Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

Yesterday I read a blog post and watched a video at Ohmidog about some dogs who survived the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  As a result I increased my efforts to discover a way of contributing that was on the up and up.  I confess I also looked for information about the dogs that were in the video.

 The Japan earthquake Animal Rescue and Support is a coalition of three groups:  HEART - Tokushima, Animal Garden Niigata, and Japan Cat Network.  These groups have been working in animal rescue in Japan for many years.  They've now come together to provide animal shelter space, coordinate some earthquake/tsunami animal rescues, and to share animal rescue related new to the general public.  Like their individual groups, their collaboration is no-kill.

If you choose to donate, your money will be used strictly for rescue, care and support of animals in crisis due to the earthquake and tsunami, including veterinary care, vaccines, antibiotics, food, cages, and transportation. 

You can read more about Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support on their Facebook page.  There you'll find frequent updates about their efforts.


  1. I know it's probably a shot in the dark being that I live so far away in the US but is it possible and where can I adopt a dog from Japan who lost their home and family due to the tsunami? We are buying a house and I want a dog but being able to give one who went through a disaster a warm, loving home would be a reward in itself.

  2. osufan591, I suggest you visit the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support page on Facebook and post your query to them. They are definitely in a position to tell you if your idea might be possible. They update their page quite frequently and do respond when people post.


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