state legislature, the attorney general and the dept of agriculture for working so hard for these poor pups.

    1. Jodi, I completely agree with you that the penalty is not steep enough. In addition, the danger is that these folks who lose their licenses may set up shop out of state or figure a way around the law. However, I try to see the glass as half full... at least this woman has been publicly prosecuted and convicted... and these dogs are in a safe place now.

  4. How encouraging to see Missouri's Attorney General stepping up to the plate! Too often prosecutors don't seem to think that animal cruelty is a high priority and will not follow through (I'm aware of a case in Wisconsin where an old horse was being allowed to die in the field - no food, water, shelter - animal control stepped in and finally removed the horse but the local prosecutor doesn't think it is worth the court time to prosecute the owner; currently the horse is with a rescue group that doesn't have legal control of the animal....)

    While the penalties often aren't stiff, it is a huge step to see these cases prosecuted at all.
    (And Sue, I hope you are doing as well as can be expected - good to see you got 'back in the saddle' so quickly. What a great tribute to Lucy.)

    1. Chris, I honestly feel really good about Missouri's Attorney General and the stance he's taken to protect animals. I think the fact that the voters passed a much stronger law (which was changed greatly by the MO legislature) was not lost on him.

      And thanks re: Lucy. I'm not dealing with her loss well... just keep tugging at my bootstraps and placing one foot in front of the other these days.


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