Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dakota's Den Review of Sheltie Jewelry at For Love of a Dog

Dakota the Sheltie dog who blogs.  
I am so thrilled to read another glowing review of my For Love of a Dog jewelry work!  This time on the Dakota's Den dog blog!

Dakota's mom ordered a piece of my Sheltie dog jewelry and was very happy about it.  In fact, she said this was the most realistic piece of Sheltie jewelry she'd ever seen.  You can read the full review - Valentine's Day Is Coming! Need Gifts for Dog Lovers? - at Dakota's blog.

I love hearing from happy For Love of a Dog customers and this fabulous review really made my day! Thank you so much, Dakota!

Of course, being a dog person, I had to explore the whole blog!  Dakota's Den - daily doings of a dog named Dakota, Let the Barking Begin! is great reading!  You'll find dog news, information, photos, book reviews, product reviews and much more, in addition to Dakota's reports on life at home. 

Do you love that photo of Dakota?  I do.  It was taken celebrating Dakota's Gotcha Day, October 19, 2007.  Dakota was a birthday present for her mom who had a life-long wish for a Sheltie dog.  

Now you can join Dakota for dog news you can use and doggy fun you'll enjoy every day!  As Dakota says, let the barking begin!


  1. Another great review of your products! Good job!

  2. How incredibly cute! I'll have to pass a link to your jewelry on to my Sheltie friend!


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