Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Not

Why are there flower photos here?  Keep reading and I will explain.

I am a slacker.  A slug.  A non-blogger.  At least lately.  And I thought I'd mention a few reasons why.  At the moment I'm mostly blaming Mother Nature.  What we did to anger her, I do not know.  I only know that we must've done something big, bad and ugly.

First we had the monsoons of never ending rain this spring.  Seriously.  Incredible flooding, flash and otherwise.  When the rain stopped it suddenly turned hot.  I mean HOT.  And dry.  I mean REALLY DRY.  Drought dry.


For the past seven weeks, count 'em, we had not a drop of moisture.  I refuse to count the heavy morning dews because they were a result of the killer humidity levels.  Of course, even the dew could not survive Mother Nature's wrath.  With the heat by about 8 AM even the dew gave up.

It's been over 100 degrees every day.  For days.  And I don't mean 100 point something.  I mean 105, 106 degrees.  It cools off at night to about 86 degrees.  Whoopee.

We finally got some rain.  About 1 inch, two days ago.  Within 36 hours we had to start watering again.  That's how drought dry we were when the rain shower came.

Our days are consumed with watering - trying to save the garden, flowers, shrubs, and trees - and keeping an eye on our critters - canine, feline and equine. 

Oh yeah, and I'm working on a total web site makeover (what was I thinking when I began that?!), working on new items for the shop, and then... drum roll, please... the AC in my studio gave up the ghost.  Poor fan could not take the stress.  (I empathize!)  There are no AC units to be had.  None.  We haven't decided exactly what we're going to do about it.

So... I've become a slacker blogger.  Sorry.  I haven't even had the mental energy to do much shameless self promotion.   Since our weather forecast remains, in my humble opinion, horribly hot and dry.


And since we still have no idea what it is exactly we could sacrifice to Mother Nature to end this misery...  I've decided to show you some of what we're trying to save with all our watering efforts!

Coming soon... photos of the butterflies that are swarming my mimosa trees!  And dog photos.  I promise.


  1. You know, the more I hear about the super hot, super dry summer every one else is having, the more I am okay with the fact that Oregon hasn't seemed to realize yet that it is supposed to be summer.

  2. I live in an area where we seldom if ever get summer rain so watering is part of our summer routine every year.

    Your flowers are sensational.

  3. Woof! Woof! We LOVE the flower photos. Totally understand ... hope you guys are staying safe. The flowers are lovely and can't wait to see your butterfly photos.Happy Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Well, the lilies are gorgeous. :)

    So sorry about the drought. We're getting hot and humid, too, but not as badly as you. And I have working AC.

    Sending cool thoughts.

  5. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I really do appreciate it any time someone takes the time to say something back to me!

    K, We have friends in Seattle and they say the same thing.

    Jan, We are used to watering in the summer,too. However, this summer is way hotter and much more dry. Even aged trees are turning brown, crispy and are dying. We've never dealt with anything like this before.

    Sugar, Thank you! :-)

    Elizabeth, Thankfully the house AC is fine :-)


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