Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adopt Gizmo: Golden Retriever Corgi Mixed Breed Dog from MO Puppies for Parole

Gizmo, Golden Retriever mixed breed dog at
Missouri Puppies for Parole
Now here's some good news.  Not only is Missouri Puppies for Parole is about to adopt its 200th dog, but this successful private / public partnership program is set to expand into two more prisons this spring.  That will bring the total to 14 of Missouri's state prisons participating. 

Talk about a winning proposition.  Puppies for Parole operates without the use of any taxpayer dollars.  Dogs from animal shelters and animal advocacy groups are trained by prison inmates and then are available for adoption to the public.  Obviously, the dogs and shelters benefit:  these dogs become more adoptable.  However, the inmates involved in the program benefit as well.

Considering adding a new dog to your family?  Just take a look at the sweet face on Gizmo.  He's a young Golden Retriever / Corgi mixed breed dog.  Gizmo is receiving his training at the Western Reception Diagnostic and Correctional Center;  his parole office is the St Joseph Animal Control and Rescue.  According to his trainer, Gizmo is already a nice dog, but they're working on some anxiety issues due to his recent separation from his owners. 

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