Friday, February 17, 2012

Stray Rescue Big Winner in Grow St Louis Contest Fall 2011

In the fall of 2011, a groundswell of people who care about dogs began a grass roots effort to make sure that Stray Rescue of St Louis was the winner in the Monsanto Grow St Louis Contest.  

And they were successful.  

Listen to Randy Grimm, founder of Stray Rescue describe the beginning of this animal rescue group and what winning will do for the dogs of St Louis.

Stray Rescue of St Louis has been going into city neighborhood for years and rescuing the abused, tortured and neglected dogs and cats.  Operating solely on donations and compassion, Stray Rescue has approximately 1,500 volunteers who care for these animals and make sure they are adopted into loving homes.  Visit the Stray Rescue of St Louis website for more information on adoptable cats and dogs, video of animal rescues, information about abandoned animals in St Louis and much more.

During the summer of 2011, Monsanto pledged to help St Louis grow by awarding $15,000, $10,000 and $5,000 awards to local projects quarterly.  Hundreds of people submitted non-profit organizations and projects and thousands voted for the winners.

Stray Rescue of St Louis was the Fall 2011 first place winner and received $15,000 which will be used to complete an animal shelter renovation and for the Stray Rescue Strack's Fund which covers medical expenses for the animals.

Another round of the Grow St Louis contest will begin soon.  Follow Grow St Louis on Facebook to find out more..

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  1. So nice to see money being used to do good work - thank you for the news!


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