Monday, March 28, 2011

Homeless Senior Dogs: St Louis Senior Dog Project

Abby, Beagle Shepherd Senior Dog
We count ourselves among the very lucky because we've had the companionship of several old dogs.  Currently, both Tucker and Lucy qualify as senior dogs.  In fact, according to the canine age charts, these two senior dogs should not even be among the living.  

We find it hard to believe that people move and surrender their pets;  that a pet that needs extra care or develops signs of old age, so their human family deposits them at a shelter.  Worse is when old dogs are simply turned loose to fend for themselves, frightened and confused.  If they're lucky enough to find themselves in a shelter, they are new challenges.  Not only do older dogs have a difficult time adjusting to shelter life, they are much less likely to be adopted than all those cute puppies and younger dogs.

There are few rescue groups that focus on helping senior dogs.  However, there is a terrific one in St Louis, Missouri.

The St Louis Senior Dog Project is an all volunteer organization that rescues dogs of all ages, but especially dogs 5 years of age and older.  They spay/neuter their dogs, bring them up to date with vaccinations and ensure they are worm-free and microchipped.  If needed, the dogs are treated for heartworm disease, kennel cough, intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks and other veterinary procedures.

They participate in adoption events throughout the year.  You can check the St Louis Senior Dog Project page at Petfinder to see which dogs will be attending the next adoption event.

We also recommend you browse Ellen's Blog.  The president and founder of the St Louis Senior Dog Project, Ellen blogs about senior dogs needing forever homes, but her blog is also full of good news stories about senior dogs who have been adopted.  Great photos of smiling dogs who now have a place to call home.

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