Friday, March 25, 2011

Missouri Puppy Mills: Prop B Does Not Need Fixing

It's all very simple, really, it is.  Last November nearly one million Missouri voters approved Prop B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.  And they knew exactly why they voted for this legislation:  dogs are suffering in Missouri's substandard puppy mills.

Missouri legislators have ignored this shameful problem for years.  Now that Prop B has passed, they say they want to "fix" it.  Before it's even gone into effect and in spite of the fact that Missouri voters have spoken.

Not only do these legislators believe they know better than a majority of Missouri voters, their "fix" is a deceitful game that guts Prop B.  The Missouri Senate's "fix" is SB 113 which would strip Prop B of every one of its core provisions.

Next week the Missouri House of Representatives will debate their "fix," HB 131 which also guts Prop B.  

Missouri voters made it clear that they were tired of thousands of breeding dogs suffering their entire lives cruelly housed in stacked, overcrowded, filthy, wire-bottom cages;  denied veterinary care;  exposed to extreme weather;  and given no exercise or human affection.

If you live in Missouri, contact your House representative and ask them to vote NO on HB131 and NO on the emergency clause attached to that bill (which would prevent referendum activity.)

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  1. Why do politicians always think they know better than the voter? They seem to think that we are unable to make our own decisions.

    BrownDog's Momma


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