Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soaring Border Collie: Freestyle Flying Disc Purina Incredible Dog Challenge

We all have spring fever at For Love of a Dog.  The past few days have found us outside playing jolly ball and frisbe.  Well, Lucy and Tucker are mostly appreciate spectators.  However, Jeffie is trying hard to teach puppy Rudy how its all done.  If any of us needed some inspiration this video from the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge would do the trick.

This gorgeous Border Collie dog, Sienna, competes in the Freestyle Flying Disc competitions with her partner, Preston Dean.  This young Floridian trained his dog in the sport and they are now nationally ranked champions.  This is a terrific interview with Preston, interlaced with absolutely awesome video footage of he and his dog competing.

None of us will ever be this good...  but its good to have a goal, right?!

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