Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Red Sky at Morning

Our sunrise yesterday morning seemed to agree with weather forecasts and I snapped a photo of a small flock of geese heading towards the rising sun.

The predicted rain held itself to a mist off and on all day, but we made sure to fill all the bird feeders and play lots of Jolly Ball and frisbe in anticipation of storms to come.  Thankfully, the predicted freezing drizzle and ice has yet to materialize.
So far this year, we've had a strangely mild winter.  A skiff of snow early on, but abnormally warm temperatures since then.  My daylilies are up; forsythia and fruit trees are budded.  We've not had any of the wicked ice storms that our area usually deals with and, a bit sorry to say, no snow for the pups to play in.  However, we have had some up close and personal visits from wildlife that are as strange as the weather.  I'll be sharing some photos of those with you soon!


  1. Sailor take warning!

    Absolutely beautiful. I don't often see skies like that here in the "mountains".

  2. What a beautiful sight! Can't wait to see the critters. ;)


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