Saturday, May 14, 2016

Elsa's Lullaby by NEeMA | Dog Song Saturday

For today's feature on Dog Song Saturday at Talking Dogs, we've got a lullaby.
Elsa's Lullaby to be exact.

Folk / pop singer songwriter NEeMA was on tour in Canada - with her dog Elsa - when a young fan gushed: "You must have so many songs about your dog!"   At the time NEeMA had none and decided to do something about that.

The result is Elsa's Lullaby which the musical artist describes as a song about love, a woman, and a dog.  You'll find it on her Watching You Think album which was released in 2010. 

Add Elsa's Lullaby to your dog music playlist with a purchase from iTunes, Amazon,  and other popular music outlets.

Sit. Stay. Relax and enjoy Elsa's Lullaby by NEeMA. Then fetch more dog song music videos at Talking Dogs.  You'll be surprised at how many we've collected over the past few years!

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