Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Snow Dogs!

Rudy was so excited to explore his newly white kingdom!

Even thought the snow was coming down so hard he had to squint his eyes to see.

The dynamic dog duo setting off ...

They didn't last long...

We (finally) got some snow!  When it began I was as excited as the canines and eagerly looking forward to playing (with them) in the white stuff.  Ha!  With wind chills down to 10 degrees and blizzard conditions... none of us last too long out there.  Jeffie's face says it all.
I did manage to snap a photo of one of resident hawks.  No, that is not dirt on the camera lens.  It really was a whiteout for most of the day.  Just for good measure, about 4pm Mother Nature decided we really needed some sleet to top things off.  It was like styrofoam falling from the sky.

The bird feeders were well attended all day long.  Seemed to be a case of avian segregation.  Cardinals at the red feeder; red wing blackbirds at the other.  Other birds squeezed in where they could.  Cardinals mooched at the finch feeder, but I had no luck with a good photo since that feeder is on the other side of the house.  Just too much snow falling at once.

I'm pretty sure Rudy is wishing I'd put down the camera and rescue him from the arctic!


  1. :-) I don't envy you the sleet. While we usually get large amounts of snow this winter we've had more ice than usual.

    I must confess though, living where I do with the dogs I do, it makes me smile to see two pups well prepared by nature additionally wearing very lovely coats. I understand though, that the weather you are getting is not what you have been having... that always makes the wind and snow feel much worse.

    While both look good, I think Rudy has a future as a model for dog wear. Just seeing him look so dashing in his blue coat I'd like to get one for my Lab. And I envy you the variety of birds! Really enjoyed the pictures - thank you for starting my day off with a smile!

    1. I cannot complain about the weather. Our snow has already melted and, much to Rudy's disappointment, it's now just wet and muddy out there! Our dogs do all have coats and Jeffie even has boots that he wears to keep snowballs from forming in his toes. I was lazy... So glad you enjoyed the pictures! :-D


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