Friday, March 18, 2011

Missouri Puppy Mills: Dogs Confined to Rabbit Hutches with Prop B Repeal

The fat lady is not singing yet.  However, I believe I hear her over there in Jefferson City, warming up for her swan song.  Or could that sound I hear be the quiet whimpering of over 200,000 dogs confined in Missouri puppy mills?

SB 113, the measure passed by the Missouri Senate, will soon be heard by the Missouri House of Representatives and is expected to pass.  If it does pass, dogs will continue to be legally confined to a rabbit hutch, straddling wire flooring, unable to go outside to breathe fresh air or walk on a solid surface, while others are confined outdoors with little or no protection from extreme weather conditions.

SB 113 will continue to allow dogs to be confined in cages only 6 inches longer than the dog itself.  These dogs spend their entire lives in these small cages.

The proponents of SB 113 allege that the bill "keeps the heart of the proposition Missouri voters adopted."  Yet when asked what components of Prop B remain intact if SB 113 becomes law, Missouri Senator Parson was unable to answer the question.

In fact, SB 113 removes the following provisions from Prop B:
  • Requirement for a physical veterinary exam
  • Prohibition of wire flooring
  • Requirement to increase cage size
  • Requirment for access to an outdoor exercise run
  • Continuous access to clean water
  • Enforceable temperature requirements
  • Limit on breeding more than 50 dogs at one time
  • Rest from incessant breeding practices
If you live in Missouri, call your state representative now.  They're on "spring break" for the next 11 days, which means they'll be in their home district.  A great time to make sure they know the facts about SB 113 and to remind them that the voters in their district care about dogs.

And if you don't live in Missouri?  Prayers are not discouraged.

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